Julie Gallagher

Safely Home

Safely Home supports families who have suffered a bereavement. Together we can provide words of comfort to those in need.

Name Location Date added
BICKERSTAFF (née McKinstry), Sarah Co. Down 13/04/21
McDONALD, Violet Co. Down 13/04/21
McFARLAND, Brian Co. Armagh 13/04/21
MARTIN (née Davidson), Mary Co. Down 13/04/21
NIXON, Patricia (Trisha) Co. Down 13/04/21
HALL (née Price), Ann Co. Antrim 13/04/21
McCLUNG (née Lindsay), Anne Co. Antrim 13/04/21
WATTERS, Brian Co. Armagh 13/04/21
CROOKE, William David (Billy) Co. Fermanagh 13/04/21
FOSTER, Sabrina Co. Antrim 13/04/21
O'HARE, Margaret Co. Armagh 13/04/21
BROLLY (née Crawley), Anne Co. Antrim 13/04/21
MOONEY, John Anthony (Sean) Co. Down 13/04/21
DAVIDSON, Colin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/04/21
McGIRR, Lawrence Co. Tyrone 13/04/21
MITCHELL (née Gilliland), Lorna (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 13/04/21
McDAID, Liam Co. Tyrone 13/04/21
McINTYRE, Gladys Co. Antrim 13/04/21
McCOOK, Valerie Co. Antrim 13/04/21
DONNELL, John Co. Antrim 13/04/21
DUNN, Roy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/04/21
SMYTH (née Crawford), Jackie Co. Antrim 13/04/21
McALLISTER (née Kenna), Nola Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/04/21
BARR, Trevor William Co. Antrim 13/04/21
McWATTERS, Eleanor Co. Antrim 13/04/21
MALCOLM, Ruth (née Doherty) Co. Antrim 13/04/21
LISMORE, Samuel (Sam) Co. Down 13/04/21
KERR, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 13/04/21
HENDERSON, Hugh Co. Antrim 13/04/21
ELLIOTT, William Clarke Co. Down 13/04/21
BROWN, Alexander (Sandy) Co. Down 13/04/21
WILSON, Ellen Co. Antrim 13/04/21
YOUNG, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 13/04/21
STUART, Robert John (Bobby) Co. Antrim 13/04/21
MORGAN (née Largey), Margaret Jane Co. Antrim 13/04/21
MEEHAN , John Co. Down 13/04/21
McNEILL, Robert Co. Antrim 13/04/21
MOORE, Nicola Co. Antrim 13/04/21
McCRORY (née Hanna), Maureen Co. Antrim 13/04/21
HARTNUP, Pauline Co. Antrim 13/04/21
GORMAN, Ivan Joseph Co. Antrim 13/04/21
DORAN, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 13/04/21
WHITTERS (née Ward), Jacqueline Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/04/21
MULLAN, David Christopher Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/04/21
WICKS (née Young), Margaret Co. Down 12/04/21
LEWIS, Eric Co. Tyrone 12/04/21
McCLEARY, Norman Co. Tyrone 12/04/21
AGAR, Palmer Co. Down 12/04/21
GALLAGHER, Patrick (Gerard) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/04/21
McGEOWN, Anne Marie Co. Armagh 12/04/21
FOX (née Coleman), Margaret Co. Antrim 12/04/21
CANNEY, Noel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/04/21
HOLLYWOOD (née White), Christine Co. Down 12/04/21
REEL, James Co. Armagh 12/04/21
WALSH (née McVicker) , Joesphine (Josie) Co. Antrim 12/04/21
KELSO, Gordon Co. Tyrone 12/04/21
SCOTT, Sammy Co. Tyrone 12/04/21
DEL TRONCO (née Monaghan), Maria Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/04/21
SMALLWOOD, Joseph Frederick Co. Antrim 12/04/21
GRANT, John Pollock Co. Down 12/04/21
CONVERY, Hugh Joseph Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/04/21
NEWELL (née Robinson), Mary Co. Tyrone 12/04/21
MISKELLY (nee McCready), Doreen Co. Antrim 12/04/21
ORME (née Barrett), Carol Co. Down 12/04/21
LAWSON, Jonathan Co. Armagh 12/04/21
HALLIDAY, Helen Jane Co. Antrim 12/04/21
McCLURE, Maybeth Thelma Co. Antrim 12/04/21
McMANUS, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Down 12/04/21
TRORY, Geoffrey Brian Co. Antrim 12/04/21
WILSON, John Co. Antrim 12/04/21
PEAKE (née McCausland), Patricia Co. Antrim 12/04/21
O'REILLY, Kay Co. Antrim 12/04/21
MULHOLLAND, Kathleen Co. Antrim 12/04/21
McMULLAN, Brendan Anthony Co. Down 12/04/21
IRVINE, Eileen Co. Antrim 12/04/21
MURRAY, Rose Ann Co. Fermanagh 11/04/21
O'NEILL, James (Jimmy) Co. Tyrone 11/04/21
HANNIGAN, Mary Co. Tyrone 11/04/21
McCORMICK, Barry Co. Antrim 11/04/21
HEGARTY, John Co. Antrim 11/04/21
FREEBURN, Grace Co. Armagh 11/04/21
QUIGLEY, Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/04/21
FAIRBAIRN, Andrew Co. Armagh 11/04/21
PENTONY, Thomas (Tam) Co. Down 11/04/21
COULTER M.B.E, Stanley Co. Antrim 11/04/21
McCRUDDEN (née Nortonen), Marie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/04/21
BREEN, Noel Co. Down 11/04/21
LOUGHRAN, Martin Co. Tyrone 11/04/21
BALMER (née McFall and Hoy), Elizabeth Co. Antrim 11/04/21
KEYS (née Goligher) , Margaret Co. Antrim 11/04/21
McKENNA (née Mooney), Janet (Jean) Co. Antrim 11/04/21
MAIRS, Letitia (Letty) Co. Antrim 11/04/21
CURRY, Craig William (Stan) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/04/21
WILLIS, John Co. Down 10/04/21
TURBITT, Robert Co. Armagh 10/04/21
TROUTON (née Symington), Fredé Co. Armagh 10/04/21
COWAN, John Eric Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 10/04/21
HOLMES, Sarah Co. Antrim 10/04/21
WRIGHT, Ronald Co. Armagh 10/04/21
TURKINGTON, Maurice Co. Armagh 10/04/21
DUNNE, John Anthony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/04/21
WARWICK, George (Geordie) Co. Tyrone 10/04/21
TRUEMAN (née Herbert), Rose Ellen Co. Down 10/04/21
MILLAR, Stanley Co. Antrim 10/04/21
McCLOY, Albert Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/04/21
SWIFT (née Campbell), Sharon Co. Fermanagh 10/04/21
McPARLAND (née Creaney), Margaret Co. Armagh 10/04/21
McNAMARA, Joseph Co. Armagh 10/04/21
ALLEN, Stanley Claude Co. Antrim 10/04/21
HANLON, Thomas (Jim) Co. Antrim 10/04/21
McMORRAN, John Co. Antrim 10/04/21
MOORE, William (Willie) Co. Antrim 10/04/21
RICHEY, Ken Co. Down 10/04/21
SOMERVILLE, Kay Co. Antrim 10/04/21
BRADLEY (née McCullagh), Jane Co. Tyrone 10/04/21
O'NEILL, Malachy Co. Tyrone 10/04/21
CARRAGHER, Tom Co. Down 10/04/21
DRAIN, Mary Co. Antrim 09/04/21
WADE, Gretta Co. Antrim 09/04/21
DOHERTY, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 09/04/21
McDOWELL, Mary (Mae) Co. Antrim 09/04/21
JONES, Olive Co. Fermanagh 09/04/21
CASEY, Mary Co. Tyrone 09/04/21
QUINN, Paschal Co. Tyrone 09/04/21
ARMSTRONG (née Wilson), Evelyn Co. Tyrone 09/04/21
CAMPBELL, Robert Co. Tyrone 09/04/21
GILLILAND, June Co. Armagh 09/04/21
McGUCKIN, James Patrick (Jim) Co. Antrim 09/04/21
ABBI, Raj Kumar Co. Antrim 09/04/21
DUNNE (née McMichael), Evelyn Co. Tyrone 09/04/21
CRAWFORD, Alice Isaacs Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/04/21
SMYTH, Cavan Co. Antrim 09/04/21
RANKIN, Arthur Victor Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/04/21
GALWAY, Joan Co. Antrim 09/04/21
HANLON, Helen Patricia Co. Down 09/04/21
McCRORY, Norman Roy Co. Antrim 09/04/21
McKNIGHT, Mary (Molly) Co. Antrim 09/04/21
SKATES (née McKay), Maureen Co. Antrim 09/04/21
MULLANEY, Mary (Maura) Co. Armagh 09/04/21
O'ROURKE, Martin Co. Antrim 09/04/21
McGUIGAN (née Auld), Mary Co. Antrim 09/04/21
KELLY, John Patrick Co. Antrim 09/04/21
GREEN, Louise Co. Antrim 09/04/21
COBANE, Edward Benjamin (Ben) Co. Tyrone 09/04/21
AGNEW, Noel Joseph Co. Antrim 09/04/21
MURRAY (née Quigley), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
MUIR (née Coyle), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
HORNER, Joseph (Joe) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
HENDERSON (née McKeown), Rachel Co. Armagh 08/04/21
GREENLEE, (née Marchbank), Eileen Co. Armagh 08/04/21
PORTEUS, Mark Stephen Co. Armagh 08/04/21
BENBOW, Gerald Rowland Co. Tyrone 08/04/21
McDAID, Colin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
JESS (née McClenahan), Doris Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
SMYTH (née Montgomery), Mary Co. Antrim 08/04/21
WILSON, Adam Co. Tyrone 08/04/21
McCONVILLE, Liam (Jack) Co. Armagh 08/04/21
CURRAN, Anne Co. Armagh 08/04/21
HEADING, Charles (Noel) Co. Antrim 08/04/21
McQUOID, Sean Co. Down 08/04/21
KELLY, James (Seamus) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
McGLINCHEY (née McCloskey), Julie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
CUNNINGHAM, John Co. Armagh 08/04/21
KELLY, Jim Co. Tyrone 08/04/21
SWIFT, Francie Co. Fermanagh 08/04/21
GREENE, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 08/04/21
RITCHIE, Stephen James (Chick) Co. Antrim 08/04/21
McILWAINE, Sarah Alexandra (Sadie) Co. Antrim 08/04/21
McCULLOUGH, Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 08/04/21
KIDD, Kathleen Co. Antrim 08/04/21
KENNEDY, John Co. Antrim 08/04/21
HEGARTY (née Thompson), Ann Co. Antrim 08/04/21
COLVILLE, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 08/04/21
WALKER (née Fallows), Florence (Iris) Co. Down 08/04/21
CHERRY (née Carse), Hilda Co. Down 08/04/21
MOORE, Lavina Co. Tyrone 08/04/21
McERLEAN, Liam Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
ROWBOTTOM (née O'Brien), Bernie (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 08/04/21
NELSON, Donna Helene Co. Antrim 08/04/21
HEANEY, Christine (Chris) Co. Antrim 08/04/21
McGRANAGHAN, Chrissie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
McARTHUR, Ronald Joseph (Ron) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
HUGHES, Norman Wesley Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/04/21
JEFFREY, Barbara Ann Co. Armagh 08/04/21
NUTT (née Cawley), Kathy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
GILPIN, Joan Co. Tyrone 07/04/21
QUINN, Patrick Co. Tyrone 07/04/21
EDWARDS (née Latimer), Jean Co. Armagh 07/04/21
BURKE, Eamon Co. Armagh 07/04/21
KIDD, Karen Annette Co. Antrim 07/04/21
HOPE (Hoper), Alan Co. Antrim 07/04/21
McNALLY (née Creaney), Eileen Co. Armagh 07/04/21
McAULEY (née Surgeoner), Agnes (Anna) Co. Antrim 07/04/21
CREANEY, Ann Co. Armagh 07/04/21
WALSH, David Stephen Co. Down 07/04/21
JAMISON, Gerald Co. Tyrone 07/04/21
BRENNAN, Annie Jean Co. Antrim 07/04/21
DOHERTY, Niall (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
NOLAN, Christine Rose Co. Antrim 07/04/21
SULLIVAN, Maureen Co. Antrim 07/04/21
WRIGHT, Jack Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
JORDAN, John Co. Down 07/04/21
HOEY, John Joseph Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
McGURK (née O’Kane), Margaret Rose (Rose) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
HARRIES (née Morris), Bridget (Bridie) Co. Tyrone 07/04/21
EVANS, Malcolm Co. Antrim 07/04/21
FARLEY, Desmond (Des) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
HUGHES, Phyllis Co. Antrim 07/04/21
McCLURG (née Higgins), Ann Marie Co. Antrim 07/04/21
McDONAGH (née Carley), Maude Co. Antrim 07/04/21
Noble, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 07/04/21
PARKINSON (née Bamford), Margaret Magee Co. Antrim 07/04/21
SHORTT, Liam Co. Antrim 07/04/21
MORGAN (née Kavanagh), Joan Co. Antrim 07/04/21
McKNIGHT (née McGeough), Philomena Co. Antrim 07/04/21
DONNELLY (nee O'Neill), Phyllis (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 07/04/21
DEVLIN, Tony Co. Tyrone 07/04/21
NELSON, Eva Co. Tyrone 07/04/21
WALKER, Hugh Alexander (Lexie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/21
DEVLIN, Joseph Co. Armagh 07/04/21
DALY (née Kerr), Patricia Co. Armagh 07/04/21
NUGENT, Leo Co. Armagh 07/04/21
GAYTHWAITE, Miles Co. Armagh 06/04/21
CURRAN, Gerald Joseph Co. Tyrone 06/04/21
HALLIGAN, Barry (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 06/04/21
McCOLGAN (née Hughes), Martha Co. Tyrone 06/04/21
HAYES, Florence Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 06/04/21
BEGGS, Alven Co. Tyrone 06/04/21
MISKIMMIN, George Co. Down 06/04/21
RUTLEDGE, Herbert Cecil Co. Down 06/04/21
O'KANE, Thomas Philip (Tommy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/04/21
WARD, Dan Co. Down 06/04/21
McKEOWN, Lorraine Co. Down 06/04/21
McCRACKEN, William (Willie) Co. Down 06/04/21
CAMERON, Janella Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/04/21
McDONALD, Hugh Co. Antrim 06/04/21
LACKEN, (née McKeating), Isobel (Belle) Co. Down 06/04/21
DOBSON, Christina (Chrissie) (née Blaney) Co. Down 06/04/21
YOUNG (née Hanratty), Anne Co. Armagh 06/04/21
REID, Taylor David Clark Co. Antrim 06/04/21
MILLS, Merriel Elinor Ria Co. Antrim 06/04/21
MENARY, Hilary Co. Down 06/04/21
IRVINE, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 06/04/21
RAINEY, Robert (Robbie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/04/21
MALLAGHAN, Mary Co. Antrim 06/04/21
CHILLINGWORTH, John-Ryan (Chilly) Co. Antrim 05/04/21
McCOOL (née McCann), Rita Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/04/21
GOLIGHER (née Gamble), Violet Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/04/21
O'HAGAN, Eddie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/04/21
EADIE (née Lavery), Annie Co. Down 05/04/21
GILLESPIE, Maureen Co. Down 05/04/21
HUMPHRYS, John Leslie Co. Fermanagh 05/04/21
DORIS, Patrick Co. Tyrone 05/04/21
McDONALD, John Co. Tyrone 05/04/21
McKEE (née Lamason), Christine Joy Co. Armagh 05/04/21
CROOKS, Jeffrey Co. Antrim 05/04/21
TRACEY (née Minns), Rosemarie Co. Fermanagh 05/04/21
JESS (née Flynn), Mary Co. Antrim 05/04/21
DARRAGH, Jean Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 05/04/21
THORNTON (née Osborne), Phoebe Co. Antrim 05/04/21
CANNING, Emer Mairaid Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/04/21
GIBSON, Sharon Caroline Co. Antrim 05/04/21
NIXON, Cecil George Co. Tyrone 05/04/21
BEGGS, Andrew (Drew) Co. Antrim 05/04/21
HULL, Robert Co. Down 05/04/21
SHELDON (née Halligan), Charlotte Co. Armagh 05/04/21
KING, William Co. Armagh 05/04/21
McFARLAND, Phyllis Co. Armagh 05/04/21
HEWARDINE, Eleanor Co. Antrim 05/04/21
McKENNA, William Malcolm (Billy) Co. Down 05/04/21
HYSLOP, John (Billy) Co. Antrim 05/04/21
BALL, Philip J. CMDR, O.B.E. EXRN Co. Antrim 05/04/21
McDAID, Mary Jane (Marlene) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/04/21
CAMPBELL (née Monaghan), Maureen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/04/21
McSTRAVICK (née McCausland) , Joanne Co. Antrim 04/04/21
McILMAIL, John Co. Antrim 04/04/21
DOHERTY, Eugene Co. Tyrone 04/04/21
McLAUGHLIN, Gemma Co. Tyrone 04/04/21
McLAUGHLIN, Jimmy Co. Tyrone 04/04/21
HALLIGAN, Barry Co. Tyrone 04/04/21
STRINGER (née Bell), Irene Co. Tyrone 04/04/21
QUINN, (née Stewart), Margaret Co. Tyrone 04/04/21
COCHRANE, Thomas Andrew (Andy) Co. Fermanagh 04/04/21
GAILE, Stephen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/04/21
SCOTT (née Moore), Edith Margaret (Marjory) Co. Antrim 04/04/21
LEAHEY, Willliam James (Jim) Co. Antrim 04/04/21
DORAN, Michael Co. Down 04/04/21
SLOAN, John Francis (Sean) Co. Down 04/04/21
MORRISON, Anthony Co. Down 04/04/21
DOHERTY (née McErlean), Brigid Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/04/21
McELROY, Natasha Co. Armagh 04/04/21
McCOUBREY Fullerton, Kaitlin Rose Co. Antrim 04/04/21
McDONALD, Jim Co. AntrimCo. Down 04/04/21
GROGAN, Brian Co. Antrim 04/04/21
MULLAN (née Martin), Kathleen Co. Antrim 04/04/21
CLARKE (née Slater), Margaret Isobel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/04/21
COLE (née Ballantine), Anna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/04/21
McCREEDY, Esther Co. ArmaghCo. Down 04/04/21
O'DONNELL (née Lavery), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/04/21
McGOLDRICK, P.J. Co. Tyrone 03/04/21
McCREADY, Alice Warnock Co. Antrim 03/04/21
LYNESS, Andrew Co. Armagh 03/04/21
WALLACE, Frances Valerie Co. Antrim 03/04/21
HIGGINS (née Morgan), Annie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/04/21
BUDINA, Horst Gunther Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/04/21
McLEAN, Mervyn (Mac) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/04/21
WALLACE, Alisdair Co. Down 03/04/21
HYNDMAN, Mary Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 03/04/21
McMEEKIN, Eleanor Maureen Co. Antrim 03/04/21
MUNRO, Derick Aitken Co. Antrim 03/04/21
MULHERN, Gregory Co. Antrim 03/04/21
McALONAN, Mick Co. Antrim 03/04/21
CANAVAN, Charles Patrick Co. Antrim 03/04/21
QUINN, Seamus Co. Fermanagh 02/04/21
KING, Margaret (née Mitchell) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/04/21
FAXTON, Joseph Co. Armagh 02/04/21
TREANOR, Peter Co. Armagh 02/04/21
HAMPTON, Noeleen Jennifer Co. Armagh 02/04/21
MORROW, William, Robert (Robin) Co. Down 02/04/21
LAW, John Co. Antrim 02/04/21
TOPPING, Tom Co. Down 02/04/21
McKEOWN (née Armstrong), Molly Co. Tyrone 02/04/21
GILLAN (née McCaughan), Ann Co. Antrim 02/04/21
DEEHAN, Kevin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/04/21
THOMPSON, Luke Co. Antrim 02/04/21
ANNETT, Robert James (R.J) Co. Down 02/04/21
POULTON, Martin Co. Fermanagh 02/04/21
MORRISON, Pearl Co. Down 02/04/21
MURPHY, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 02/04/21
O'NEILL (née Clinton), Grace Co. Tyrone 02/04/21
MAJOR, Cecelia Co. Down 02/04/21
BARKLEY, Gerard (Barko) Co. Antrim 02/04/21
NICHOLL (née Walker), Marjorie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/04/21
GRIFFITHS, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/04/21
SMYTH, Thomas (Smickers) Co. Antrim 02/04/21
McCARTHY, Peter Joseph Co. Antrim 02/04/21
HARPER, Alexander Lennon (Sander) Co. Down 02/04/21
BLACK, Robert (Bobby) Co. Down 02/04/21
BEATTIE, Ruby Co. Down 02/04/21
WILSON, Hugh Dennis Co. Down 02/04/21
LITTLE, Peggy Co. Tyrone 02/04/21
O'BOYLE, Sean Co. Antrim 02/04/21
McQUILLAN, Joe Co. Antrim 01/04/21
HEARTY, Michael Co. Armagh 01/04/21
BELL, David Co. Down 01/04/21
MAGEE, Gabriel Co. AntrimCo. Down 01/04/21
CHOW, Pui Ieng Co. Antrim 01/04/21
WALKINGSHAW, John Co. Down 01/04/21
BUTLER (née O'Neill), Elizabeth Co. Antrim 01/04/21
McSTAY, Oliver Co. Down 01/04/21
MAGUIRE, Eugene Co. Tyrone 01/04/21
GALLAGHER, Paul Co. Armagh 01/04/21
HENRY, Rosaline Co. Antrim 01/04/21
AGNEW, Frank Co. Antrim 01/04/21
CLENDINNING, Kieran Co. Armagh 01/04/21
BEATTIE, Ellen (Ella) Co. Antrim 01/04/21
HOOD, Patricia (Pat) Co. Antrim 01/04/21
McKEE, (née Hutton), Sheila Co. Down 01/04/21
BROWNE, Joseph Anthony (To Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/04/21
GOSS, Desmond (Desy Co. Down 01/04/21
BELL (née McKillion) , Teresa (Tess) Co. Antrim 01/04/21
Miriam, MURPHY Co. Antrim 01/04/21
GOUGH, Eileen Co. Down 01/04/21
SERVICE, Willie John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/04/21
MAWHINNEY (née Arrell), Christabel (Belle) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/04/21
MATIER, Robert Boyd (Bob) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/04/21
MILLAR, Paul Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/04/21
GRIFFITHS (née McLaughlin), Elaine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/04/21
WATTERSON, Isobella Co. Armagh 01/04/21
WATSON, Frederick Co. Armagh 01/04/21
CAIRNS, Samuel Co. Down 01/04/21
CORRY, Rebecca Ann Co. Antrim 01/04/21
BURGESS, Edward Co. Down 01/04/21
SHAW, Joan Co. Down 01/04/21
FUGARD, Mervyn Co. Armagh 31/03/21
WATTERSON, Isabella (Isobel) Co. Armagh 31/03/21
McPARTLAND (née Mallon), Rose Co. Armagh 31/03/21
NEWPORT, Lorna Isabelle Mary Co. Armagh 31/03/21
MURRAY (née Patterson), Elizabeth (Liz) Co. Down 31/03/21
DONAGHY (née Conway), Trea Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/03/21
CORRY, Rebecca Ann Co. Antrim 31/03/21
KEARNS, Thomas (T.K) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/03/21
O'FEE, Charles Stewart Co. Down 31/03/21
MULRAINE (née Lue), Patricia (Pat) Co. Down 31/03/21
McSORLEY, Celestine Co. Tyrone 31/03/21
KNOX, Mark Joseph Co. Antrim 31/03/21
CURRY, (née Taylor), Vivienne Joy Co. Tyrone 31/03/21
McCARNEY (née Campbell), Mary Co. Tyrone 31/03/21
MAGUIRE, Winston Co. Down 31/03/21
PATEL (née McElhone), Aideen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/03/21
McWILLIAMS, Nigel Co. Down 31/03/21
MAGOWAN, Vera Co. Down 31/03/21
BECKETT, Sarah Co. Down 31/03/21
HAYBURN, William Gary Co. Antrim 31/03/21
McCAULEY, James Charles Co. Fermanagh 31/03/21
McCRELLIS, Robert Co. Antrim 31/03/21
ROBINSON, Leah Jones Co. Antrim 31/03/21
NEILL, Iain James Co. Antrim 31/03/21
McCLENAGHAN, William (Bill) Co. Antrim 31/03/21
JOHNSTON, James Alexander Hugh (Alec) Co. Antrim 31/03/21
GARRY, Sheila Co. Antrim 31/03/21
CHAMBERS, (née Cox), Brenda Elizabeth Co. Antrim 31/03/21
WILSON, Evelyn Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 31/03/21
McGILLAN, Laurence Co. Down 31/03/21
DUFFY (née Austin), Philomena Co. Antrim 31/03/21
ARTHURS (née Tully), Elizabeth (Ann) Co. Antrim 31/03/21
MILLS, William James Co. Antrim 30/03/21
FRIEL, John (Sean) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/03/21
GUINEY, Anthony (Tony) Co. Down 30/03/21
ROBINSON, Shane Co. Down 30/03/21
DEVINE, Sean Co. Tyrone 30/03/21
DONAGHY, Peter Co. Tyrone 30/03/21
DEVLIN (née Clarke), Nan Co. Tyrone 30/03/21
WALLS, Eamon Co. Tyrone 30/03/21
HOPKIN (née Stewart), Annie (Anna) Co. Tyrone 30/03/21
McGEOWN, James (Jim) Co. Tyrone 30/03/21
DORMAN, Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Co. Down 30/03/21
DAWSON, Alan Co. Down 30/03/21
POWLES, Lance Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/03/21
ARTHUR, Edmund Co. Antrim 30/03/21
BEACOM, Gladys Co. Fermanagh 30/03/21
KNOX, Ronald James (Ronnie) Co. Antrim 30/03/21
MOLLOY, Rachael Co. Antrim 30/03/21
FERGUSON, Lynne Co. Antrim 30/03/21
GRATTAN, Brian Noel Co. Antrim 30/03/21
STEVENSON, (née Ball), Margaret (Rita) Co. Antrim 30/03/21
SMITH, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 30/03/21
MORELAND, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 30/03/21
McMURTY, Jean Co. Antrim 30/03/21
McKINLEY, Eileen Rosaleen Co. Antrim 30/03/21
McCOUBREY, Jake Damian Co. Down 30/03/21
MARKS, William Allen Co. Antrim 30/03/21
GRAHAM, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 30/03/21
CAMPBELL, Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Co. Antrim 30/03/21
WATTON, George Co. Down 30/03/21
BROWN (née McCrea), Ethel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/03/21
QUIGLEY (née Rapple), Angela Co. Antrim 30/03/21
GILLESPIE, Gerry (Gerald Eugene) Co. Antrim 30/03/21
BOLTON, George Co. Antrim 30/03/21
CARTY (née Doherty), Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/03/21
McCLOSKEY, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/03/21
LAPPIN (née Mitchell), Iris Elizabeth Co. Armagh 29/03/21
IRWIN, Betty Co. Armagh 29/03/21
TOLAND, Ciaran (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/03/21
ROBB, Patricia Co. Armagh 29/03/21
RUDDY (McDonald), Margaret Co. AntrimCo. Down 29/03/21
RITCHIE, Sarah Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/03/21
