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Name Location Date added
Trainor, Geraldine Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Toolan, Doreen Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Toner, Stacey Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Rodgers, Mary Co. Down 27/11/20
REYNOLDS (née Prunty), Jean Co. Armagh 27/11/20
Reavey, Daniel Co. Down 27/11/20
McGovern (née Rooney), Pattie Co. Down 27/11/20
McAlister, Jim Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Kinsella, Jim Co. Armagh 27/11/20
Brennan, James Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Hennessy, John Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Bradley, Laurence Co. Derry/Londonderry 27/11/20
Baylis, Anthony Declan (A.D.) Co. Armagh 27/11/20
HEWITT (née Ellis), Phyllis Josephine Co. Down 27/11/20
McCartney, James Miller Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Nelson, Jade Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Nimmons, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Haines, Norman Co. Down 27/11/20
GOODMAN (née Sayers), Martha Robina (Beenie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 27/11/20
Fulton, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Dougal, James Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Creith, Rosemary Co. Down 27/11/20
Orr, Samuel (Louis) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
POLLIN (née Milliken) , Agnes (Nancy) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
ROBINSON (née McClintock), Christine Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Sharpe, Winifred (Wynne) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Thompson, Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
ROBISON (née Trainor), Ann Denise Co. Derry/Londonderry 27/11/20
Wells, Ada (Vin) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Brown, Alexander (Alex) Co. Antrim 27/11/20
Carragher, Hughie Co. Armagh 26/11/20
O'Connor (née Breslin), Annie Co. Tyrone 26/11/20
CROSSAN (née Catterson), Margaret (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 26/11/20
Devlin, Patrick Co. Tyrone 26/11/20
McCORMICK (née Sage), Eileen Co. Down 26/11/20
McCorkindale, William (Bill) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Hughes, Eamon Co. Down 26/11/20
Donaghy (née Campbell), Kathleen Co. Down 26/11/20
Clarke, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
McCUSKER (née Mulligan), Margaret Mary (Peg) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
McLAUGHLIN (nee McVeigh) , Josephine (Josie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/11/20
McLoughlin, Brendan Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Quinn, Terry Co. Down 26/11/20
Woods, Francis (Francie) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Campbell, Brendan Co. Armagh 26/11/20
Burns, Sarah (Sally) Co. Down 26/11/20
Riddle, Andrew Co. Antrim 26/11/20
McCloy, Mary (Myrtle) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Ryan, William Coulter (Billy) 26/11/20
STANFIELD (née Wilson), Sally Co. Down 26/11/20
Kennedy, Thomasina Jean Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Gillespie, Noel Maxwell Co. Down 26/11/20
Hunter, Tom Co. Armagh 26/11/20
Gibson, Samuel (Sammy) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Boyd, David (Boydie) Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Carmichael, Walter Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Black, James Campbell Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/11/20
Vance, Rachel McConkey Co. Antrim 26/11/20
Atcheson, George Co. Tyrone 25/11/20
McLaughlin, Edward Co. Tyrone 25/11/20
Whitehouse, Bernadette Co. Tyrone 25/11/20
Glasgow, David Co. Tyrone 25/11/20
Devlin, Barry Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/11/20
BITTLES (née Todd), Sarah (Sally) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
CRAIG (nee Powell) , Margaret Co. Antrim 25/11/20
1 Kavanagh, Paul Co. AntrimCo. Down 25/11/20
McGettigan, John Co. Antrim 25/11/20
McNally, Breandán Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/11/20
O'Hagan, Pat Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/11/20
SMART (nee Mathews), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
TEGGART (née Sullivan) , Patricia Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Bothwell, Alexander McFarlane (Alex) (Dootsie) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Bennett, Joan Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Baird, Betty Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Braniff, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Carson (née Doyle), Eleanor Barbara Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Allen, Sarah Grace (Sharon) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Fitzsimmons, Marion (Mary) Co. Down 25/11/20
Coe, Mary Louisa Elizabeth (Lou) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Dixon, Teddy Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Gallagher, Martin Anthony Co. Down 25/11/20
Gunn, John Nelson (Jackie) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Hamilton, Wesley Co. Down 25/11/20
McDonald, Robert Henry (The