GALBRAITH (née Nelis), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/03/21
WEST, William Co. Armagh 29/03/21
HOUSTON (née Devine (Ladd), Agnes Co. Tyrone 29/03/21
FRAZER (née Heenan), Patricia Eileen Co. Tyrone 29/03/21
McCLOSKEY, Alice Co. Tyrone 29/03/21
McENTEE (née Allen), Mary Patricia Co. Antrim 29/03/21
McLARNON, Daniel (Danny) Co. Antrim 29/03/21
CRANSTON (née Skelly), Jean Co. Down 29/03/21
BENNETT, Mary Isobella Co. Antrim 29/03/21
REID, Bernadette Co. Antrim 29/03/21
GRIBBEN (née Maginnis), Sarah (Sally) Co. Down 29/03/21
MADINE, John Co. Down 29/03/21
DONNELLY (née Mc Guigan), Concepta Co. Armagh 29/03/21
NEWELL (née Burden), Stella Co. Down 29/03/21
NELSON (née Aida), Edith Co. Antrim 29/03/21
LEWIS, Martyn James (Marty) Co. Antrim 29/03/21
JOHNSTON, Thomas William Co. Down 29/03/21
HANNA, Robert Samuel (Ronnie) Co. Antrim 29/03/21
GRAHAM, John Carter Bds Co. Antrim 29/03/21
COWDEN, Leonard Co. Down 29/03/21
ROSS, Alfred (Freddie) Co. Antrim 29/03/21
WHITTERS, Arthur Desmond (Desi) Co. Antrim 29/03/21
THOMPSON, Sylvester William Co. Antrim 29/03/21
McCALLUM, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 29/03/21
GILMORE, Tony Co. Antrim 29/03/21
BROWNE, Brenda Mary Co. Antrim 29/03/21
NELSON, Robert (Bobby) Co. Tyrone 28/03/21
MEEHAN, (née McCauley), Mary Co. Tyrone 28/03/21
COULTER, Margaret Annette (June) Co. FermanaghCo. Tyrone 28/03/21
McCABE, Jim Co. Armagh 28/03/21
McCANDLESS, John Co. Down 28/03/21
FRAME, Deirdre Co. Armagh 28/03/21
MARSHALL, Dr Noel Co. Armagh 28/03/21
PATTON (née Smyth), Rebecca (Ruby) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/03/21
LOGAN, Sadie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/03/21
GORMAN, Michael Co. Armagh 28/03/21
DAWES (née White), Mary Co. Down 28/03/21
HIGGINSON, June Co. Down 28/03/21
CROMWELL, Wilson Co. Armagh 28/03/21
SINCLAIR, Colin John (Dr) Co. Antrim 28/03/21
REA, Hubert Co. Down 28/03/21
SAVAGE, Vincent Co. Down 27/03/21
FLEMING (née McNern), Mary (May) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/03/21
STOCKDALE, Aileen Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
FARLEY, John Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
DEVLIN, Christy Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
LOUGHRAN, Christopher Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
GRIMES, Iona Margaret Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
ORR, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 27/03/21
CRAWFORD, Brian Co. Fermanagh 27/03/21
GRAHAM, David (Davey) Co. Down 27/03/21
JESS, Edith Frances Co. Down 27/03/21
McKENNA (née Heaney), Marie Co. Down 27/03/21
McKAY, Kieran Co. Antrim 27/03/21
HINDS, James Co. Down 27/03/21
SMYTH (née Frazer), Annie Edith Elizabeth Co. Antrim 27/03/21
COLE, Patrick Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 27/03/21
WYLIE (née McFall), Inez Co. Antrim 27/03/21
NELSON, Earl Co. Down 27/03/21
CLARKE, John Edward Co. Antrim 27/03/21
COOPER, Desmond (Des) Co. Antrim 27/03/21
GARRETT, Hugh Alexander Co. Down 27/03/21
TELFORD, Joan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/03/21
BOKAS (née Ward), Winifred Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
MURRAY, David (Wee Bap) Co. Antrim 27/03/21
LOUGHRAN, Jim Co. Tyrone 27/03/21
McGONAGLE, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 26/03/21
McKEE, Tony Co. Antrim 26/03/21
THOMPSON, Peter Co. Antrim 26/03/21
GAMBLE (née Wilson), Gloria Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/03/21
SALVESEN, Alistair (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/03/21
DONALDSON, Ian Co. Armagh 26/03/21
CONLON, Brian Co. Tyrone 26/03/21
HAMILL, Sean Co. Tyrone 26/03/21
AUSTIN, William (Willie) Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 26/03/21
MORGAN (née O'Neill), Denise Co. Tyrone 26/03/21
BURKE, Michael Co. Armagh 26/03/21
CLARKE, John Co. Antrim 26/03/21
McALEA, Desmond Co. Antrim 26/03/21
RENNIE, William Alan Co. Tyrone 26/03/21
SPENCE (née McClelland), Anna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/03/21
McCANDLESS, Mary (Rae) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/03/21
MILLAR (née Aughey), Jean Co. Antrim 26/03/21
QUINN, Edward (Ted) Co. Down 26/03/21
RINGLAND, Ellen Co. Antrim 26/03/21
McALLISTER, Robert Co. Down 26/03/21
WILLCOCKS, Vincent Co. Down 26/03/21
GREGG, Robin Co. Antrim 26/03/21
MAGUIRE, Paul Co. Armagh 26/03/21
Dorothy, DAVISON Co. Antrim 26/03/21
COULTER (née Pitman), Angela Co. Antrim 26/03/21
MACKIN, Joan Patricia Co. Antrim 26/03/21
McLAUGHLIN, James Patrick Co. Antrim 26/03/21
QUINN, Agnes Co. Down 26/03/21
STEWART (née Donnelly), Hannah Co. Antrim 26/03/21
McMULLAN, Anthony Co. Antrim 26/03/21
KELLY, Paul Co. Antrim 26/03/21
GILLILAND, Kathleen Co. Down 26/03/21
MOORE (née Halliday), Minda Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/21
BEST, Agnes Daphne Co. Armagh 25/03/21
POLLOCK (née McLean), Dorothy Co. Antrim 25/03/21
DOUGLAS, (née McKenna), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 25/03/21
SERVICE, Ucilla Joy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/21
McINTYRE, Philip Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/21
WOOLSEY (née Hamilton), Margaret 25/03/21
RITCHIE, Yvonne Co. Armagh 25/03/21
WYLIE, Rita Co. Down 25/03/21
GASTON (née Clarke), Jennifer Mary Co. Antrim 25/03/21
JOHNSTON (née Taylor), Elsie Co. Down 25/03/21
GREGG (nee McBride), Doreen Co. Antrim 25/03/21
McATEER, James Colman Co. Down 25/03/21
ROBB (née Davidson), Pamela Co. Down 25/03/21
McALLISTER, Jaxon Co. Armagh 25/03/21
Pat, McSORLEY Co. Tyrone 25/03/21
McKEEGAN, David Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/21
BLAIN, Robert, (Goosegab) Co. Antrim 25/03/21
LOWRY, Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 25/03/21
MAY, Frederick William (Fred) R.a.e.c. Major (Ret'd) Co. Down 25/03/21
SMYTH, Robert James (Obie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/21
STEWART, Joan Co. Tyrone 25/03/21
TAYLOR, William McCaughey Co. Antrim 25/03/21
GALLAGHER (née Farren), Bernadette Co. Antrim 25/03/21
McLAUGHLIN, Gerald Co. Antrim 25/03/21
McCAFFREY (nee O'Neill), Colette Co. Antrim 25/03/21
DOUGAN, Michelle Co. Antrim 25/03/21
WHITE, (née McLaughlin), Jeannie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
BALDRICK (née Robinson), Violet Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
CONDREN (née McDowell), Bernadette Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
CLARKE (née McAllister), Bernadette Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
REYNOLDS, Georgena Co. Tyrone 24/03/21
BENTLEY, Morena Co. Armagh 24/03/21
WILSON, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 24/03/21
O'CAROLAN, Tomás Ruairi (Roddy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
WILSON (née O’Toole), Catherine Co. Antrim 24/03/21
LAMBERTON, Eddie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
KENNEDY, Robert Co. Antrim 24/03/21
CAMPBELL (née Doherty), Betty Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
LOUGHRAN, Colm Co. Down 24/03/21
BYRNE, Sheila Co. Down 24/03/21
LAMB, Emma Co. Armagh 24/03/21
DALY, Michael (Mickey) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/21
REILLY (née Duffy), Mamie Co. Fermanagh 24/03/21
GIBSON, Gary Co. Tyrone 24/03/21
GLAVIN (née Tracey), Teresa Co. Tyrone 24/03/21
GILBRIDE, Paddy Co. Fermanagh 24/03/21
NEELY, David Co. Antrim 24/03/21
BAILIE, Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Down 24/03/21
CARSON, James Orr (Jim) Co. Down 24/03/21
ELWOOD, William James (Jim) Co. Antrim 24/03/21
GILL, Samuel (Sammy) Co. Down 24/03/21
McGARRITY, Kenneth Co. Antrim 24/03/21
RUSSELL, Maurice Co. Down 24/03/21
ROGAN, Gerard Co. Antrim 24/03/21
ROBINSON, Sean Co. Antrim 24/03/21
KENNEDY (née Duffy), Sheila Co. Antrim 24/03/21
CALLAGHAN, John Co. Fermanagh 24/03/21
McDONALD, Charlotte Amy Hamilton Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/03/21
FINLAY, Derek Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/03/21
DEVENNEY, Samuel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/03/21
McCORKELL (née Boyle), Rosemary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/03/21
MURPHY, James (Jim) Co. Tyrone 23/03/21
MAGEE (née Meenagh), Anna Co. Tyrone 23/03/21
CONWELL (née Devine), Mary Co. Tyrone 23/03/21
DIXON, Finbar Co. Armagh 23/03/21
McCREANOR (née Antcliff), May Co. Armagh 23/03/21
HAVERN (née Tarbet), Grace Co. Down 23/03/21
FOX, Margaret Co. Armagh 23/03/21
McKINSTRY, William Co. Down 23/03/21
HUGHES, Joseph Co. Armagh 23/03/21
BURNETT (née Watson), Patricia Co. Antrim 23/03/21
MERCER (née Kerr), Patricia Co. Antrim 23/03/21
ELLIOTT, Caroline Co. Fermanagh 23/03/21
O'KANE, Brenda Josephine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/03/21
McCORMACK, Michael Co. Down 23/03/21
MARTIN (née McKeown), Josephine Co. Armagh 23/03/21
LLOYD, Kate Ann (Kathleen) Co. Antrim 23/03/21
IRVINE, (née Irvine), Mary Patricia Co. Antrim 23/03/21
CARSON (née Hall), Mary (Molly) Co. Antrim 23/03/21
CAMPBELL (née George), Ann Evelyn Duff Co. Antrim 23/03/21
BECKETT, Drew Co. Antrim 23/03/21
BALFOUR, Mae Co. Antrim 23/03/21
ALLSOPP (née Bennett), Sarah Jane (Sheila) Co. Antrim 23/03/21
STUBBERFIELD (née McKeown), Kathleen Co. Antrim 23/03/21
MONGAN (née McDonagh), Margaret (Maggie) Co. Antrim 23/03/21
McLARNON, Patrick Co. Antrim 23/03/21
McKEOWN, John Christopher Co. Antrim 23/03/21
McCORRY, Bernadette (Bernie) Co. Antrim 23/03/21
McCABE, Bryan Co. Down 23/03/21
MALLON (née Dudley), Geraldine Co. Antrim 23/03/21
MAGERR (née McGillicuddy), Bernadette Theresa Co. Antrim 23/03/21
GALLEN (née McDowell), Roisin Co. Antrim 23/03/21
HAMILTON, George Co. Down 22/03/21
SMYTH, Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 22/03/21
ALMEIDA, Israel Co. Tyrone 22/03/21
QUINN, Robert Co. Tyrone 22/03/21
McDONALD, Charlotte Amy Hamilton Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/03/21
McKENNA (née Gaskin), May Co. Armagh 22/03/21
DICKSON, Hazel Co. Armagh 22/03/21
KELLY (née Kelly), Teresa Co. Armagh 22/03/21
CAMPBELL, Raymond Co. Armagh 22/03/21
McCALLION (née Brolly), Bridgid Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/03/21
O'KANE (née Morgan), Josie Co. Antrim 22/03/21
GALLAGHER (née MacRory ), Carmel Co. Antrim 22/03/21
MOORE (née Patton), Marlene Davison Co. Antrim 22/03/21
PHILLIPS, Joe Co. Tyrone 22/03/21
HARKNESS (née Funston), Pearl Co. Tyrone 22/03/21
BOYD, Stanley Co. Tyrone 22/03/21
GRAHAM (née Irvine), Elsie Elizabeth Co. Fermanagh 22/03/21
LAFFERTY, Margaret Co. Antrim 22/03/21
McAULEY, Liam Co. Antrim 22/03/21
STITT, Cornelius Johnston (Neil) Co. Antrim 22/03/21
CONN, Ryan Co. Down 22/03/21
McFARLAND, Thomas Co. Tyrone 22/03/21
McKERNAN (née Hollywood), Rita Co. Armagh 22/03/21
HENVEY (née Conroy), Mary Co. Antrim 22/03/21
KNELL, Stacey Co. Antrim 22/03/21
McDOWELL, David Co. Antrim 22/03/21
THORNBURY (née Harrison), Sarah Jane (Jean) Co. Armagh 22/03/21
TAYLOR, John Co. Antrim 22/03/21
McDOWELL, Margaret Catherine (Kaye) Co. Down 22/03/21
ROE, George Co. Antrim 22/03/21
McCABE (née Herron), Anne Co. Down 22/03/21
LEMON, John Charles Co. Antrim 21/03/21
GURNEY (née Tolson), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/03/21
McWILLIAMS, Paul Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/03/21
McINTYRE, Edmond (Ned) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/03/21
WILKINSON (née Kirk), Martha Co. Down 21/03/21
WENLOCK, Maureen Co. Tyrone 21/03/21
CULLEN (née Forbes), Rose Co. Tyrone 21/03/21
HULL (née Harvey), Martha Co. Antrim 21/03/21
MARKEY, Edward (Eddie) Co. Armagh 21/03/21
DONAGHY, Sean (Hugh John) Co. Down 21/03/21
GALLAGHER, Dickie Co. Tyrone 21/03/21
McGRINDER, Gerard Co. Tyrone 21/03/21
JOHNSON, Rita Co. Down 21/03/21
SIBLEY (née Campbell), Norah Ann Co. Antrim 21/03/21
FITZSIMONS (née Kelly), Geraldine Co. Down 21/03/21
McNEELY, Irene Co. Down 21/03/21
KELLY (née Gibson), Laverne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/03/21
Martin (née Coburn), Tracy Elizabeth Co. Down 21/03/21
TIPPING, Olive Co. Armagh 21/03/21
REANEY, Laura Co. Armagh 21/03/21
MONE, Malachy Co. Armagh 21/03/21
HOPE, Jim Co. Armagh 21/03/21
MALLON, Stephen Co. Armagh 21/03/21
DOWDS, Anthony Co. Antrim 21/03/21
FALOON, Brian Co. Tyrone 21/03/21
MAGOWAN, Thomas Louis (Lou) Co. Antrim 21/03/21
McCURRY (née Wisener), Annie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/03/21
GOWDY, Irene Co. Antrim 21/03/21
JORDAN (née Hamill), Mary Co. Armagh 21/03/21
REID, Eileen Co. Tyrone 20/03/21
KNOX, Barbara Co. Tyrone 20/03/21
McFARLAND, Frances (Fran) Co. Tyrone 20/03/21
RICE, Maura 20/03/21
HENDERSON, Evelyn Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/03/21
McCRACKEN (née McCreery), Annie Elizabeth (Elsie) Co. Antrim 20/03/21
MURPHY, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Armagh 20/03/21
HUGHES, (née Glenn), Hilda Evelyn Co. Antrim 20/03/21
Brown (née Clarke) , Margaret Co. Antrim 20/03/21
BROWNE, Margaret (Peg) Co. Antrim 20/03/21
DICKSON, Walter Co. Antrim 20/03/21
PARKER, Dora Co. Down 20/03/21
RICHARDSON, Shirley Co. Antrim 20/03/21
SHAW, William John Cecil Co. Down 20/03/21
DODDS, George Co. Antrim 20/03/21
McKENNA, Norman Co. Antrim 20/03/21
HEMPHILL, Marcus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/03/21
DUDDY, William Andrew Thomas (Andy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/03/21
TURNER, Harold (Harry) Co. Antrim 20/03/21
O'RIORDAN (nee McAreavey), Una Co. Antrim 20/03/21
McCORMICK (née Neeson), Sheila Co. Antrim 20/03/21
McCORMICK, John Sean Co. Antrim 20/03/21
McCLOSKEY, Michael (Mickey Roe) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/03/21
MARTIN (née McKeown), Josephine (Josie) Co. Armagh 20/03/21
HYNDMAN, Robert Co. Antrim 20/03/21
DONNELLY, Margaret Co. Antrim 20/03/21
NEILL, David Co. Down 19/03/21
McCULLOUGH, James Co. Armagh 19/03/21
CROSSEN (née Fitzpatrick), Anne Marie Co. Down 19/03/21
CASEY (née McMahon), Stella Co. Down 19/03/21
O'DONNELL, Benny Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
LENAGHAN, James Anthony ‘Shamie’ Co. Antrim 19/03/21
LYNAGH, Helen Audrey Co. Antrim 19/03/21
FERGUSON, Colin Samuel Co. Antrim 19/03/21
McINTYRE, Tony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
TEER, Susannah (Sue) Co. Antrim 19/03/21
DEVLIN McMahon, Fionnbarr Co. Antrim 19/03/21
FERGUSON, Frederick James (Freddie) Co. Tyrone 19/03/21
HEMPHILL, Marcus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
Mc CORMICK (née Neeson), Sheila Co. Antrim 19/03/21
McCARTNEY (née Clarke), Frances Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
CLARKE, Desmond Co. Tyrone 19/03/21
TAGGART, Susanna (Annie) Co. Antrim 19/03/21
MAGEE, Sean Co. Down 19/03/21
McCOSKER, Joe Co. Tyrone 19/03/21
DOHERTY, Donna Co. Tyrone 19/03/21
TAYLOR, Noel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
RAMSAY, Donal Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
O'NEILL, Douglas (Dougie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/03/21
MOHAN, Terence John Co. Antrim 19/03/21
McCURRY, Sarah Stephanie Co. Antrim 19/03/21
LOGAN, Desmond (Rev) Co. Antrim 19/03/21
JAMESON, Betty Co. Antrim 19/03/21
CASKEY, Margaret Co. Antrim 19/03/21
BENNETT, Thomasina (Ena) Co. Antrim 19/03/21
BENNETT, (née Sandford), Muriel Adel Co. Down 19/03/21
APSLEY, James Craig Co. Down 19/03/21
MORGAN, Mona Co. Antrim 19/03/21
STEVENSON, Margaret Campbell (Peggy) Co. Antrim 19/03/21
INGRAM (née Harrison), Mary Co. Armagh 19/03/21
SHEEHAN, Patricia Bernadette Co. Antrim 19/03/21
SAVAGE (née Boylan), Mary (Maura) Co. Armagh 19/03/21
O'SULLIVAN, John F Co. Antrim 19/03/21
McKEE (née Holmes), Eleanor Co. Down 19/03/21
McELKENNY, Annie Co. Tyrone 19/03/21
McCRICKARD (née O'Hare), Margaret Co. Down 19/03/21
MAGEE (née Duffin), Angela Co. Antrim 19/03/21
LOUGHLIN, Joe Co. Antrim 19/03/21
AGNEW, Kevin Co. Armagh 19/03/21
McCUSKER, Jean Co. Fermanagh 18/03/21
WOOD (née Doherty), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/21
QUIGLEY, Kevin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/21
McWHIRTER, Garry Co. Down 18/03/21
McGOLDRICK, Owen Co. Tyrone 18/03/21
PORTER, Damian Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/21
DIXON (née Duffy), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/21
MITCHELL, Rev Canon George Co. Down 18/03/21
McKEE, Albert Co. Down 18/03/21
DYNAN, Mureadach Co. Down 18/03/21
MORROW, Andrew Co. Armagh 18/03/21
McBURNEY, John Co. Armagh 18/03/21
O'KANE, Bernard (Barney) Co. Antrim 18/03/21
PRIESTLEY, Archibald Haig (Archie) Co. Antrim 18/03/21
TOHILL, Patrick Co. Antrim 18/03/21
McKENNA, Noel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/21
MILLAR, Kathleen Margaret Co. Antrim 18/03/21
CRAWFORD (née Ramsey), Georgena (Ena) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/21
CORRIGAN (née Mitchell), Margaret Co. Antrim 18/03/21
BEACH, Richard Co. Down 18/03/21
HARRISON, Mary (Marie) Co. Antrim 18/03/21
HARDING (née McKillen), Joan Co. Antrim 18/03/21
GRAY, Norman Beattie Co. Down 18/03/21
COYLE, Alfred (Fred) Co. Antrim 18/03/21
NULTY, Nan (Annie) Co. Antrim 18/03/21
McALLISTER (née Monaghan), Mary Co. Antrim 18/03/21
MAGEE (née Rooney), Marie Co. Down 18/03/21
GRAHAM (née McNeill), Mary Ann Co. Antrim 18/03/21
CASEY (née Nevin), Deirdre Co. Tyrone 18/03/21
McCANN, (née Maguire), Lily Co. Antrim 17/03/21
TOLAN, George Co. Antrim 17/03/21
CRAWORD (née Ramsey), Georgena (Ena) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/03/21
HUGHES, Paul (Morph) Co. Antrim 17/03/21
REILLY, Patrick Co. Down 17/03/21
SPEER (née Catterson), Mary Martha (Maisie) Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
McAULEY, Michael Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
McGURK, Jimmy Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
INGRAM, John Co. Fermanagh 17/03/21
DEVLIN, Marie Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
ODDY, Gregory (Midge) Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
O'NEILL, Peter Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
GREENAWAY, Anne Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
LUNNEY, Terence (Terry) Co. Tyrone 17/03/21
ELLIOTT , Reginald Co. Armagh 16/03/21
LYNN, Thomas Edward (Ted) Co. Tyrone 16/03/21
MADDEN, Kevin Co. Tyrone 16/03/21
KENNY, Beatrice Georgina Co. Fermanagh 16/03/21
CROOKS, Gary Thomas Co. Down 16/03/21
GLASS, Audrey Co. Fermanagh 16/03/21
JOHNSTON, John Philip Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/03/21
ANDREWS, Elizabeth (Lil) Co. Down 16/03/21
GRAHAM, Robert John Co. Fermanagh 16/03/21
McLAUGHLIN, (née Quinn), Moira Co. Tyrone 16/03/21
SILVERA, Oswald Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/03/21
O'HANLON, James (Jimmy) Co. Down 16/03/21
CAMPBELL, Patrick Martin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/03/21
FITZPATRICK, Sean Co. Down 16/03/21
DUFFY (née Hanratty), Eileen Co. Armagh 16/03/21
McCULLOUGH, Geordie Co. Antrim 16/03/21
GRIEVE, (née Moore), Kathleen Maud (Kay) Co. Antrim 16/03/21
SMITH, Brenda Co. Down 16/03/21
MAGILL, Liam Co. Antrim 16/03/21
McKELVEY, Billy Co. Antrim 16/03/21
KERR, Pearl Co. Antrim 16/03/21
GIBNEY, Karen Co. Antrim 16/03/21
BELL, Rosemary Jane Co. Antrim 16/03/21
CONNOLLY, Martin (Red John) (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 16/03/21
TEER, Mary Rose Co. Antrim 16/03/21
PRENTICE, Daniel James Co. Antrim 16/03/21
O'BRIEN, Danny Co. Armagh 16/03/21
McFAUL, James Co. Antrim 16/03/21
McCANN, Seamus Co. Fermanagh 16/03/21
LESLIE, Desmond (Des) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/03/21
HEFFRON (née McCusker), Ellen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/03/21
DEERY, Jim Co. Tyrone 15/03/21
PARKE, Paddy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/03/21
BROOKS, David Co. Armagh 15/03/21
HOMAN, Eva Co. Armagh 15/03/21
JENNETT, Shirley Co. Down 15/03/21
WILSON (née Bain), Violet Co. Armagh 15/03/21
HAYES, Michael Co. Armagh 15/03/21
SCULLION, Jerome Co. Armagh 15/03/21
CLARKE, Edna Co. Armagh 15/03/21
AHERNE (née Doyle), Olive Co. Armagh 15/03/21
McALINDEN, Johnny Co. Armagh 15/03/21
LANG, Robert William Co. Antrim 15/03/21
WOOLSEY, Michael Robert Co. Armagh 15/03/21
CLARKE, Maureen Co. Antrim 15/03/21
McCALLIN, Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 15/03/21
QUINN, Colm Thomas (Gunner) Co. Down 15/03/21
FLECKNER, Maslem Denis Co. Antrim 15/03/21
MORGAN, (née McAteer), Mary Co. Down 15/03/21
MULLAN, Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/03/21
McKEOWN (née Downey), Eileen Co. Antrim 15/03/21
CALDWELL, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/03/21
HUEY, Dr Brian Robert Co. Antrim 15/03/21
McMULLAN, Emily Co. Down 15/03/21
O'NEILL, Desmond Co. Antrim 15/03/21
MCBRIDE, Glenn David Co. Down 15/03/21
COLEMAN (née McCabe), Rose Co. Antrim 15/03/21
FINLAY (née Darragh), Ellen Jane Co. Antrim 14/03/21
SHAW, John Co. Antrim 14/03/21
JOHNSTON, Robert John (Bertie) Co. Antrim 14/03/21
HUGHES (née Donnelly), Mary Co. Down 14/03/21
McCOOL (née McKernan), Evelyn Veronica Co. Tyrone 14/03/21
GRANT, Michael Co. Armagh 14/03/21
McKENNA, Sister Anita Co. Fermanagh 14/03/21
SHARKEY, Vincent Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 14/03/21
ROANTREE, Donal Co. Derry/ Londonderry 14/03/21
O'KANE, Annie Josephine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 14/03/21
CONNOLLY, Paul Co. Tyrone 14/03/21
BLACK, Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 14/03/21
CLYDE, Phyllis (Doris) Co. Antrim 14/03/21
KENNY (née McGillian), Margaret Co. Tyrone 14/03/21
SCOTT, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 14/03/21
STEWART, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 14/03/21
McKEEGAN, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/03/21
MILLS, (née Carroll), Constance Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 13/03/21
DALY (née Barrett) , Mary Teresa (Maura) Co. Tyrone 13/03/21
HOUSTON (née Agnew), Dianne Patricia Co. Antrim 13/03/21
McKIBBIN, Ruth Co. Down 13/03/21
McQUAID, Anthony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/03/21
HUGHES, Frankie Co. Armagh 13/03/21
HUGHES, (née Hamilton), Lily Co. Armagh 13/03/21
BLAKELY (née Clarke), Harriet Co. Down 13/03/21
DAWSON (née Ford), Florence Margaret Edith Co. Armagh 13/03/21
McGIVERN, Edward (Eddie) Co. Down 13/03/21
LONG, Ernest Cecil (Ernie) Co. Fermanagh 13/03/21
SMITH, Simon Co. Antrim 13/03/21
FEEHAN (née McCavitt), Caroline Co. Armagh 13/03/21
HICKS, Robert (Bob) Co. Fermanagh 13/03/21
CLOSE, James (Jim) Co. Down 13/03/21
JELLETT, Paul Co. Down 13/03/21
BRENNAN, Anne Co. Antrim 13/03/21
WALKER (née Managh), Ann Co. Antrim 13/03/21
WILKINSON, Joseph Co. Antrim 13/03/21
VANCE, John Co. Armagh 13/03/21
SAVAGE, James Co. Armagh 13/03/21
KELLY (née Phillips), Colette Co. Antrim 13/03/21
FITZSIMMONS (née McCabe) , Mary Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 13/03/21
DAVEY, Patrick Co. Antrim 13/03/21
McCANN, Jack Co. Armagh 12/03/21
JAMES, Geoffrey John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
WITNEY (née Porter), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
KELLY, Josephine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
MARTIN, Agnes Co. Tyrone 12/03/21
LAIRD, Alastair Co. Tyrone 12/03/21
DEVLIN, Peter (R) Co. Tyrone 12/03/21
McANENEY (née Browne), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 12/03/21
IRVINE, Anthony Co. Antrim 12/03/21
JAMES (née McFaul), Annie Moon (Ethna) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
SAXON (née Lagan) , Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
McDONALD, Alexander David Co. Antrim 12/03/21
JORDAN, Sarah Hay (Sally) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
Evelyn Margaret, GIBSON (née Holmes) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
TONER (née Campbell) , Cassie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
BURNSIDE, Walter Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/03/21
PARKER, Yvonne (née Myers) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
WATT, Patricia (Pat) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
WILKINSON, Kenneth (Ken) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
MEEK (née Guiney) , Isabella (Belle) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
McMULLAN (née Baxter), Rose Co. Down 12/03/21
McCLOSKEY (née McKenna), Philomena (Phil) Co. Antrim 12/03/21
McALEAVEY (née Kane), Margaret Co. Armagh 12/03/21
MAGEE, David Co. Antrim 12/03/21
COULTER, Dennis Co. Tyrone 11/03/21
HENDERSON, Joan Co. ArmaghCo. Fermanagh 11/03/21
McNICHOLAS (nee Toner), Sheila Co. Armagh 11/03/21
ROGERS, Gerard Co. Armagh 11/03/21
RUSSELL, John Co. Tyrone 11/03/21
GRANT , William (Billy) Co. Antrim 11/03/21
McDERMOTT, Bernard Robert (Sonny) Co. Fermanagh 11/03/21
HEANEY, Mona Co. Armagh 11/03/21
PADDOCK, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 11/03/21
McGUINNESS (née Fitzpatrick), Carmel Co. Armagh 11/03/21
SCULLION, William Geoffrey Co. Antrim 11/03/21
STEVENS, Ivor Co. Antrim 11/03/21
SCOTT, Catherine (Rene) Co. Antrim 11/03/21
LAVERY (née McAlone), Mary Co. Antrim 11/03/21
HUMPHREYS , James (Jim) Co. Antrim 11/03/21
HOUSTON, Eleanor Jackson Co. Antrim 11/03/21
HALL, Eva Rosalene Co. Antrim 11/03/21
BUCHANAN, Dorothy (Dolly) Co. Down 11/03/21
WEST, Richard Co. Antrim 11/03/21
McNALLY, Mary (Molly) Co. Tyrone 11/03/21
McLAUGHLAN, Duncan Co. Antrim 11/03/21
McGRATH (née Keenan), Josie Co. Armagh 11/03/21
Doone, Lorna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/03/21
SPEER, William Alexander Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
ATKINSON, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
McINTYRE (née Harvey), Cecily (Cissie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
Boyle, Annie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
Gray, James Leonard (Jim) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
HOLMES, Gerald Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
Devine (née McBride), Mary Co. Fermanagh 10/03/21
Conway, Annie Co. Tyrone 10/03/21
CLARKE (née Mahood), Irene Co. Down 10/03/21
McCurry, Bobby Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
SANDS (née Hoey), Harriett (Etta) Co. Down 10/03/21
Campbell (née McDowell), Margaret (Greta) Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Mulligan, Anna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
McCamphill, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
Rodgers, Gerard Co. Armagh 10/03/21
Holmes, Eileen Co. Antrim 10/03/21
FOSTER (née Woods), Gertrude (Gertie) Co. Tyrone 10/03/21
McDermott, George Co. Tyrone 10/03/21
Smith, Issac Co. ArmaghCo. Tyrone 10/03/21
Richards, Leslie Thomas Co. Armagh 10/03/21
McNALLY (née Johnston), Maureen Co. Armagh 10/03/21
Kirkpatrick, Norma Co. Antrim 10/03/21
LAMONT (nee McNeill), Mary Joab Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Gallagher, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Tyrone 10/03/21
Kerr, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Feighan, Alice Co. Down 10/03/21
McConville, Patricia (Pat) Co. Armagh 10/03/21
Watson (née Clements), Eleanor Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Monaghan, Mary Co. Fermanagh 10/03/21
Eagleson, Robert (Robin) Co. ArmaghCo. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
Connolly (née Foley), Eileen Co. Tyrone 10/03/21
Logan (née Graham), Muriel June Co. Down 10/03/21
Mackenzie, Norman Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Oliver, Jean Forrester Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Ferris, Eileen Co. Down 10/03/21
Duffy, Albert (Bertie) Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Campbell, Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Burns, Roberta Frances Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Briggs (née McKinney), Lucy Ernestine Co. Down 10/03/21
Bell, Violet Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Bell, Vera Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Anderson, Samuel Boyd (Sam) Co. Antrim 10/03/21
Abernethy, Roberta Co. Down 10/03/21
MULLAN (née McAtamney), Sarah Brigid (Bridie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/21
HERON (née Quinn) , Margaret Colmcille Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
MELAUGH, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
Diamond, Heather Elizabeth Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
McCord, Ursula Co. Armagh 09/03/21
Brown, Vincent Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
McCrellis (née Kearney), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
Gibson, Archibald Co. Armagh 09/03/21
Hutchinson (née McAdams), Rena Co. Armagh 09/03/21
Douglas, Jim Co. Tyrone 09/03/21
SHERRY (née Keatley), Bridget Co. Tyrone 09/03/21
Carolan, Columba Co. Tyrone 09/03/21
Hall, Margaret Co. Armagh 09/03/21
Millar, Ivan Co. Antrim 09/03/21
McErlane, Henry Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
Sharkey, Dermot Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
MARSHALL (née Kidd), Sarah (Sally) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Wright, Gladys Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Tinnelly, Hugh Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Gilmore, Kenneth Alan (Kenny) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
O'Kane, Kevin (Toby) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/03/21
Madden, Billy Co. Tyrone 09/03/21
Patterson, Andrew (Andy) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
McDowell (née McLaughlin), Margaret Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Mateer, Beatrice May (Bea) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Irwin, Jane Dallas (Jean) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Gillam, Mary Margaret (Mamie) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Cleland (née Adams), Maud Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Ponise , Valentine Co. Antrim 09/03/21
McCONNELL (née Molloy), Margaret Co. Antrim 09/03/21
McALLISTER (née Callaghan), Ellen Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Magorrian (née McVeigh), Anne Co. Down 09/03/21
LOUGHRAN (née Holland), Marie Co. Antrim 09/03/21
LAVERTY (née Richmond), Margaret Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Elliott, Ursula Co. Antrim 09/03/21
Donaghy, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
BASS, David (Fred) Co. Antrim 09/03/21
McCann, Fergal Co. Tyrone 09/03/21
Pinkerton, James Edwin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
CARLETON (née Earley), Mary Elizabeth Isabella (Ray), Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
Murphy, Desmond Co. ArmaghCo. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
McClintock, Victor Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
KENNEDY (née McGinley), Marie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
GALLAGHER (née McNamee), Eileen Co. Down 08/03/21
Mazeikis, Vilmantas Co. Armagh 08/03/21
Megaw, Samuel Co. Down 08/03/21
Hampton, Averil Co. Armagh 08/03/21
ARMSTRONG (née McDonagh), Margaret Co. Fermanagh 08/03/21
EASTWOOD (née Boyne), Geraldine Co. Tyrone 08/03/21
McCOMB (née Cummings), Mary Co. Tyrone 08/03/21
Matchett, Michael (Mickey) Co. Armagh 08/03/21
Cobain (née Hamilton), Phyllis Pamela Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Webb, Eleanor Co. Armagh 08/03/21
King, Velda Elaine Co. Armagh 08/03/21
McNally / Martin (née Mulligan), Maureen Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Magee (née Winning), Alice Co. Antrim 08/03/21
McCarrick, Robert (Roy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
McCauley, Paul Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
Munnis, Herbert Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Wright , Michael Co. Fermanagh 08/03/21
Gilmer, Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
CHESTNUTT (née Lucas), Margaret Elizabeth Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/21
Downey, Paul Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Gardner M.B.E, Richard (Ian) Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Kelly, Harold (Harry) Heathcote Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Nicholl, Alan Co. Antrim 08/03/21
McKinstry, Sally Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Wilson, John Kevin Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Shields, Sue Co. Antrim 08/03/21
McCluskey, Patrick Co. Tyrone 08/03/21
McCambridge, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Co. Antrim 08/03/21
Jackson, Peter Co. Down 08/03/21
Gault, Daniel David (Danny) Co. Antrim 08/03/21
McManus (née McBride), Celine Rose Co. Fermanagh 07/03/21
Gunn, Cyril Co. Fermanagh 07/03/21
McCaffrey (née Trainor), Isobel Co. Down 07/03/21
Lewis, Aaron Co. Armagh 07/03/21
McGowan, Patrick (Pac) Co. Antrim 07/03/21
Barr, Kieran Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/21
McCaughley (née McDonnell) , Mary Co. Antrim 07/03/21
Harper, Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/21
Hassan, Bernard (Barney) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/21
Evans, Daphne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/21
Donnelly, Orla Co. Tyrone 07/03/21
O'Hare, John Co. Down 07/03/21
Crutchley, Lisa Co. Armagh 07/03/21
McAlinden, Anna Co. Armagh 07/03/21
Crossey, Seamus Co. Down 07/03/21
Beck, Everett Co. Tyrone 07/03/21
Long, Maureen Co. Down 07/03/21
Heatley (née Hanna), Roseanne Co. Down 07/03/21
Magill, Patrick Joseph Co. Down 07/03/21
Davis, James (Jim) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/21
McGlinchey (née McGrath), Fiona Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/21
Gilmore, William Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 07/03/21
Magee, Mark Co. Down 07/03/21
McMullan, Robert Co. Tyrone 06/03/21
Doherty (née McGuirk), Kathleen (Kate) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/03/21
Crummy, Adrian (Dean) Co. Armagh 06/03/21
Magowan, John Smyth Co. Armagh 06/03/21
Murphy (née McKeown), Evelyn Co. Down 06/03/21
Hanna (née Trainer), Bernadette Co. Down 06/03/21
Boyle (née McAteer), Patricia Co. Antrim 06/03/21
Fleck, Stephen Co. Antrim 06/03/21
Halliday, Clifford Co. Down 06/03/21
Fitzsimmons, Leslie Joseph Co. Down 06/03/21
HOGG (née Porter), Samuelena Co. Tyrone 06/03/21
Bell, Andrew Clement Robert (Clem) Co. Antrim 06/03/21
Craney, Bryan Co. Antrim 06/03/21
Fisher, Barry Co. Antrim 06/03/21
GORMAN (née Hill), Margaret Co. Antrim 06/03/21
Gray, Robert John (Roy) Co. Down 06/03/21
McElderry, Neville Co. Fermanagh 06/03/21
Sutton, John Patrick (Shane) Co. Tyrone 06/03/21
Haveron, Robert Co. Antrim 06/03/21
Flanagan, Patricia (Patsy) Co. Down 06/03/21
Devlin, Joseph Co. Antrim 05/03/21
ANTHONY (née McCully), Mary Frazer (Marie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
HANNA, Desmond (Del) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
McElhinney, William Robert (Bill) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
Doherty, Barbara Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
KERLIN (née O'Donnell), Anne Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
Donaghy, John-Joe Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
McMAHON (née Duffy), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
Magill, Baby Elijah Peter Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Jones, Edward Gerard (Ted) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Duffy, Michael (Mickey) Co. Down 05/03/21
Dunlop, Raymond (Winger) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
McCann, Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 05/03/21
LEWIS (née Carrick), Harriett Florence (Rita) Co. Armagh 05/03/21
Wylie, William J (Billy) Co. Armagh 05/03/21
NEWELL (née Holmes), Agnes Edgar Co. Armagh 05/03/21
McCoole, Tommy Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
King, Fiona Co. Antrim 05/03/21
HENNESSY (née McIntosh), Isobella Ann (Isobel) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Tracey, Gerry Co. Down 05/03/21
Beggan, Pat (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 05/03/21
Dolan (née McHugh), Maureen (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
Law, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
McMurtry (née Sutter), Heidi Co. Armagh 05/03/21
Scott, Jonathan Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Dunn (née Goligher), Arleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
Brown, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
McKeever, William John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
Watt, Yvonne Co. Armagh 05/03/21
Watson , Evangeline (Eva) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Ward, Elizabeth Barr Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Sloan, Edmund (Eddie) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
McNally, John Co. Antrim 05/03/21
McClure , Betty Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Johnston, William (Wills) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Frazer, Robert Eric Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Crossett, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Chestnutt, Jim Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Calderwood, Linda Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Burton , Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Brown, George (Mac) Co. Down 05/03/21
Anderson, Jean Emily Co. Down 05/03/21
Winters, Angela Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Rodgers (née Eccles), Patricia Co. Down 05/03/21
Quinn (née Mitchell), Martha Josephine Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
Morgan (née O'Hare), Mary Co. Down 05/03/21
McIlroy, Marianne Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Longmore, Eileen Co. Antrim 05/03/21
Hurrell (née Canavan), Bridget Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
Fox, Sean Co. Tyrone 05/03/21
Doherty, Mary Anne (Annie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
Dixon (née Rogers), Maureen (Mo) (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/21
Daly, Paddy Co. Armagh 05/03/21
Smyth, James Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Montgomery (née McGeehan), Margaret Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Thompson (née McBride), Rosetta Co. Antrim 04/03/21
McKee, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Thompson (née Evans), Gertie Co. Tyrone 04/03/21
Spratt, James Andrew (Jimmy) Co. Down 04/03/21
DONALDSON (née Lawther), Anna Co. Down 04/03/21
GALLAGHER (née Mc Anulla), Rosemary Co. Tyrone 04/03/21
Polly, Robert Gerald (Robin) Co. Antrim 04/03/21
McKeown, Fredrick Co. Down 04/03/21
Kielty, Elsie May Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Jones, Marjorie Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Johnston , William Hugh Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Hunter, Gordon Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Gray, Norman (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Burgoyne (née Stewart), Nina Rose Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Black, Samuel Sidney Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Auld, Margaret Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Sherry, Jim Co. Tyrone 04/03/21
Selby (née Walsh), Margaret Co. Antrim 04/03/21
McGibbon, Sean Co. Antrim 04/03/21
McAuley (née Reid), Teresa Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Connolly, Gerard Co. Antrim 04/03/21
Berne, Frankie Co. Antrim 04/03/21
STEVENSON (née Nelson), Mary Jane (Jean) Co. Tyrone 03/03/21
Center, George Co. Armagh 03/03/21
McCullagh (née Heaney), Mary Co. Armagh 03/03/21
Edgar, Eleanor Co. Armagh 03/03/21
Grant, Beulah Co. Armagh 03/03/21
Rafferty, Eamonn Co. Armagh 03/03/21
McAvoy, John Co. Down 03/03/21
O'Kane, James (Reno) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/03/21
Brady, Francie Co. Armagh 03/03/21
Searson, Edgar Co. Antrim 03/03/21
LOCKHART (née McClory), Mary (Peggy) Co. Down 03/03/21
Schmitz, Gregor Co. Antrim 03/03/21
McKeag, John Co. Down 03/03/21
Speers, Andrew (Andy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/03/21
Taggart, Desmond Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Dysart, Robert John (Bobby) Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Deegan, Elaine Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Hughes, Violet Co. Armagh 03/03/21
McCartney, Eamonn (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 03/03/21
Wilson, Uel Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Phillips, Margaret Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Morrison, Dorothy Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Lecky, James Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Hines (née Baker), Patricia Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Haveron , Martha Jane (Meta) Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Gilchrist, Jim (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Gibson, Harold Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Gibb, Margaret Rose (Joy) Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Dunleavy , Joseph (Joe) Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Calvert, Francis James (Jim) Co. Down 03/03/21
Beattie , Anna Jane (Annie) Co. Down 03/03/21
McKenzie (née McCarthy), Doreen Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Hughes, Frankie Co. Tyrone 03/03/21
Emmett, Francis Peter Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Brown, Stephen Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Bradshaw (née McKee), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 03/03/21
Quigley, Joseph Anthony (Joe) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/03/21
Johnston, Samuel Co. Down 02/03/21
Reidy, Tommy Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Millar, Norman Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Hewitt, Ivy Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Spence, Lavinia Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Carmichael, Richard Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Kelly, James T. (Jim) Co. Tyrone 02/03/21
McCollum, Sam Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Young, Isabel Sarah Co. Down 02/03/21
ELLIOT (née Buckley), Phyllis Maud Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Heaney, Joanne Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Horgan, Caroline Co. Antrim 02/03/21
McKerr, Jim Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Lemin, Nora Co. Tyrone 02/03/21
Cullen, Emmanuel Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Osbourne, James Morrow Co. Down 02/03/21
Rowe, Ruby Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Wethers, Laura Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Mostyn, Sandra Co. Down 02/03/21
Hearty, Peter (Petie) Co. Armagh 02/03/21
Sharvin, Brendan Co. Down 02/03/21
Shaw, Roy MBE Co. Down 02/03/21
Wilkie, Iris Co. Antrim 02/03/21
McDowell, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Kennedy, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Jones, Alastair Gerald Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Johnston, Edward Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Gouldie, William Joseph (Joe) Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Farr, Anna Doreen Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Eagleson, Doreen Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Adams, Samuel Robert Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Nugent, Sean Co. Antrim 02/03/21
McDermott, Manus (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 02/03/21
McBride, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Keane (née Sweeney), Ita Brigid Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Hughes, Teresa Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Howe, John Co. Fermanagh 02/03/21
Flynn, Michael Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Delaney, Thomas Co. Antrim 02/03/21
Brady (née McCauley), Michele Co. Down 02/03/21
O'Rawe, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 01/03/21
Spalding, Michael (Mike) Co. Antrim 01/03/21
Carlin, Paul Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/03/21
McGee, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/03/21
Crawford, Shirley Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/03/21
Beattie, Jack Co. Armagh 01/03/21
Timblin, Sarah Co. Armagh 01/03/21
McBRINE (née Hunter), Matilda (Millie) Co. Tyrone 01/03/21
Marriott, Florence (Florrie) Co. Armagh 01/03/21
McKINLEY (née Uprichard), Ruth Joanne Co. Armagh 01/03/21
McConville, Nuala Co. Armagh 01/03/21
Kelly (née Brogan), Eileen Co. Antrim 01/03/21
McKeown (née Laverty), Maureen Co. Down 01/03/21
Douglas, Martha (Meta) Co. Tyrone 01/03/21
Coote, David (Rea) Co. Tyrone 01/03/21
HEENAN (nee Scott) , Florence Co. Tyrone 01/03/21
Conroy (née Donnelly), Ellen Jane Co. Tyrone 01/03/21
McKEOWN (née Lennon), Patricia (Patsy) Co. Armagh 01/03/21
Johnston (née Kelly), Sarah Co. Down 01/03/21
Kerr, Jim Co. Fermanagh 01/03/21
McCabe, Martin Co. Down 01/03/21
Bain, Nora Co. Down 01/03/21
Mitchell, Mary (May) Co. Down 01/03/21
Dodds, Ronald Co. Antrim 01/03/21
McCallum, Helen Co. Down 01/03/21
Rossborough, Ruth (Ruby) Co. Antrim 01/03/21
Simpson, Robert Co. Antrim 01/03/21
McKibbin, Jim Co. Tyrone 01/03/21
Rankin, Robert (Reggie) Co. Antrim 01/03/21
MURRAY (née Hart), Norah Co. Antrim 01/03/21
Aiken, Isobel Joyce Co. Tyrone 28/02/21
McELEVEY (née Meehan), Marie Co. Antrim 28/02/21
McErlean, Francis Co. Antrim 28/02/21
Lennon, Patrick Co. Armagh 28/02/21
James (née McCreedy), Mary (Liz) Co. Armagh 28/02/21
McMitchell, Rhoda Eunice Co. Tyrone 28/02/21
Gill, Francis (Fra) Co. Antrim 28/02/21
McMonagle, Bernard Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/02/21
CORR (née Green), Phyllis Co. Antrim 28/02/21
Hutchinson, Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/02/21
McCLOSKEY (née McShane), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/02/21
O'Mullan, Anthony (Tony) Co. Antrim 28/02/21
Murray (née Boughey) , June Patricia Co. Antrim 28/02/21
Rooney, Pat Co. Down 28/02/21
CURRAN (née Cunningham), Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/02/21
O'Doherty, Michael (Micky) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/02/21
Cross, David Co. Down 27/02/21
Harris, Alan Co. Fermanagh 27/02/21
McDonnell, Niall Co. Down 27/02/21
Magee, Raymond J Co. Down 27/02/21
Moscrip, Patricia Doyle (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/02/21
HILL, (née Mc Cusker), Rose (Dolly) Co. Tyrone 27/02/21
Poyntz, Frank Co. Tyrone 27/02/21
McShane, Alexander (Alex) Co. Armagh 27/02/21
KEANEY (née McGrath), Margaret Co. Armagh 27/02/21
McCabe, William (Billy) Co. Down 27/02/21
Kelly (née Scullion), Catherine Philomena (Phil) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/02/21
COULTER (née Graham), Amelia Co. Down 27/02/21
Iamandi, Sorin Co. Down 27/02/21
Kerr, Henry Iain (Harry) Co. Down 27/02/21
Woods, William Nathaniel (Billy) Co. Antrim 27/02/21
Quinn, Ann Co. Down 27/02/21
Mulvenna, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 27/02/21
MILLAR (née Groogan), Maureen (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 27/02/21
McMENAMY (née Duffy), Ellen Co. Antrim 27/02/21
McKillop, Joseph Co. Antrim 27/02/21
McKenna, Desmond (Desy) (Hooker) Co. Antrim 27/02/21
GELSTON (née Murray) , Anne Co. Down 27/02/21
Mawhinney, Patrick Joseph (Pat) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
Montgomery, Irene Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
Magee, Maggie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
Coll, Christopher (Christy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
McIlveen, Rachel Co. Armagh 26/02/21
Murphy(née Connolly) , Teresa Co. Armagh 26/02/21
Marshall, Jack Co. Tyrone 26/02/21
Toland (née Reynolds), Nora Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Farrell, Roland Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
Harper, Robert (Bobby) Co. Tyrone 26/02/21
McLAUGHLIN (née Diamond), Brigid Co. Tyrone 26/02/21
Mitchell, Lillian Reba Co. Armagh 26/02/21
Cahoon, Trevor Thomas Co. Antrim 26/02/21
McBride, Ronald (Ronnie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
Devlin (née Graham), Janice Co. Down 26/02/21
Morrow, Sandra Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
O'Hara, Luke Co. Armagh 26/02/21
Coyle (née Corrigan), Margaret Co. Tyrone 26/02/21
Mathers, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Armagh 26/02/21
Todd, Hugh Co. Antrim 26/02/21
McNeill, James Aloysius Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Reid, Hazel Mary Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Mooney, Philip Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Higginson, Molly Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Hicks, Arnold Joseph (Arnie) Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Dobbin, Vera Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Curtis , George Radcliffe (Geordie) Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Quinn, Gerard (Geraldo) Co. Antrim 26/02/21
McCartney, James (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/21
Maguire (née Murphy), Margaret Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Franceschi (née McAvoy), Maryann (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Fitzpatrick, Josephine (Josie) Co. Down 26/02/21
Donaghy, Christopher (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Donnelly (née Pedlow), Mary Co. Antrim 26/02/21
Sufferin, Margretta Isabella Jane (Rita) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Farquhar, Robert Co. Armagh 25/02/21
Bell, Laurence Co. Tyrone 25/02/21
Mallon, Michael Co. Tyrone 25/02/21
McCann, Francis Joseph (Frankie) Co. Armagh 25/02/21
Hamill (née Lennon), Ada Co. Down 25/02/21
Ritchie, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Wilson, Selina Muriel Co. Down 25/02/21
Doherty, Liam Co. Tyrone 25/02/21
Hepburn (née Lees), Barbara Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Owens (nee Hillis), Elizabeth (Lizzie) Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Megrath, Myrtle Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Anderson, Maureen Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Duff, Anthony Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Canning, Deborah Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
McDonnell (née O’Dowd), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Hassan (née O’Callaghan), Hannah Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Gavaghan (née Ryan), Sheila Co. Down 25/02/21
Quinn, Malachy (Mal) Co. Antrim 25/02/21
McCreedy, Doreen Co. Down 25/02/21
Feenan (née Gordon), Rose Co. Down 25/02/21
Kelly (née Tierney), Geraldine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Gallagher, Charlie Co. Fermanagh 25/02/21
Millar, Bertie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/21
Wazir Ali, Dr Fouad Co. Down 25/02/21
Farrelly, Richard (Ricky) Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Best, Trudi Co. Armagh 25/02/21
GORMAN (née Prentice), Honor Co. Armagh 25/02/21
McKee (nee McShane), Rosemary Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Bannon, Pat Co. Down 25/02/21
Sloan, George Albert (Geordie) Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Pollock, Gwendoline (Gwen) Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Hunter, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Dickson (née Moore), Dorothy Co. Antrim 25/02/21
Bailie, Alfred Alexander (Alfie) Co. Down 25/02/21
Armstrong , James Henry Co. Antrim 25/02/21
South, John Co. Down 25/02/21
McGLONE (née Cox) , Bridget Tess Co. Fermanagh 24/02/21
McIntyre, Ann Elizabeth Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Kells, Ralph Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Guy, Andrena Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Crawford, Mary Elizabeth Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Willis, Eva Co. Antrim 24/02/21
CROMIE (née Herron), Mary Thomasina Co. Down 24/02/21
Brewer, Violet Co. Down 24/02/21
Park, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 24/02/21
McCrory (née Curry) , Sonia Co. Down 24/02/21
Murray, Hugh Robert Co. Down 24/02/21
McNicholl, Kenneth (Kenny) Co. Antrim 24/02/21
McLeigh, Maura Co. Down 24/02/21
Moore, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Aughey, Dorothy Noele Mary Co. AntrimCo. Down 24/02/21
MILLAR (née Clarke), Imelda Co. Down 24/02/21
KING (née Keery), Annie Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Murray, Kenneth Paul Co. Antrim 24/02/21
POWELL (née Harkin), Betty Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Reilly (née Doherty), Mary Jane (Maisie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Thompson, Noleen Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Baile, Alfred Alexander (Alfie) Co. Down 24/02/21
Turley, Jim Co. Down 24/02/21
Howie (née Sweeney), Sheila Co. Antrim 24/02/21
MARTIN (née Uprichard) , Alice Co. Armagh 24/02/21
Buckley, Phyllis Co. Armagh 24/02/21
Campbell (née McKeown), Helen Co. Down 24/02/21
Harrison, Jackie Co. Down 24/02/21
Gibson, Alan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Tumelty, Michael (Mickey) Co. Down 24/02/21
Savage, Robert (Bobby) Co. Down 24/02/21
Nixon, Linda Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Richardson, Robert Anderson (Bobby) Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Smeltzer, Ollie Co. Down 24/02/21
McAdorey, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Fisher, Raymond (Ray) Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Boyd, Esther Co. Antrim 24/02/21
McDonald, Joan Co. Down 24/02/21
Madden (née Kearney), Patricia (Paddy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
ILIFF, Captain John A.A Co. Antrim 24/02/21
Doran, Kathleen Co. Down 24/02/21
PALMER (née Mulhern), Frances Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/02/21
Walsh (née Rainey ), Catherine Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McLARNON (née McErlane), Mary Co. Down 23/02/21
Richmond, Major (R) William (Billy) Co. Antrim 23/02/21
TANG (née McFarlane), Ellen Margaret Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McNicholl, John Bernard Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Carson, Christopher Co. Armagh 23/02/21
Milligan, Marshall Co. Down 23/02/21
CLEARY (née Miskelly), Kate Co. Down 23/02/21
MULHOLLAND (née Carlin), Anne Co. Armagh 23/02/21
Mooney, Michael Co. Armagh 23/02/21
Patterson, Mollie Co. Armagh 23/02/21
Patton, Samuel Jim Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/02/21
Stewart, Hazel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/02/21
Mark, Margaret (Madge) Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McMullan, Ian Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 23/02/21
McCALLION (née Pearson), Mary Co. Tyrone 23/02/21
Fearon, Kevin Co. Down 23/02/21
Gowan, Kenneth Co. Fermanagh 23/02/21
Gilchrist, Thomas Kyle Co. Tyrone 23/02/21
McMorrow, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McDonald, Peter Co. Fermanagh 23/02/21
Shields, George Co. Down 23/02/21
Armstrong, Christopher (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Smylie , William Robert Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Quigley, Melanie Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Prentice, Maureen Florence Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McCarey, Brian Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Kell, John Trevor Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Jones, Eric Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Johnston, John Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Haggan, Willie Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Doherty, Kathleen (Kate) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Berry, Margaret Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Holland , William (Billy) Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Purdy (née Deery), Josephine Co. Antrim 23/02/21
O'Neill, Esther Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McLarnon, Charlie Co. Antrim 23/02/21
McElroy, Margaret Patricia Co. Armagh 23/02/21
Campbell (née McElholm), Mary Co. Antrim 23/02/21
Stewart, Roy Co. Antrim 22/02/21
McMullan, Ivan James Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Gillespie (née McNeilly), Sarah Amanda Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Houston, Margaret Co. Antrim 22/02/21
MCCOOE (née McClinton) , Colette Co. Antrim 22/02/21
McKay (née Murray), Deborah Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Henderson, Heather-Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
Curry, Gordon Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
McLaughlin , Daniel Aidan (Dan) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
Thompson, Alan Oliver Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
MORRISON (née McCrystal), Grace Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
Curran, Dervla Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
Johnston, David Co. Armagh 22/02/21
Crowe, Graham Co. Armagh 22/02/21
Paynter, Billy Co. Armagh 22/02/21
Largey, Stephen Co. Armagh 22/02/21
Carr, Vera Co. Down 22/02/21
Downey (née Campbell), Anne Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Thompson, Elizabeth Letitia (Tish) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
McBride, John (Johnny) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Gillespie, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
JORDAN (née Tennant), Myra Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Kelly, Austin Co. Down 22/02/21
Hunter, William James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
Catterson, Doris Co. Antrim 22/02/21
CRANSTON (née Cunnigham) , Lily Co. Down 22/02/21
CAMPBELL (née Edwards), Myra Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
O'Kane, Monica Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
Flack, David Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
GAMBLE (née Early) , Catherine (Kathleen) Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
McNAMEE (née Lowry), Kathleen Anne, Co. DownCo. Tyrone 22/02/21
McKernan, Marie Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
Connolly, Charlie (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
Hassan, Philip Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
HANNA (née Johnston), Maisie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
Elliott, Robert Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
McGirr (née McDonagh), Lily Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
Power, Jane Co. Down 22/02/21
Murdock, Thomas Kenneth (Kenny) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Dickey (née Service), Lesley Ann Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Clarke, John Alexander (Jackie) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Armstrong, Wilfred J.A. (Rev.) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Vance, Elsie Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Toner, Susan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/02/21
O'Neill, Robert John (Robbie) Co. Tyrone 22/02/21
Mullan, James Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
McMullan, John Co. Down 22/02/21
McCAMBRIDGE (née Griffin), Roseleen Co. Antrim 22/02/21
McALOON (née Boyle), Elizabeth (Lila) Co. Antrim 22/02/21
COYLE (née Kearney), Mary Co. Antrim 22/02/21
Boylan, Eoin Co. Antrim 22/02/21
McKernan, James Joseph (Jim) Co. Down 21/02/21
Miller, Antony Co. Antrim 21/02/21
Leighton, Daniel Co. Antrim 21/02/21
Furphy, James Co. Armagh 21/02/21
Sweeney, Patrick Co. Down 21/02/21
Spratt, James Co. Down 21/02/21
Strain, Agnes (Nan) Co. Down 21/02/21
McCaffrey, Maria Co. Fermanagh 21/02/21
TAGGART (née Bradshaw), Penny Co. Antrim 21/02/21
Wright, Dean Mervyn Henry Co. Armagh 21/02/21
Beggs, John Co. Armagh 21/02/21
Conn, Winston Thomas Co. Armagh 21/02/21
O’Hara (née McClements) , Brigid Co. Antrim 21/02/21
Hall, Martha Alexandria (Marie) Co. Down 21/02/21
LARMOUR (née Williamson) , Elizabeth Sarah (Beth) Co. Antrim 21/02/21
Easton (née Phelps), Jess Co. Down 21/02/21
Murray (née McNally), Bronagh Co. Down 21/02/21
McElwee, Alice Rose Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/02/21
Napier, John (Jackie) Co. Down 21/02/21
McLEAN, (née Lamont), Sarah (Sally) Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Green, Joshua James (Josh) Co. Tyrone 20/02/21
Roy, Roy Co. Armagh 20/02/21
Dan, Hazel Co. Down 20/02/21
Napier, John Co. Down 20/02/21
Lindsay, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/02/21
DOHERTY (née McGlinchey), Olive Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/02/21
Campbell, William Robert (Bob) Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Rooney, Desmond Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Nash, Jimmy Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Quinn, Emily Co. Antrim 20/02/21
McMullan (née Croskery), Mary Co. Down 20/02/21
Reid, Robert William Co. Tyrone 20/02/21
Cassidy, William Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/02/21
DONAGHEY (nee McAlister), Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/02/21
Sharvin, Brendan Co. Down 20/02/21
Lyons, Richard Winston Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Caldwell, Eileen Co. Down 20/02/21
McMullan, Maud Co. Down 20/02/21
HERRON (née Crory), Mary Co. Down 20/02/21
McHugh, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Tyrone 20/02/21
Owens, Dessie Co. Tyrone 20/02/21
Cairns, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Tyrone 20/02/21
McKeown, Joseph Thomas (Joey) Co. Armagh 20/02/21
Dennison, Roy Co. Armagh 20/02/21
Milliken, Samuel Alexander (Sam) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/02/21
Hanley, Rose Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Hawthorne (née Wilkie), Elaine Patricia Co. Antrim 20/02/21
Milligan, James Anthony (Tony) Co. Down 20/02/21
McShane, Corneilus (Neilus) Co. Armagh 19/02/21
Rowland, Noel Co. Armagh 19/02/21
Donaghy, John (Sonny) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
McLaughlin, BB Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
Davidson, Winifred Anna Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
QUINN (née Nugent) , Peggy Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Scott, Kenny Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
McGinn, John J (Jimmy) Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
HAYES (née Kelly), Mary Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Carson, Bobby Co. Armagh 19/02/21
McMullan, Richard Co. Down 19/02/21
Hughes (née Maguire), Margaret Co. Armagh 19/02/21
Daly, Raymond Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
O'Hagan, Dominic Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Dornan (née Young), Kathleen Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Coyle, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
Cossum, Bridie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
Moore, Catherine McAleese Co. Antrim 19/02/21
DEVINE (née McCafferty), Patsy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
Ferguson (née Traynor), Ann Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Hawthorne, George Co. Armagh 19/02/21
Logue, Patrick Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
Sim, Crawford Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/21
McGlynn, Sinéad Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Woodside, William (Willie) Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Kelly, Pat Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Vint, Jamezena (Ena) Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Stanfield , Elizabeth (Lisa) Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Shaw (née Anderson), Joan Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Niblock , Anne (Nan) Co. Antrim 19/02/21
McMenemy, David (Charlie) Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Hughes, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Henry, Rebecca Katherine (Died outside NI)Co. Down 19/02/21
Entwistle, Margaret Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Clarke (née Spence), Josephine Co. Antrim 19/02/21
Lowery (née McClean), Mary Catherine Co. Down 19/02/21
Knowles, Kathleen Bernadette Co. Down 19/02/21
Fleming (née Gallagher), Rose Co. Down 19/02/21
Donaghy, Shane Co. Tyrone 19/02/21
Goodwin, Joe Co. Fermanagh 18/02/21
Powell, Sean Co. Armagh 18/02/21
Young, Annie Co. Down 18/02/21
McMullan, Hannah Co. Down 18/02/21
Loy (née Gormley), Anne Co. Down 18/02/21
Grattan, Rutherford Co. Down 18/02/21
Carragher, Seamus Co. Down 18/02/21
Graham, Annie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/02/21
McKEEVER (née Doherty), Ann Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/02/21
Welsh, Emily Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Stevenson, Leslie Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Smyth, Ernest (Ernie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/02/21
Morrow, Marian Co. Armagh 18/02/21
Lewis, Colin Co. Antrim 18/02/21
SMITH (nee Bradburn), Roberta Jean Co. Tyrone 18/02/21
Bennett, Harry Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/02/21
McAleer, Graham Co. Armagh 18/02/21
McCartan, Paul Co. Antrim 18/02/21
McManus, John Fitzgerald Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Logue (née Barclay), Sarah Co. Tyrone 18/02/21
Fox (née Deegan), Rosaleen Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Browne, Pastor Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Runciman, Violet Co. Down 18/02/21
McCumiskey, William (Billy) Co. Down 18/02/21
McCLUSKEY (née Harkin), Anna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/02/21
Duffy, Shaun Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Slevin (née Mc Nulty), Mary Agnes Co. Tyrone 18/02/21
Ritchie, Norman Co. Down 18/02/21
Norris, Margaret Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Mitchell, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 18/02/21
McFerran, Ernest Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Leetch, Desmond (Dessie) Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Johnston, Ronald James Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Geddis , Eric Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Adair (née Harper), Joan Evelyn Co. Antrim 18/02/21
McMullan, Michael Joseph Co. Antrim 18/02/21
McCann (née McIvor), Margaret (Peg) Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Hanna, Paddy Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Fitzpatrick, John Co. Antrim 18/02/21
Buteux (née Kearney), Mary (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 18/02/21
McSwiggan, Peter Co. Tyrone 18/02/21
Donaghy, Wallace Gilbert Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/02/21
Gilpin, Albert Co. Down 18/02/21
Finnegan, Grattan Co. Armagh 18/02/21
Forsythe, William Co. Down 17/02/21
KERR (née Murray), Ann Co. Armagh 17/02/21
Harte, Jim Co. Armagh 17/02/21
Haddock, Kenneth (Kenny) Co. Armagh 17/02/21
BLACK (née McKeown), Dympna Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Wilson, Leah Co. Down 17/02/21
McGurn, Gerry Co. Fermanagh 17/02/21
Boyle, Rev Fr Michael Co. Down 17/02/21
Kelly (née Logue), Susan (Susie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/02/21
Jago (née Thompson), Mary Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Dodds, Joan Margaret Co. Antrim 17/02/21
McMonagle , Patsy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/02/21
McQuilkin, Jean Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Hill, Elaine Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Brien, John Robert Co. Down 17/02/21
Hogg, Daniel (Danny) Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Weatherup, Ruby Co. Down 17/02/21
Tracey, Jean Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Spiers, Margaret (Rita) Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Rooney, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Down 17/02/21
Purvis, John Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Murray, Pearl Co. Antrim 17/02/21
McKee, William (B.E.M.) Co. Antrim 17/02/21
McConnell (née Jerwood), Anne Co. Antrim 17/02/21
McClelland, Michael Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Lewis , Samuel Alexander Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Kerr, Thomas McDonald (Don) Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Hamilton, Henry Tedford (Harry) Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Haggan, Charles Stephen Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Ferris, Violet Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Campbell, David Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/02/21
Boyd, Hugh Co. Antrim 17/02/21
Rice, John Co. Down 17/02/21
O'Toole, Vincent Joseph Co. Antrim 17/02/21
O'Reilly, Joseph Co. Armagh 17/02/21
McGrath, Brian Co. Tyrone 17/02/21
Donaghy (née McGuckin), Patsy (Mary Patricia) Co. Tyrone 17/02/21
Armstrong (née Mullin), Patricia (Pat) Co. Tyrone 17/02/21
THOMPSON (née Riddles), Irene Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Gilfillan, Doreen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Hunter, Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Smith, Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Co. Armagh 16/02/21
Clark, Robin Co. Down 16/02/21
Hughes, Philip Co. Down 16/02/21
Millar, Annabell Co. Antrim 16/02/21
O'Hanlon, Anne (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 16/02/21
Devlin, Mary Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
Corcoran, Kathleen Joy Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
Curran, Anthony Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
Troupe, Seamus Co. Down 16/02/21
McCluskey, Joan Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Wadsworth, John Lucas Co. Antrim 16/02/21
O'Connor, Denis Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Kennedy (née Starrs), Eileen Co. Antrim 16/02/21
McBride, Brendan John Co. Antrim 16/02/21
CRAIG (née Anderson) , Anne Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Walsh, Sarah Co. Armagh 16/02/21
Murray, Luke Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Frizelle, Adam Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
Sharkey (Nee Lavery), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Armagh 16/02/21
Walker, William George Co. Armagh 16/02/21
McCollum (née Wallace), Geraldine Co. Armagh 16/02/21
Pyne (née McGlynn), Bridget (Bridie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Brennan, Michael Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Dorrian, John Joseph (Johnny) Co. Down 16/02/21
Douglas, Robert McIntyre Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Watters, Samuel Desmond Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Cunningham, Robert Caldwell Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
MILLAR (née Glass), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
Logan, Kenneth Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Armstrong, James Acheson Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Wilson, Roy Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Woods, Martha (Maudie) Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Seaton, Stanley Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Purdy, Harrison (Harry) Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Porter, William Russell Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Noble , May Co. Down 16/02/21
McArthur, Norman Trevor (Ben) Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Lindsay (née McCready), Willena May Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Lee (née Russell), Annie Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/21
Kelly , Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Co. Down 16/02/21
Fraser, Elizabeth (Liz) Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Bell (née Keery), Olive (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Morris, Elizabeth (Beth) Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Greer, Myra Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Pach, Richard Co. Antrim 16/02/21
McKimm (née Poole) , Dorothy Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Johnston , Sarah (Sadie) Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Walsh, Catherine Co. Antrim 16/02/21
McFaul, Eugene Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Hurl, John Co. Tyrone 16/02/21
Coyle, Loretto Co. Down 16/02/21
Bradley (née Crotty), Susan Co. Antrim 16/02/21
Harte, Thomas Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Nevin, Mary Elizabeth Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Hamilton, Peter William (Hammy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/02/21
Wilson, William Co. Armagh 15/02/21
McParland, Margaret (Maggie) Co. Armagh 15/02/21
McGauley, Gerard Co. Down 15/02/21
Doherty, Ellen Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Hocking (née Fegan), Sharon Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Gregg, Margaretta Rae (Joan) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/02/21
McFadden, Isamay Co. Down 15/02/21
Mulcahy, Jane Co. Tyrone 15/02/21
Fitzpatrick, Gerald Co. Armagh 15/02/21
Matchett, Frederick (Freddie) Co. Armagh 15/02/21
RITCHIE (nee Thompson), Georgina (Georgie) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Flynn, John Charles Co. Down 15/02/21
Quinn, (née Kerr), Philomena Isobel (Phil) Co. Armagh 15/02/21
Bothwell, Elizabeth Co. Armagh 15/02/21
Fearon, James (Jimmy) Co. Armagh 15/02/21
Currie, John Archibald Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Butler, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Rice, Joe Co. Down 15/02/21
Campbell, Daniel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/02/21
McCaughan, George Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Carlin (née Gallagher) , Margaret Co. Down 15/02/21
Taylor, George Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Murray, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
MURPHY (née Logan) , Mary Co. Fermanagh 15/02/21
McGOVERN (née Gilleece) , Anna Co. Fermanagh 15/02/21
McCarron, Anne Co. Fermanagh 15/02/21
GALLAGHER (née Sayers), Frances Ethina Co. Tyrone 15/02/21
Hull, John Co. Tyrone 15/02/21
Butler, Helen Co. Fermanagh 15/02/21
Huxley, Kevin John (Ken) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Graham, Jean Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Gibson, Joan Co. Down 15/02/21
Clarke, David Samuel (Uel) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Brooks, Barry Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Millar, May (Matilda) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Robb, John Hume Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Robinson, Hilton Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Warnock, Samuel Gilmour (Gil) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
RAFFERTY (née Mackle), Teresa Co. Armagh 15/02/21
Quinn, Francis Co. Antrim 15/02/21
O'Connor, John Joseph (Jackie) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
McKEATING (nee O'Reilly), Sheila Co. Down 15/02/21
McGivern, Nicola Co. Antrim 15/02/21
McElholm, Tom Co. Tyrone 15/02/21
McAuley, John Patrick (Sean) Co. Antrim 15/02/21
INGLIS (née Mawhinney), Sarah Jemima Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/02/21
HALL (née Cromie), Margaret Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Gill, John Co. Antrim 15/02/21
Gallagher, Patsy Co. Down 15/02/21
CREANEY (née Mulholland), Annette Co. Antrim 15/02/21
McNeill (nee McAuley), Margaret Co. Antrim 14/02/21
McGarrigan, Francis (Fra) Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Gorman, Matthew Co. Antrim 14/02/21
McMullan, Owen Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Wilkinson, Brigid Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Hartin, Daniel Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Finch, Lorna Co. Armagh 14/02/21
McWhirter (née McCartney), Margaret Co. Armagh 14/02/21
Firth (née Owens), Anita Co. Armagh 14/02/21
Forsythe, Cyril Co. Down 14/02/21
Parke, Mary Co. Armagh 14/02/21
Jardine, Robert Co. Down 14/02/21
Wilson (née McKnight), Ellen Co. Down 14/02/21
Montgomery (née Walker), Dorothy Co. Down 14/02/21
REYNOLDS (née Thompson), Denise Co. Derry/ Londonderry 14/02/21
McDOWELL (née May), Edith Margaret Lavinia Co. Tyrone 14/02/21
Murphy (née Beattie), Sheila Co. Armagh 14/02/21
Breen, Marita Co. Armagh 14/02/21
Nolan, Brian Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Watson, Phillip Glen Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Holmes, William (Willie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 14/02/21
Berry, Sheila Co. Armagh 14/02/21
Moore, Gary Co. Antrim 14/02/21
McLoughlin, Patrick Noel Co. Down 14/02/21
Leetch, Robert John (Bertie) Co. Antrim 14/02/21
Johnston, John (Jackie) Co. Fermanagh 14/02/21
Reilly, Sarah Ellen Co. Fermanagh 14/02/21
Gormley, John Co. Fermanagh 14/02/21
O'Mahony, Michael Co. Tyrone 14/02/21
Gillespie, Richard Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/02/21
McCay, Baby Seánan Co. Tyrone 13/02/21
Dodds, William John (Billy) Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Johnston, Geraldine Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Walls (née Letters), Monica Co. Antrim 13/02/21
McArdle, Jim Co. Down 13/02/21
Devlin (née Mackle), Pamela (Pam) Co. Armagh 13/02/21
Carson, Harry Co. Fermanagh 13/02/21
Neill, William Co. Down 13/02/21
Hanratty, Conor Co. Down 13/02/21
DENNISON (née Gormley), Rosaleen Co. Antrim 13/02/21
McLaughlin, Andrew (Andy) Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Campbell, Michael Co. Down 13/02/21
Rooney, Catherine Co. Down 13/02/21
King, Kathleen (Kathy) Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Finlay (née Crooks), Sharon Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Scollay, Joseph Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Reid, James (Seamus) Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Murray, Tommy (Dan) Co. Armagh 13/02/21
McGee, Very Rev Canon Brendan Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Gallagher, Dr Aidan Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Donnelly, Annie Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Wisdom, Jacqueline Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Curran, Emmanuel Co. Antrim 13/02/21
ANDERSON, (née Murphy), Teresa Co. Antrim 13/02/21
Humphries (née Gray), Eileen Co. Down 12/02/21
GOLIGHER (née Martin), Matilda (Hilary) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Deery, Derek Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Donaghy, John Andrew Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
McGarvey, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Logue , Raymond (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 12/02/21
Canavan, Noel (Carnan) Co. Tyrone 12/02/21
Henry, Gordon Co. Tyrone 12/02/21
FREW (née Pinkerton), Jeannie Stewart (Jean) Co. Tyrone 12/02/21
Abraham, Bertha Co. Armagh 12/02/21
Scullion, Tom Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Jenkinson, Muriel Grace Co. Armagh 12/02/21
Hoy, Maurice (Mossie) Co. Armagh 12/02/21
McGrath (née) Fitzsimons, Eileen Co. Down 12/02/21
Murphy, John Co. Antrim 12/02/21
Donnan, William (Billy) Co. Down 12/02/21
Doherty, Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Connolly, Matthew Co. Antrim 12/02/21
Turley, Philomena (Mena) Co. Armagh 12/02/21
McPolin, Brendan Co. Down 12/02/21
Carson, Ivor Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Graham, Noel Co. Antrim 12/02/21
Toner, Kris Co. Antrim 12/02/21
Quinn, Marie Co. Down 12/02/21
O'Hara, Rosaleen Co. Antrim 12/02/21
McMahon, Giannina (Jean) Co. Antrim 12/02/21
McIlroy (née McKenna), Mary Co. Antrim 12/02/21
McCann, Lily Co. Armagh 12/02/21
Graham, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 12/02/21
Donnelly, George Co. Antrim 12/02/21
McKay, Andrew (Andy) Co. Antrim 12/02/21
Coulter (née Hooks), Carmel Co. Armagh 12/02/21
Thompson, Dorothy Co. Down 12/02/21
Blair, Thomas Alfred Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
MCGLYNN (née Lynch), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
O'Donnell, Colin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/02/21
Balfour (née Kirk) , Muriel Co. Fermanagh 11/02/21
Douglas, Elizabeth (Lilian) Co. Armagh 11/02/21
McCroary, (née McBride), Mary Co. Tyrone 11/02/21
Raddie, Jim Co. Tyrone 11/02/21
GLASGOW (née Slaine), Yvonne Co. Tyrone 11/02/21
Mulligan , Robert Louis Co. Tyrone 11/02/21
Duff, Robert Leslie Co. Tyrone 11/02/21
McKeown (née Bannon) , Kathleen Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Canning, Trevor Gerald Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/02/21
BYRNE (née Óbeirne), Carmel Co. Down 11/02/21
Deadman, Annie Jones Co. Antrim 11/02/21
McVeigh (née Greer), Paula Co. Down 11/02/21
WALLACE (née Hoey), Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/02/21
Taggart, Denis Patrick (Denny) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
McVeigh (née Small), Martina Co. Down 11/02/21
Colvin, Ivy Co. Armagh 11/02/21
Williamson, Robert Alexander Co. Antrim 11/02/21
White, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Weatherup, Rose Jane (Jeanie) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Teer, Nora Co. Down 11/02/21
Snoddy (née McMurray), Roberta Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Reilly (née Hanvey), Jean Co. Antrim 11/02/21
McMurtry , William (Billy) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
McKay, Michelle (Shelly) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
McClure, Sarah Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Massey, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Lowry , William K, (Billy) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 11/02/21
Irwin (née Lyons), Kathleen Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Ireland, Sarah (Rae) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Holmes, Trevor Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Tohill, Christopher Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Moreland (née Mitchell), Winifred (Winnie) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Henry, Wilbert Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Dunbar, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Bliss, Michael (Miki) Co. Antrim 11/02/21
Robb, Ella Co. Down 10/02/21
Parks (née Spence), Gwendoline Co. Armagh 10/02/21
McKinney, Grace Co. Down 10/02/21
Douglas, Brian Co. Armagh 10/02/21
Walker, Valerie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/02/21
Campbell, Robert John (Jack) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/02/21
Kearney, Gerard (Gerry) Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 10/02/21
Alexander, Simon Co. Tyrone 10/02/21
Imber, Simon Co. Down 10/02/21
Fegan, Pat Co. Armagh 10/02/21
McAnena, Rosemary Co. Tyrone 10/02/21
SHERRY (née Fulton), Clare Co. Tyrone 10/02/21
Mulligan, Thomas Henry (Harry) Co. Armagh 10/02/21
Hutton, Gary Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 10/02/21
Dougan, Mary Alice Co. Armagh 10/02/21
Wilson, Alexander (Alex)Mark Co. Fermanagh 10/02/21
Porter, Joseph (Joe) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/02/21
Hazlett, Ronald (Ronnie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/02/21
Scott, Marion Co. Armagh 10/02/21
McAnulty, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Down 10/02/21
Hillick, William (Bill) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Rooney, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
SMYTH (née Grimshaw), Margaret May Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Hughes (née Irvine), Eleanor Co. Down 10/02/21
Watters, Michael Co. Armagh 10/02/21
Whiteley, Audrey Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Shearer (née McClure), Jane (Jean) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Savage, Frank Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Roulston, David S. Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Mearns, Beatrice Co. Antrim 10/02/21
McMurtry, Patricia (Paddy) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Law, John Reid Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Johnston, Thomas (Tommy) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Jamison , Mary (Molly) Co. Down 10/02/21
Gillespie , Ena Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Brown (née McCloy), Lindsey Anne Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Bell , Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Acheson, DR Alistair John (Died outside NI)Co. Down 10/02/21
Sheils, Terry Co. Armagh 10/02/21
O'Hagan (née O'Neill), Noreen Co. Tyrone 10/02/21
McIlkenny, Catherine (Kate) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
McErlain, Geraldine Co. Antrim 10/02/21
McElkerney, Ann Co. Antrim 10/02/21
McDermott (née Bradley), Mary Alice Co. Tyrone 10/02/21
McClean, Danny Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Maguire (née Bradley), Ann (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Fogarty, Anthony Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Creen, William Joseph (Bill) Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Conlon (née Loonam), Frances Co. Antrim 10/02/21
Black, Margaret Co. Armagh 09/02/21
McKINLESS (née McCann), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/02/21
Downey, Leonard Alexander Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/02/21
McNabb (née Robinson), Muriel Co. Armagh 09/02/21
GEDDIS (née Maze), Elizabeth Ellen (Lily) Co. Armagh 09/02/21
Brady, Daryl James Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Moore, Daniel Leo Co. Down 09/02/21
Charters, Martin (Tina) Co. Down 09/02/21
Carmichael, Paul James Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Connell, Patrick (Pat) Co. Armagh 09/02/21
Halsey, Graham Richard Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/02/21
Moore (née Waters), Rosaleen Co. Down 09/02/21
Doherty, Veronica Co. Down 09/02/21
Williams , Robert Kim Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Weatherhead, Patricia (Paddy) Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Waterman , Nellie (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Wallace, Neil Co. Down 09/02/21
Smith, Elizabeth Alfreda (Freda) Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Russell, Barbara Ann Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Rowan, Paul F. Co. Antrim 09/02/21
McCammon, Ivan Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Martin, Margaret Rose Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Jackson, Samuel Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Higginson, Lynda Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Farrelley (née McBride), Jennifer Teresa Elizabeth (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Crawford (née Beck), Isabel Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Carson, Oliver Samuel Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Cambridge, John Reid (Jack) Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Cahill , Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Bennett, Andrew Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Adams, Albert Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Rooney, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Patterson, Leah Co. Armagh 09/02/21
Moore, Dan Co. Armagh 09/02/21
McMurray, Robert Co. Down 09/02/21
McKenna, John Patrick Co. Antrim 09/02/21
McAteer, Mary Elizabeth (Maureen) Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Lawlor (née Graham), Teresa Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Healey, Bernadette Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Gemmell, Sadie Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Flood, Michael Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Cochrane, Anita Co. Antrim 09/02/21
Brentnall (née McGoldrick), Geraldine Co. Down 09/02/21
Brady, Kevin Co. Armagh 09/02/21
McCann, Anthony Gerald (Tony) Co. Armagh 08/02/21
Glasgow, Harold Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
Warwick (née Glasgow), Pearl Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
Kenny, Damien Co. Down 08/02/21
Hughes (née Hamill) , Mary Co. Armagh 08/02/21
Coles, Jason Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/02/21
Quinn, Paddy (Pat) Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
Pagni (née Bradley), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
O'Rourke, Anne Co. Armagh 08/02/21
McLoughlin (Nee Hilditch), Maureen Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Dixon, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/02/21
Clulow, John (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 08/02/21
Buchanan, Eileen Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 08/02/21
McCORRY (née Gready), Bridget (Bridie) Co. Armagh 08/02/21
Barbour, Thomas (Tom) Co. Armagh 08/02/21
Egerton, Karin Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Blee, Michael Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
Ross (née Bates), Ruth Co. Down 08/02/21
Boyle, Richard (Richie) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
GOURLEY (née Hadden) O.B.E., Celia Frances Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Lamont-Kane, Olive Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Giles, Paul Co. Down 08/02/21
MacManus (née Keown), Margaret Co. Fermanagh 08/02/21
Morgan, (née Corr), Annie Co. Down 08/02/21
Bradshaw (née Dunbar), Naomi Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Courtney, Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Hardy, Phyllis Co. Antrim 08/02/21
HENRY (née Stockman), Jean Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Holland, Thomas John Moffatt Co. Down 08/02/21
Kelly, Eugene Co. Fermanagh 08/02/21
Manson, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
McAllister, Samuel Wilson (Sam) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
McCowan, Brian Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Sterritt, Ann (Annie) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Watson, Robert (Bobby) Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
McFARLANE (née Mahoney), Margaret (Rita) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
McCaughan, Chris (Bisto) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Hanratty, Joseph (Joe) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Gribben, Sean (John) Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Fox, Maurice Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Fitsimmons, Daniel Co. Antrim 08/02/21
Abernethy, Frankie Co. Tyrone 08/02/21
Miller, Herbert (Herbie) Co. Tyrone 07/02/21
FALLS (née Dougan), Ann Co. Tyrone 07/02/21
McCall, Edith Co. Tyrone 07/02/21
Wilson, William Wallace Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/02/21
Murray, Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 07/02/21
Harkin (née Kealey), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/02/21
Robinson, Robert James (RJ) Co. Down 07/02/21
Stewart, Colin Co. Down 07/02/21
McMurty, Patricia (Paddy) Co. Antrim 07/02/21
Cooke, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/02/21
Beattie (née Harty), Margaret Elizabeth Co. Down 07/02/21
Millar, James Co. Antrim 07/02/21
Dallas, Gavin Co. Tyrone 07/02/21
McCrystal, John Co. Antrim 07/02/21
Murphy, Maurice Co. Armagh 07/02/21
Kinkead, Cecil 07/02/21
Berry, Margaret (Madge) Co. Armagh 07/02/21
McCoy, Oliver Co. Down 07/02/21
Lavery (née Breen), Sarah Co. Armagh 07/02/21
Gray, Nessie Co. Armagh 07/02/21
Gowdy, Samuel Co. Armagh 07/02/21
Nelson (née Thompson), Nora Co. Armagh 07/02/21
McKee, Hal Co. Armagh 07/02/21
Alexander, Robert Co. Armagh 07/02/21
WATSON (née Boyd), Ann Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/02/21
MILLER (née Guthrie), Eileen Emily Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/02/21
DUNN (née Page), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/02/21
Peace, Steve Co. Tyrone 07/02/21
O'Reilly, Sinead Co. Fermanagh 06/02/21
Holt, Celia Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
Dawson, Ivan Co. Armagh 06/02/21
NIBLOCK (nee Cassidy) , Evelyn Co. Down 06/02/21
Campbell, Robert Angus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
Nelson, Samuel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
FRIEL (née Harper), Catherine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
Deery, Michael (Mickey) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
MOORE (nee McCarron), Ann Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
McNicholl, Daniel J Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/02/21
Andrews, Ruth, Ruth Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Graham, Joyce Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Irvine, Hannah Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Jenkins, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Johnston, Gladys Phyllis Aileen Co. Down 06/02/21
Tolerton (née Dorman), Margaret Co. Down 06/02/21
Waddell, Derek Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Weir, John Co. Antrim 06/02/21
SPENCE (née Broderick), Teresa Co. Antrim 06/02/21
QUINN (née Donnelly), Christina (Chrissie)  Co. Tyrone 06/02/21
McKEOWN (née Magee) , Dorothy Co. Down 06/02/21
McGrath, Charlie Co. DownCo. Tyrone 06/02/21
MANCINI (née McRory) , Claire Co. Tyrone 06/02/21
LORD (nee Connelly), Catherine (Cathie) Co. Antrim 06/02/21
LAPPIN (née Peake), Ursula Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Higgins, Stephen (Stevie) Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Foster, David Co. Tyrone 06/02/21
CANAVAN (née McNeill) , Bernadette Co. Tyrone 06/02/21
Burns, Hugh Co. Antrim 06/02/21
Deazley, John Co. Tyrone 05/02/21
Wallace (née McFarland), Janet Long Co. Tyrone 05/02/21
Erwin, Paul (Ervy) Co. Antrim 05/02/21
McGuigan, James (Jimmy) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 05/02/21
Rice, Pat Co. Armagh 05/02/21
Gallagher (née Cullen) , Carmel Co. Tyrone 05/02/21
Corry, John Co. Tyrone 05/02/21
Davidson (nee Martin) , Ethel Co. Antrim 05/02/21
McBride (nee Adams), Violet Co. Antrim 05/02/21
McKeown, Eddie Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Jess, Eric Co. Down 05/02/21
Downey, Colin Co. Down 05/02/21
Bryans, Pamela Co. Fermanagh 05/02/21
McCluskey, Gerald Co. Armagh 05/02/21
McGeeney, Cecil Hubert Austin Co. Armagh 05/02/21
Ranaghan, William James (Jim) Co. Down 05/02/21
Campbell, Sidney Co. Antrim 05/02/21
GRAHAM (née Scott), Eileen Rosemary Co. Down 05/02/21
Molloy, Kevin Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Henry, (née Gilmore), Rosaleen Co. Down 05/02/21
Deegan, Dominic (Don) Co. Down 05/02/21
Short, Patrick (Packy) Co. Armagh 05/02/21
Willis (née Armstrong), Annie Elizabeth Co. Down 05/02/21
Smith , Heather Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Seales, Agnes Co. Down 05/02/21
Murphy, Anne Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Montgomery, Ian Co. Antrim 05/02/21
McDowell, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Lennox, Linda Co. Down 05/02/21
Horner, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Goudy , William (Wully) Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Fenton, James Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Dougan, Charlotte Lorraine Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Clifford , Elizabeth (Lillian) Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Abernethy, John Logan Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Hamilton, Robert David Ernest (Ernie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/02/21
Gilmour, John Henry (Harry) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/02/21
Wege, Arlene Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/02/21
Rafferty (née Muldoon), Elizabeth Co. Antrim 05/02/21
O'Neill, Monica Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/02/21
Jennings, Jim Co. Down 05/02/21
Devlin, Brigid Co. Tyrone 05/02/21
Cobbold, Laura Co. Antrim 05/02/21
Louden, Dorrie Co. Armagh 04/02/21
Porter, William Co. Down 04/02/21
Campbell, (née McLoughlin), Anne Co. Down 04/02/21
Chambers, Gladys Kathleen Co. Down 04/02/21
Best, Bruce Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
McArdle, Daniel (Dan) Co. Down 04/02/21
Earley, Tommy Co. Armagh 04/02/21
McCarney, Michael Co. Tyrone 04/02/21
McGinley, Ellen (Nellie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
Patterson, Robert Co. Armagh 04/02/21
Toner, Mary Elizabeth Co. Down 04/02/21
Percy, Brenda Co. Armagh 04/02/21
Skelly, Albert Co. Down 04/02/21
Peden, Rev. Billy Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Morrison, Florence Co. Tyrone 04/02/21
Caldwell, David Alexander Co. Antrim 04/02/21
McCarron (Nee Douglas) , Geraldine Co. Armagh 04/02/21
Kacmarek, Magdalena Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Clarke (née McKevitt), Anne Co. Down 04/02/21
Harkin, John (Shakey) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
Campbell, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
McAleese, Daniel Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Creaney , Edward (Eddie) Co. Armagh 04/02/21
Prunty, Emmet Co. Fermanagh 04/02/21
Kenny, Roy Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Hayes, Thomas Raymond (Tommy) Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Haslett (née Williamson), Edyth Richardson Co. Down 04/02/21
Hamilton (née Pollock), Irene Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Gilmour, Eileen Patricia Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Larmour, Ella Eleanor Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Mayne, Anne Co. Down 04/02/21
Murray, Samuel (Sam) Co. Down 04/02/21
Coulter, Richard Percival Co. Down 04/02/21
Smyth (née Patterson), Helen Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Wilson (Née Armstrong), Jane (Jean) Co. AntrimCo. Down 04/02/21
Boyd, Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Bennett (née McCullough), Susan Co. Down 04/02/21
Andrews , Stella Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Addie, Andrew (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 04/02/21
O'Neill, Patrick Joseph (Jodie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
O'Boyle (née Rogan), Violet Co. Down 04/02/21
McGurk, Michael Co. Tyrone 04/02/21
CONDIE (née Brolly), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
COOPER (née Canning), Connie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
McFaul, John Co. Antrim 04/02/21
McBride, William Noel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
O'DONNELL (née Deeney), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
McGrellis, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/02/21
McAuley, Francis Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Mallon, Mary Co. Tyrone 04/02/21
Magee, Albert (AKA Albie or Bertie) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Jackson, Eric Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Hueston, Stephen Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Flynn, Thomas Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Duggan, Sarah (Sally) Co. Down 04/02/21
Davidson, Arnold Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Cooper (née Millen), Gretta (Died outside NI) 04/02/21
Clarke, Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 04/02/21
Brady (née McGonigle), Elizabeth (Lizzy) Co. Down 04/02/21
Adams, Gerard Co. Down 04/02/21
McDowell (nee Malcolmson), Elizabeth Co. Down 03/02/21
Butler (née Rogan), Annabella Co. Down 03/02/21
Moore (née Nicholl), Louise Co. Tyrone 03/02/21
Doherty, Margaret Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Moore, Roger Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
O'Neil, Monica Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Hagen, Ronnie, Ronnie Co. Down 03/02/21
Donnell, Armour Edwin (Eddie) Co. Tyrone 03/02/21
Johnston, Kenneth (Ken) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Mohammad, Amin (Paolo) Co. ArmaghCo. Down 03/02/21
Partridge, Margaret Co. Down 03/02/21
Mailey (née Hannaway), Bridie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Moore, Margery Co. Antrim 03/02/21
O'Connell, William Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
SHAW (née Conway), Ann Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Downey, Angela Co. Down 03/02/21
McAleenan (Nee Walsh) , Nancy Co. ArmaghCo. Down 03/02/21
Harrison, Leslie Co. Armagh 03/02/21
McManus, Joseph (Joe) Co. Armagh 03/02/21
Dolan, Eamonn Co. Fermanagh 03/02/21
Donegan, William (Willie) Co. Fermanagh 03/02/21
McMath, Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
MURPHY (nee Turkington) , Rosemary Co. Down 03/02/21
KANE, (née Stewart), Dorothy Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Horrox (née Young), Annie Co. Down 03/02/21
McDonnell, Charlie Co. Tyrone 03/02/21
Williamson, John Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Watson, Samuel Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Tweedie, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Smiley, John Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Simms , David (Gordon) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Sheil, Jane Ellen (Jean) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
McConnell, Margaret Co. Antrim 03/02/21
McAloney, Kathleen Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Malcolm, Robert Reginald Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Knox (Née Grant), Daphne Vera Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Kerr, Robert (Bob) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Jones, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Irvine, Thomas Robert (Junior) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Hamblett, Arthur Co. Down 03/02/21
Fenwick , Joseph West (Joe) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Brown, Violet Rubenna Co. Down 03/02/21
Boomer, Ruby Albina Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Belshaw, John Matthew Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Parkhill (née Stewart), Martha (Mattie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Lynn, Cecil Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Mallett, Emily Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
Hutchman, Tom Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/02/21
McGrath, Mary E. Co. Tyrone 03/02/21
King, Teresa Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Greeves, Thomas Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Cormican , Patricia Anne (Pat) Co. Antrim 03/02/21
Agnew, Claire Co. Down 03/02/21
McKenna (née Murphy), Sue Co. Armagh 02/02/21
McGaughey, The Very Reverend, Dr David Joseph Co. Armagh 02/02/21
McAree, Sarah Mary Clara (Clare) Co. Armagh 02/02/21
Wylie, William Grant Co. Down 02/02/21
Scullion, Frank Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/02/21
Hewitt, Darryl Co. Armagh 02/02/21
Calvert, Vera Co. Armagh 02/02/21
McBride (née Quinn), Josephine Co. Tyrone 02/02/21
Doherty, Dylan Co. Tyrone 02/02/21
Drugan, Kevin Co. Fermanagh 02/02/21
McCallan, Peter Co. Tyrone 02/02/21
Kelly (née Fox), Sheena Co. Armagh 02/02/21
Knox (née Ogle), Esther Co. Down 02/02/21
McConnell, Ronnie Co. Armagh 02/02/21
Barr, Edith May Co. Down 02/02/21
Bruce, Alexander (Eric) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Gourley, Gladys Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Mullally, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/02/21
McAteer, (née Gollogly), Mary Concepta Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Conn, Andrew Noel James Co. Armagh 02/02/21
Creaney, Arthur Co. Armagh 02/02/21
Hilditch (née Teague) , Marian Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Magee, Linda Co. Down 02/02/21
Robinson (née Robinson), Marjorie Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Gorman, Joan Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Darragh, Fr Tony C.S.Sp. (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/02/21
Cunningham, Fr Tom C.S.Sp (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 02/02/21
Wilson (née Lee), Evelyn Gregg Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Stevenson, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Quinn , Mary Kane Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Moore, Joan Victoria Janie Co. Down 02/02/21
Montgomery, Fairena Co. Down 02/02/21
McKenzie , Elizabeth (Lizzie) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
McClenaghan, Freda Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Hamilton, Alfred (Alfie) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Earls, Mina Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Dillion , William Craig (Billy) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Dempsey, Maryann (May) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Browne, Samuel James Lawrence (Jim) Co. Down 02/02/21
Black, Mary Jane Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Orr, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Milligan (Née O'Neill) , Margaret (Rita) Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Devine, Kathleen Co. Tyrone 02/02/21
Tully, John Joseph Co. Down 02/02/21
Steven, Andrew Co. Down 02/02/21
McMahon, Michael Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Herdman, Hughie Co. Antrim 02/02/21
Cameron (née Kennedy) , Loretta Mary Co. Down 02/02/21
McElholm, Herbert (Herbie) Co. Tyrone 01/02/21
Connolly, Bridget Co. Antrim 01/02/21
McFarland (née Rodgers), Annie Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Graham (née McCagherty), Anne Co. Down 01/02/21
Jackson, Margaret Co. Down 01/02/21
KELLY (née Cowan), Ann (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 01/02/21
Watson, Gordon Co. Down 01/02/21
MILLAR (née Lewis) , Vera Co. AntrimCo. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
ALLEN (née Mills), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
DOHERTY (née Gallick), Margaret Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
McClelland, Christine Ann Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
FITZGERALD (née Donnelly), Eileen Co. Tyrone 01/02/21
McGillian, John Co. Tyrone 01/02/21
FINNERTY (née McPhillips), Pauline (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 01/02/21
Kerr, John Robert Co. Fermanagh 01/02/21
O'Neill, Patrick Pearse (Paddy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
Ciornei, Baby Michaela Elena Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Gallagher (née Mc Grory), Cora Co. Down 01/02/21
Forsythe, Joseph Francey Co. Antrim 01/02/21
O'Connor, Brendan Co. Antrim 01/02/21
McIvor (née Broom) , Margaret (Betty) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
McKeeman (nee Jamison) , Annie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
Fulton (née Marianna Maslaniec), Marie Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Kirk, William James (Will) Co. Down 01/02/21
Briggs, Norman Co. Armagh 01/02/21
O'Shea (née Hughes), Sally Co. Down 01/02/21
Kernohan, George Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Kernohan, Robert Raymond Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Gaile, Meta Dee Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
Simpson, Philomena Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
Jennet, Hilary Co. Armagh 01/02/21
McDaid, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
Whiteside, Florence Co. Down 01/02/21
Nugent, Catherine Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Warrington, Valerie Co. Down 01/02/21
KENNY (née Bailey), Evelyn Victoria Co. Down 01/02/21
Armstrong, Mary Matilda Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Hamilton, Rachel Jane (Ray) Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Hawthorne, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Hutchinson, Margaret Rose Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Ternan, Brian Co. Fermanagh 01/02/21
Carson, Alan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/02/21
Wasson, James (Jim) Co. Down 01/02/21
ROGERS (née Carr) , Theresa Co. Down 01/02/21
PRESS (née Monaghan), Bernadette Co. Antrim 01/02/21
O'LOUGHLIN (née Loy), Marion Co. Down 01/02/21
Martin, William (Liam) Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Keating, Peter Co. Armagh 01/02/21
Geoghan, Eilish Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Jones, Francis (Frank) Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Matthews, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 01/02/21
Donaghy, Francis Michael Co. Antrim 01/02/21
McClave (née Murray), Mary Co. Fermanagh 01/02/21
McGuinness, Terence (Ted) Co. Fermanagh 01/02/21
Deegan, Sharon Co. Down 01/02/21
Kirkland, David Co. Armagh 01/02/21
McKeown, Maureen Co. Armagh 01/02/21
Burns (née Lutton), Edna Co. Down 01/02/21
Cumiskey (née Hearty), Mary Co. Armagh 01/02/21
McConville, Frank Co. Armagh 01/02/21
McCabrey, Dr. Ivan Co. Down 01/02/21
Frazer, Susan Co. Armagh 01/02/21
Hutton, David Co. Armagh 31/01/21
DOHERTY (née O'Neill), Anita Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Robinson, Sharon Co. Armagh 31/01/21
McGinley, Matthew Desmond (Dessie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Young, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Tyrone 31/01/21
O'Kane, Patrick Co. Tyrone 31/01/21
Montgomery, Sean Co. Fermanagh 31/01/21
McGuigan (née Doherty), Rosaleen Co. Tyrone 31/01/21
Morris, Jay Co. Tyrone 31/01/21
Silcock, James Co. Armagh 31/01/21
Hamill, Liam Co. Antrim 31/01/21
Quinn, Robert Nelson Co. Down 31/01/21
O'Kane, James (Jim) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Erwin, Mary Matilda (Hilda) Co. Antrim 31/01/21
Kelly (née McKay), Eileen Co. Down 31/01/21
YOUNG (née Magill), Eileen Co. Down 31/01/21
Carson, Margaret Co. Armagh 31/01/21
Fitzpatrick, Michael Co. Down 31/01/21
Bradley, Marie Co. Armagh 31/01/21
O’Loughlin, (nee Loy), Marion Co. Down 31/01/21
WILLIAMSON (née Cleland), Iris Co. Antrim 31/01/21
Tully (née Murphy), Kathleen Co. Down 31/01/21
Chambers, Cecil Co. Down 31/01/21
Carragher (née Connell), Linda Co. Down 31/01/21
SCOTT (nee Hall), Iris Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
McALLISTER (née Murdoch), Paula Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Logan, Rebecca (Phyllis) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Butler, Stephen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Page, Seamus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Yarr, Jane Anna Winifred (Winnie) Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 31/01/21
Tohill, Freddie Joe Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
McKenna, Paul (Putty) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
Gillan (née Matthews), Violet Co. Antrim 31/01/21
McKenna, Neil J. Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/21
McIlwaine, Alan Cecil Co. Armagh 31/01/21
Cullen, Malachy Co. Armagh 31/01/21
Aiken, Robert James (Bertie) Co. Armagh 30/01/21
Prunty, Joe Pat Co. Fermanagh 30/01/21
Collins (née Rice), Annie Co. Fermanagh 30/01/21
Sloan, Hugh Co. Tyrone 30/01/21
Donaghy (née Rushe), Mary Co. Tyrone 30/01/21
Heaney, James Co. Armagh 30/01/21
Pauline, O'Brien Co. Armagh 30/01/21
Kerr, Michael Co. Tyrone 30/01/21
McGibbon, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Armagh 30/01/21
O'Hanlon (née Mulligan), Angela Co. Down 30/01/21
Ward, Michael Co. Armagh 30/01/21
Vaughan, Andrew Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Kearney, Francie Co. Down 30/01/21
Bullick, Barbara Co. Armagh 30/01/21
Dinsmore, John Co. Down 30/01/21
Rowney (née Martin), Kathleen Co. Antrim 30/01/21
McCrory, Joyce Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Leebody, John Hutton (Snr) Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Doble, Alun William Co. Down 30/01/21
Clements (née Finlay), Elizabeth Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Bryan, Rhoda Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Bristow, Colin George Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Shields, Jennifer Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Sloan, Samuel James Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Tomb, Donald Guthrie Co. Antrim 30/01/21
O'Hare, Chris Co. Down 30/01/21
O'Dornan (née Gordon), Eileen Teresa Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Mulvenna, Anthony Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Cassidy, Patrick Co. Antrim 30/01/21
Fox, Packie Co. DownCo. Fermanagh 29/01/21
Steenson, William Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Prentice, Eleanor Elizabeth (Nell) Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Kilpatrick, Maurice Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Hampton, James Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Hammond, Annie Mary (May) Co. Down 29/01/21
Ostridge, Patricia (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/01/21
Linton, Thomas John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/01/21
Smyth, Anna Rebecca Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/01/21
Warren, Mary Agnes Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Baxendale, Joan Co. Antrim 29/01/21
McCann (née McEnoy), Isobel (Isa) Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Doherty, Thomas Joseph Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/01/21
Mooney (nee White), Kathleen Co. Down 29/01/21
Parker, Samuel Gordon Co. Antrim 29/01/21
McGinley, Dr Tom Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/01/21
Ross, Frank Co. Down 29/01/21
Robinson, Alexander Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Jamieson, Derek Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Bennett (née Biggerstaff), Lesley Beatrice Co. Down 29/01/21
McKeown, Robert Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Gillis, Billy Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Glasgow, Ruth Margaret Elaine Co. Armagh 29/01/21
McShane, Arthur Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Taggart, William (Bill) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
O'Kane, Brigid Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/01/21
YOUNG (née Clarke) , Sarah Jane (Jean) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Cully (née Murtagh), Marie Co. Down 29/01/21
Burns (nee Maguire) , Anne Co. Down 29/01/21
Frizzell, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Hawthorne, Susan (Suzie) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Carroll, William Coburn (Billy) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Hunter, Irene Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Kime, Peter (Pete) Co. Down 29/01/21
McDonough, John Gordon Lindsay Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Buchanan, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Mowat, Catherine Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Murray, Alexander Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Wright (née Glover), Margaret Co. Down 29/01/21
Bell , William George (Geordie) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Thornton, Eugene Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Thompson, William (Billy) Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Rice, Jim Co. Down 29/01/21
McNamee (née Martin), Julia Co. Armagh 29/01/21
Kelly, Catherine (Cathy) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Davis, Colm O.B.E. Co. Antrim 29/01/21
Auld (née Curran), Christine (Chris) Co. Antrim 29/01/21
McKeown, Donald Co. Tyrone 28/01/21
Brennan, Edwin Currie Co. Tyrone 28/01/21
Foster, Robert William (Willie) Co. Tyrone 28/01/21
Hamill, John Co. Antrim 28/01/21
McNeill, Owen Kevin Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Darragh C.S.Sp, Fr Anthony (Tony) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 28/01/21
McAteer, John Co. Down 28/01/21
Sinton, Robert Francis Speers (Bob) Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Ewart, Reginald Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Harris, Hamilton Adams (Addy) Co. Down 28/01/21
Phillips (née O'Hara), Elizabeth Co. Down 28/01/21
McLaughlin, Martin (Marty) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/01/21
Graham, Michael Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Henderson (née Coyle), Clare Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/01/21
Cosgrove, Uel Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Bennett, (née Donnelly), Rosemary (Mary) Co. Tyrone 28/01/21
Clayton, Ronnie Co. AntrimCo. Down 28/01/21
Morrow, Derrick Co. FermanaghCo. Tyrone 28/01/21
Brown, Albert Irwin Co. AntrimCo. Fermanagh 28/01/21
Thompson, Robert (Bob) Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Elliot, Sydney Stevenson Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Plowman, Norman Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/01/21
Turley, Gerard Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Doherty, Kevin Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Lonergan, Raymond Aidan Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Shannon, Patrick Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Bateson, Una Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Fegan, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Down 28/01/21
Moore, Robert Daniel Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Wright (née Kearney), Catherine (Kash) Co. Down 28/01/21
Crilly, Peter Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Doran, Daniel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/01/21
Jardine, John Eric Co. Down 28/01/21
Hughes, Charlie Co. Armagh 28/01/21
Sargaison (Née Gamble), Joan (Née Gamble) (Died outside NI)Co. Down 28/01/21
Pye, Anna Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Patterson, Cecil John Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Murdock , James (Jimmy) M.B.E. Co. Down 28/01/21
McQuillan, Una Co. Down 28/01/21
McAuley, Edward (Ted) Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Hanna , Partick (Pat) Co. Down 28/01/21
Donnan, Mildred Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Davidson, Samuel (Died outside NI)Co. Down 28/01/21
Braniff, Arthur Co. Antrim 28/01/21
McKenna, Malachy Co. Tyrone 28/01/21
Hanna (née Waller), Patricia Co. Antrim 28/01/21
Cairns (née Burns), Nuala Co. Down 28/01/21
Gray, Margaret Henrietta (Etta) Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Quinn , Gerry Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Brady, Vivian ‘John’ Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Magowan (née McKinney) M.B.E, Margaretta (Rita) Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Murnaghan, James Co. Down 27/01/21
McCaffery, Gerard Co. Armagh 27/01/21
McGuckin, Robert Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Ramsey (née Armstrong), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Tosh, Victor John Alan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Sweeney, John Patrick (Paddy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Hawkins, George Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Douglas, Samuel James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
McCrory (née Fulton), Mary Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
Glass, Percy Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
McLaughlin, William (Willie) Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
Boyd, Wilson James Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
Little, Malachy Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
Cheevers, Billy Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
Mathers, Margo Alexandra (Sandra) Co. Down 27/01/21
Bell (née Kane), June Elizabeth Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Delacour, Joyce Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Lyttle, Jean Co. Down 27/01/21
Kelly, Colleen Co. Armagh 27/01/21
McConaghy, William George Co. Antrim 27/01/21
McCaw, Karen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Vaughan, Aidan Co. Down 27/01/21
Murray, Adelaide Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Tester, Reg Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Higgins, John Co. Down 27/01/21
SMYTH (née Crozier) , Margaret Co. Down 27/01/21
Stinson, Ronnie Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Vaughan (née Hoynes), Joan Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
McAllister, Victoria Co. Down 27/01/21
Hughes (née McGarrity) , Maureen Co. Fermanagh 27/01/21
McGurk (née McGinnis), Monica Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Gilfillan (née Etherington), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Robinson, Eileen Rebecca Charlotte (Starrett) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Doherty, Eddie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Wilson, John Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Snodden , Georgena (Teenie) Co. Down 27/01/21
Rainey, Audrey Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Polden, Thomas (English) Co. Antrim 27/01/21
McGrath , Samuel Kenneth (Kenny) Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Hutchinson, Thomas Paul Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Gregg, Julie Amanda Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Graham , Robert Edwin (Robin) Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Gilmour, Norman Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Gaw, Brian Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Flanagan , Bryan Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Cleary , Seamus Declan Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Christie, Margaret Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Brown, Albert Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Boyd, Robert Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Bailie, Jennifer Lowry Co. Down 27/01/21
Atwell (Née Waller), Jean Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Abbs, Francis (Frankie) Co. Antrim 27/01/21
O'Hare, John Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Naughton, Patrick Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Morris, Briege Co. Antrim 27/01/21
McMullan, Molly Co. Antrim 27/01/21
McGrath (née McGlade), Maire Co. Antrim 27/01/21
McAleer (née Grimes), Lily Co. Tyrone 27/01/21
Gribbin, Harry (Henry James) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/01/21
Gollogly, Cormac Francis Co. Armagh 27/01/21
Corbett, Joseph Co. Down 27/01/21
Campbell, Elizabeth Bernadette (Lily) Co. Antrim 27/01/21
Browne, Kevin Co. Antrim 27/01/21
McSorley , Francis Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/01/21
Rutherford-Jones, Cynthia Co. Down 26/01/21
Truesdale, Wesley Co. Down 26/01/21
Hanna, Patrick Co. Armagh 26/01/21
Neely, Norman John Co. Tyrone 26/01/21
Richmond, David Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Downey, Kieran Co. Down 26/01/21
Houston, Aubrey Co. Down 26/01/21
Travers, Peter Co. Down 26/01/21
Wright, Evan Co. Armagh 26/01/21
WHITE, (née Russell), Marjorie Co. Armagh 26/01/21
Keown, Edward Thomas (Ned) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Herron (nee McCavery), Elizabeth (Ann) Co. Down 26/01/21
Gribben, Harry (Henry James) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/01/21
Murphy, John Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Kennon, Fiona Co. Armagh 26/01/21
McGeough, Fr Tommy (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 26/01/21
Dowey, Agnes Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Harper (nee Simpson) , Mary Elizabeth Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Hamill, Rev David Alexander Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Wilson, Sandra (Hannie) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
McManus, Stephen Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Blair, Samuel J (Sam) Co. Armagh 26/01/21
Moorhead, Sarah Elizabeth (Elsie) Co. Down 26/01/21
Smyth, Elizabeth Ann Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Walton, Geraldine Co. Down 26/01/21
King, Alphonsus Co. Down 26/01/21
Gallagher (née Larkin), Rose Co. Down 26/01/21
Jackson, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Holmes, Samuel Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Price, Trevor Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Turner, William James (Jim) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Torrans, Agnes Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Reaney, Natasha Jean Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Nevin, , David Hugh (Davy) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
McKnight, Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Liggett, Patricia (Pat) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Hill , Hugh Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Hall (Née Hope) , Kathleen (Kay) White Co. Down 26/01/21
Donald , Sarah (Sadie) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Donaghy, Elizabeth (Lilian) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Clifford, Margaret Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Browne, Margaret Florence Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Boucher, Arthur J.K. Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Whyte (née O'Reilly), Margaret (Gretta) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Troope, George Co. Down 26/01/21
O'Neill (née Robinson) , Mary Co. Antrim 26/01/21
O'Brien, Vincent Dominic Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Mullan, Mary Bridget Co. Down 26/01/21
Mulgrew, Anne (Annie) Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Hughes, Colin Co. Tyrone 26/01/21
Ferris, Charles Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Donnelly, John Joseph Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/01/21
Campbell, Teresa Co. Antrim 26/01/21
Magowan, William Thomas Co. Down 25/01/21
Steele, Jean Elizabeth Co. Down 25/01/21
McLaughlin, John (Jack) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Kane, Seamus Co. Armagh 25/01/21
McEntee, Catherine Co. Armagh 25/01/21
McConvey, Gerard (Gerry) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
GRAHAM (nee Moffett), Barbara Dorothy Elizabeth Co. Down 25/01/21
Johnston, William Co. Down 25/01/21
McCann, Ross Co. Down 25/01/21
Gregg, John Joseph Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Caldwell, Henry (Harry) Co. Down 25/01/21
Robinson, Margaret Ellen Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Wilson (nee Gibson), Sarah (Sadie) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
MULLAN (née McDaid), Cecilia Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
O'Neill, Mac Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Woods, Anthony Co. Down 25/01/21
Armstrong, Thomas Desmond (Dessie) Co. FermanaghCo. Tyrone 25/01/21
Kennedy (nee Hall), Sharon Elizabeth Co. Down 25/01/21
McDowell, David Paul Co. Antrim 25/01/21
McKEE (née Scott) , Isabella (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 25/01/21
Browne (née Hughes), Laura (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 25/01/21
Talbot, William Robert Co. Fermanagh 25/01/21
Murphy (née Mc Nulty), Mary Co. Tyrone 25/01/21
Boyle, Patrick J Co. Armagh 25/01/21
McAlinden, Margaret Joe Co. Armagh 25/01/21
McCabe, Annie Co. Fermanagh 25/01/21
Corkin, Joseph Co. Armagh 25/01/21
Reilly (nee McGaw), Patsy Co. Armagh 25/01/21
Rodgers (nee Walker) , Dorothy Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Beers, Mabel Co. Down 25/01/21
Ritchie, Samuel Co. Down 25/01/21
HANNA (nee Madden), Pamela Jacqueline (Pamy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Torrens, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Nicholl, William John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Millar, Rachel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Smith (nee Doherty), Elizabeth Ann (Lily) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Shiels, Matthew John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Carey, George John Co. Down 25/01/21
Gribben, John Co. Antrim 25/01/21
McCully, William Raymond Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
McCalister (née Humphreys), Hazel Margaret Co. Down 25/01/21
McAuley, Doris Co. Antrim 25/01/21
McAdam, Mary Jane Withers Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Grieves, Joyce (Joy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
Braniff, Jacqueline (Jacqui) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Bradley (née Robertson), Renée Graham (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Boreland, James Rodgers (Roy) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
Ramsey, Thomas Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
McVeigh, Willie Co. Down 25/01/21
McCOY (nee Orr), Bernadette Co. Antrim 25/01/21
McCotter, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 25/01/21
CARVILL (nee Fearon), Bronagh Co. Down 25/01/21
Campbell, Theresa Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
McCrossan (nee McDonald) , Rose Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/01/21
McDowell (née Gorman), Philomena Co. Armagh 25/01/21
DOLAN (née Gorrell), Patricia (Pat) Co. Fermanagh 25/01/21
McCormick, Donagh Co. Tyrone 25/01/21
Fahy, Carmel Co. Fermanagh 25/01/21
SPENCE, Thomas (Noel) Co. Tyrone 25/01/21
McCourt, Eamon Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/01/21
McKinley, Rosaleen Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Hamilton, Martin Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Orr (née Kelly) , Susan (Anna) Co. Antrim 24/01/21
McAllister, Margaret Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Laverty, Robert (Granda Bob) SNR Co. Antrim 24/01/21
McGlone (née Nolan), Margaret (Greta) Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Greer, Frances Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Dunseath, Brandon Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/01/21
Kearns, Phonsie Co. Antrim 24/01/21
McGeown, William John Co. Armagh 24/01/21
Burns (née McMullan), Ann Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 24/01/21
HIGGINSON (née McKelvey), Rubina (Ruby) Co. Armagh 24/01/21
Tipping, Lynn Co. Down 24/01/21
Loughlin, Clifford Co. Tyrone 24/01/21
Rankin, Ethel Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Surgenor, Robert (Bertie) Co. Antrim 24/01/21
Hamilton, Ian Co. Down 24/01/21
Hanratty, Michael Co. Armagh 23/01/21
Prunty, Elaine Co. Armagh 23/01/21
Logan, Patricia (Pat) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Canning, William Anthony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Hunt, Evelyn Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Hamilton, Joseph Alexander (Alex) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Brown, Kevin (Fredo) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Sharpe , Ellen Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Houston (née Holden), Eileen Elizabeth Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Shields, Rose Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Connor, Nora Patricia (Patsy) Co. Antrim 23/01/21
BOWMAN (née Sturgeon), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Doherty, Neil Co. Tyrone 23/01/21
Conway (née O'Brien), Rose Co. Tyrone 23/01/21
Kelly, John Co. Tyrone 23/01/21
McCartney, Samuel (Sam) Co. Tyrone 23/01/21
Arnold, Sean Co. Tyrone 23/01/21
Kelso (née Spallen), Helen Elizabeth (Elsie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
Woodside, Paul Co. Down 23/01/21
McKimm (née Bamber), Martha Co. Antrim 23/01/21
McKeever, Fr Joe P.E Co. Armagh 23/01/21
McGeeney, Catriona McGeeney Co. Armagh 23/01/21
Fitzpatrick, Seamus Co. Down 23/01/21
Simpson, Joyce Co. Tyrone 23/01/21
Connolly (née Burns), Rita Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Caldwell, Helen Co. Down 23/01/21
Hamilton, Joseph (Joe) Co. Armagh 23/01/21
Aldworth, Desmond (Des) Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Boy, Doreen Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Caves, Ronald Edward (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Cinnamond Q.c, Anthony Moore Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Hiles, George Co. Down 23/01/21
Hill, Clarence William (Bill) Co. Antrim 23/01/21
James (née McCullough), Lavinia Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Livingstone, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 23/01/21
McDowell, Moreen Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Posnett, Marguerite (Eta) Co. Antrim 23/01/21
John, Rafferty Co. Armagh 23/01/21
McKerr, Michael Co. Antrim 23/01/21
McAlary, Philip (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/21
CUNNINGHAM (née Sloan), Gemma Co. Antrim 23/01/21
Cranney, Peter Co. Down 23/01/21
FULTON (née Brown),  Betty (Susan Elizabeth) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/21
Donaldson, Robert Wilfred Co. Fermanagh 22/01/21
King, Freddie Co. Armagh 22/01/21
Wilkinson, Dr. David Ian (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
McWhirter MBE, Joseph Henry (Harry) Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
Quinn, Paddy Joe Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
Keenan, Paddy Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
Armstrong , Elizabeth Frances Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
Martin, John James (Jack) Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Thompson, Alan Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
McMullan (née McGoldrick), Jane Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/21
Martin, Robin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/21
Woolley, Brian Co. Down 22/01/21
Shannon, James (Gregg) Co. Down 22/01/21
Loughrey,  Christopher (Christy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/21
Moynihan (née McLaughlin), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/21
McCurdy, Kathleen Co. Antrim 22/01/21
McMahon (née Brown), Josephine Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
McMullan, Hugh JJ Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Murray, Cathal Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
McMENAMIN (née Howells), Vera Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/21
Pentland, Charles (Rodney) Co. Armagh 22/01/21
Fleck, Marjorie Rose Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Allen (née McCaughey), Vera Co. Down 22/01/21
McCURDY (née Dickson), Ann Dowling Co. Down 22/01/21
Brownlie, George Duncan Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Boyd, Jeannie Mitchell Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Boyd, Mollie Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Branagh, John Huthison Co. Antrim 22/01/21
McCormick, William (Billy) Co. Down 22/01/21
Proudfoot, Lindsay John (Died outside NI)Co. Down 22/01/21
Thompson, Elizabeth Caroline Co. Down 22/01/21
Savage, Sr Rosemary Co. Down 22/01/21
Rhodes, Albert Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Quinn, Francis (Chubby) Co. Tyrone 22/01/21
O'Neill, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 22/01/21
McLaughlin, Patrick Joseph (Patsy) Co. Antrim 22/01/21
McCREESH (née Sammon),  Maureen Co. Armagh 22/01/21
Dornan, George Leonard (Leo) Co. Down 22/01/21
Close, James Co. Antrim 22/01/21
Hawthorne (née Douglas), Jill Co. Down 22/01/21
O'Rourke (née Casey), Ann Co. Armagh 22/01/21
Moore, Raymond Co. Down 22/01/21
McQuitty, Brian Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 22/01/21
Lynch, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Semple, Joseph Dunlop (Don) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
McLaughlin (nee Hanna), Margaret Elizabeth Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Houston, Noreen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Brewster LLB, David Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Houston, Rosemary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
McGlinchey, Bernard (Barney) & Sarah (Blossom) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Thompson, Jim Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Hinds, Brendan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
McGinnis, Crawford Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
TAYLOR (née McConnellogue), Paula Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Jackson, Raymond Edward (Ray) Co. Down 21/01/21
Smyth, Eileen Co. Down 21/01/21
Davies, Joseph Terence (Terry) Co. Armagh 21/01/21
Rafferty, Kevin Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
McElvogue, Bernard Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
CAHOON (née Warwick) , Margaret Emily (Pearl) Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
McKeever, Barry Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
BEST (née Creighton), Winifred (Winnie) Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
Bradley, (née Davis) , Ellen (Helen) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Fegan, Felix Co. Down 21/01/21
McCormick, William (Willie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
McQuillan, Susan Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 21/01/21
DICKINSON (née McGowan), Sandra Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
MAGUINNESS (née McMahon), Deirdre Co. Down 21/01/21
McAteer, Mary Sheila Co. Down 21/01/21
Davey, Rhoda Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Hunter, Eric Co. Down 21/01/21
Feeney (née Cregan), Sylvia Co. Down 21/01/21
King, Norah Co. Antrim 21/01/21
McChesney (Née Wilson), Maggie (Margaret, Meg) Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Black, (Née Gates), Edith Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Moore, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Morrow, May (Mary) Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Corkhill, Albert Edward Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Neill (née Wilson), Elizabeth Anne Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Hughes  (née Quinn), Nellie Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
Kennedy, Thomas Joseph Co. Tyrone 21/01/21
Leonard, John Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Anderson (née Devenney), Terry (Thérèse) Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Magee, Rita Co. Antrim 21/01/21
Murnin, Brendan Co. Down 21/01/21
Greer, David Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/01/21
Smith, Margaret Elizabeth (Rita) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Brown, Joan Lamont Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Ginn, Ruth Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Goldstraw, George Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Boyles, Agnes (Aggie) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
McGouran, George Co. Down 20/01/21
Sloan, Gail Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Currie (Nee Cox), Mary (Mollie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/01/21
Scappaticci, Umberto  Co. Down 20/01/21
McConville (née Callan), Mary Rose Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Golicki, Steven Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Murphy (née Fox), Maura Co. Armagh 20/01/21
O’Rourke (née Casey), Ann Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Byrne (née McGill), Kathleen Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Burke (née Keegan), Patricia Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Pattison, Dessie Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
Mallon, Laureen Co. Armagh 20/01/21
McKEOWN (née Gardiner), Adeline Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Scullion, John (Sean) Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Galbraith, Rosaleen (Rosie) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Ruddell, Thomas Nelson Co. Antrim 20/01/21
SHAW (née Milligan), Anna Margaret (Myrtle) Co. Down 20/01/21
Francis, Jean Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Bell (nee Donaghy), Ellen (Eileen) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
McDowell (nee McNinch), Anna May  Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Cairns, William (Willis) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Mayne, Betty Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
McCrory, Rosella Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
Orr, Edward F.W Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
McArdle (nee Boyle), Ellen Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Gormley, Michael (Mick) (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 20/01/21
Rolston, Peter Co. Fermanagh 20/01/21
McPartland, John Co. Fermanagh 20/01/21
McGowan, Charlie Co. Fermanagh 20/01/21
WALSH (nee Mallon), Margaret Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
GLOVER (née Blaney), Elizabeth (Elish) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Kealey, Michael (Mickey) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/01/21
Weldon, Brian Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Stewart, Barbara Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Shaw, Linda Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Richardson (née Parke) , Kathleen Elizabeth (Died outside NI) 20/01/21
Reid, Geraldine Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Moore , Margaret Hillis Co. Antrim 20/01/21
McKee , Agnes Dalzell Co. Antrim 20/01/21
McKechnie (née Varr), Ethel Co. Down 20/01/21
McCarron , Laurence (Larry) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Lusty , Margaret Megaw (Peggy) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Johnston, William John (Billy) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Gillespie, Muriel Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Gamble (née Cuthbert), Margaret Jane (Reta) Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
Cunningham , Jean Co. Down 20/01/21
Burns (née Martin), Elizabeth (Lila) Co. Down 20/01/21
Agnew , Samuel (Samson) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Sutton, Valerie Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Stockman (née Page) , Florence Foster Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Shanks, Thomas Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Ross, Irene Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Phillips , William John (Billy) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Pentland , Joan Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Nabi, John Co. Down 20/01/21
Moore , Charlotte Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Moody, Norman E. Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Megarry , James (Jim) Co. Down 20/01/21
McMichael, Roger Co. Down 20/01/21
McDowell, Elizabeth Gertrude (Betty) Co. Down 20/01/21
McClurg, Kathleen Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 20/01/21
Lockhart , Michele Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Kenny, Samuel (Sam) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Goldthorpe , Ellen Joyce Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Fryer , May Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Dickson, William Henry (Billy) Co. Down 20/01/21
Coulter , Hugh Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Brown, William John (Davy) Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Warden (née Jamieson), Eileen Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Armstrong, Edith Margaret Co. Down 20/01/21
Fox, Gertie (Gertrude) Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
Meehan, Billy (William Matthew) Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
Brookes, Helen Co. Down 20/01/21
Rice , Michael Co. Down 20/01/21
Quinn , Patrick (Jimmy) Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
O'Hare , John Co. Down 20/01/21
O'Callaghan, Patrick (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 20/01/21
McGeary, Brendan Joseph Co. Tyrone 20/01/21
McEvoy , James Co. Antrim 20/01/21
McCann (née McWilliams), Colette Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Largey, Joan Co. Armagh 20/01/21
Gartland , Sean Co. Down 20/01/21
Clarke , Declan Co. Down 20/01/21
Carson , Hugh Thomas Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Little, Violet Lousia Co. Fermanagh 20/01/21
Rainey, Seamus Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Brennan, Jack Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Doherty (née Davey), Jean Co. Antrim 20/01/21
Peoples, Joseph Co. Antrim 19/01/21
McMullan, Eugene Co. Antrim 19/01/21
Stockman, Dillon Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
Quinn (née McCreanor), Carmel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
JOHNSTON (née McChrystal), Bernie (Mary Bernadette) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
Kinsella, Rose Co. Armagh 19/01/21
FULTON (née Hudson) , Doreen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
Angela , RYAN (née Carlin) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
Duffy, John (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
WHITE (née O'Doherty), Louise Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/21
Martin, Florence Co. Armagh 19/01/21
Croft, Sarah Adamson (Sadie) Co. Armagh 19/01/21
McCabe, Frances Co. Armagh 19/01/21
LINNANE (née Goligy), Katherine (Kath) (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
GRIFFIN (née Campbell), Jessie Alma Jean Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
Donnelly, Ted Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
Patterson, Derek Co. Antrim 19/01/21
Green, Seamus Co. Armagh 19/01/21
McConville, Damien Co. Armagh 19/01/21
Kane, Anna Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
Young (née Allen), Eileen Co. Antrim 19/01/21
Quinn, Michael (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
McElhill, Patrick Joseph Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
McAleer (née O'Brien), Ellen (Nell) Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
Hendron, Sr. Kathleen Co. Armagh 19/01/21
Bastys, Audrius Co. Down 19/01/21
O'Callaghan, Patrick (Pat) Co. Armagh 19/01/21
Stewart, Alan Herbert Co. Down 19/01/21
Corbett, Robert Co. Down 19/01/21
Skelton, Patricia Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 19/01/21
Gray (née Moffat), Joyce Co. Down 19/01/21
Banerjee, Dr Subir Kumar Co. Down 19/01/21
Bowen , Ivy Co. Antrim 19/01/21
McEvoy, Marie Co. Down 19/01/21
McEvoy, Leo Co. Armagh 19/01/21
McCartan, Robert (Bertie) Co. Antrim 19/01/21
McCann, Tom Co. Down 19/01/21
Mayne, William James (Jim) Co. Antrim 19/01/21
Hunter, Philomena Co. Antrim 19/01/21
Hamill, Vera Co. Tyrone 19/01/21
Eastwood , Brian (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 19/01/21
Boyle, Kathleen Co. Armagh 19/01/21
Kayes, John Co. Antrim 18/01/21
O'Rawe, Oliver Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Guiney , Michael Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Reid, Colin Co. Antrim 18/01/21
McGilligan, Tommy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Daly, Patrick Pearse Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
McGOWAN (née McCauley), Siobhan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Donnelly, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
YOUNG (née Stewart), Harriet Emily Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Bradley, Eddie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Norwood, William John (Ian) Co. Down 18/01/21
Skelton, Patrick Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 18/01/21
DOHERTY (née Carbery), Hilary Co. Armagh 18/01/21
McCANN (née Creaney), Anne Gertrude Co. Armagh 18/01/21
Logue, Mary Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
McVey, Francis Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
McAdoo, Ella Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
Newell, Michael Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
Acton (née Taylor), Sheila Co. Armagh 18/01/21
Rice, Vincent (Vincey) Co. Down 18/01/21
Stubbington, Raymond Co. Down 18/01/21
Phillips, Robert Gerald Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Vance, Christopher (Chris) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Quinn , Dorothy Co. Antrim 18/01/21
McGurk, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Walsh, Marty Co. Down 18/01/21
McDermott (née Doherty), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Millar, William Charles (Charlie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Catterson (née Brennan), Kay Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
Croskery, James Co. Down 18/01/21
Grimley, Francie Co. Armagh 18/01/21
Conway , Jim Co. Fermanagh 18/01/21
Wilson, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Down 18/01/21
Mullan, Brian Co. Antrim 18/01/21
I'Anson (née Thompson), Margaret (Peggy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Durr, Rita Co. Down 18/01/21
Grimley (née Dougan), Rita Co. Armagh 18/01/21
McCullough , James Co. Down 18/01/21
Crowe, Terry Co. Down 18/01/21
Morrow, Barbara Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Dunlop, Charlotte Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Reid, John (Johnny) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Wylie (née Morrow) , Isabel Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Mawhinney, Rev T V (Tom) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
SMYTH (née McLaughlin), Mary (Mamie) Sophia Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Page, Eileen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
McEleavy, Lynda Victoria Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Kerr, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Kells, Frances Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Hampton, David Co. Down 18/01/21
Diver, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Clegg, Maureen Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Cairns, Hugh Co. Antrim 18/01/21
McNamara, Jean Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Simpson, Rachel Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Thompson, Dr Peter Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
O'Hare (née O'Reilly) , Anne Co. Armagh 18/01/21
McGurk, Brendan Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
MacKenna, Brian Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Hazzard, Hugh Co. Down 18/01/21
Fee, John Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
Downey, Frances Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Crothers, Professor Derrick Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Patterson , Muriel Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Stitt, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Taylor, Alexandra Greer (Sandra) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Carson, Florence Jean (Jeany) Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Butler, Seamus Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Butler-Leonard, Catherine (Kathleen) Co. Tyrone 18/01/21
Boomer , Michael (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 18/01/21
Reilly (née McClenaghan), Bridget (Bridie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/01/21
Tindall, Colin Edward Co. Down 17/01/21
MILLS (née Steele) , June Charlotte Edna Co. Down 17/01/21
Singh Nagra, Tara Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Davies PE, Right Reverend Dean Anthony (Tony) Co. Down 17/01/21
Burns, Billy Co. Down 17/01/21
Scott, Mary Kathleen Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Barr, David William Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Foster, James Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Lemon, Samuel Joseph (Sam) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
McCLURE (née Perry), Jemima (Mina) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
O'Reilly, Willie (Winkle) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Hill, Joseph Co. Tyrone 17/01/21
Colton, Jimmy Co. Tyrone 17/01/21
Kempster (née McDowell) , Myrtle Co. Tyrone 17/01/21
Tierney (née Kelly), Christina Co. Tyrone 17/01/21
Cassidy, Paul Co. Fermanagh 17/01/21
McLaughlin (née Rafferty), Catherine (Kathleen) Co. Tyrone 17/01/21
McElhone (née McErlean), Ann Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Boyles, Thomas Hamilton (Tom) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Doherty, Seamus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Boyd, Patricia Ann (Pat) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Kelly, Michael Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Smith (née Dolan), Bernie (Bernadette) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Adair (nee McConway), Marie Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Nolan (née Copeland), Marilyn Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Sergeant (née Crudden), Mary Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Carson, Raymond V. Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Buckley, Peter Charles Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
McCluskey (née Mallon), Maryanna Co. Armagh 17/01/21
McLoughlin, Cyril Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Bell (née Morwood), Margaret Co. Down 17/01/21
Carmichael, Douglas Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Hawthorne (née Graham), Irene Co. Down 17/01/21
Niblock (nèe McCullough), Evelyn Co. Down 17/01/21
Ryan, Desmond Co. Down 17/01/21
Kerr, William & Winifred (Freda) Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Moan, Frank Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Taylor, Victor Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Sheppard (née Matthews), Teresa Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Hynds, Violet Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Hughes, Peter Co. Armagh 17/01/21
Love, Gerard Co. Down 17/01/21
Byrne (nee McNulty), Joan Co. Down 17/01/21
Wilson, Dorothy Co. Down 17/01/21
Bradley, Pat Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Cahoon, Robert John (Bertie) Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 17/01/21
LOVE (née Kearney), Anne Elizabeth Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
McCormick, Annie Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
HICKEY (née Bradley), Matilda (Tillie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Sharkey, Rosemary (Rosalyn) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Twaddle, Matilda (Tilly) Co. Antrim 17/01/21
Wilson, Harriett Evelyn Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/21
Callaghan, Jim Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Aitken, Virginia Rose (Ginny) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
Blee, Tom Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
O'Neill, Frank Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
AIKEN, William James (Willie) Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
McNamee, Brian Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
King, Ernie Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
McHugh (née McSorley) , Minnie Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
Hughes , Gerard (Gerry) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
McAllister, Caroline Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
Stirling, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
McLaughlin, Eugene (Slim) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
McIntyre, Charlie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
Ayliffe (née Campbell), Henrietta Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Elliott, Ivan John Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Magee (née McCready), Muriel Anne Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Scullion, Peter Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
Laird, John Co. Down 16/01/21
Taggart, Hugh Co. Down 16/01/21
Hamilton, Irene Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 16/01/21
McDonnell (née Barnacle), Mary Co. Armagh 16/01/21
Keenan (née Stanley), Eva Co. Down 16/01/21
McAlees MN, Francis (Frank) Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Joan Elizabeth (née Woods), Lynch Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/01/21
Kinkade, Gary Park Co. Antrim 16/01/21
John (Jack), Kane Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Harper, David George (Davy) Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Johnston, Hazel Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Fee, Belle Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Callaghan, Owen James Co. Down 16/01/21
Blair, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Bennett (née Faloon), Patricia (Pat) Co. Antrim 16/01/21
Moller M.A.B.D, The Very Reverend George Brian Co. Down 16/01/21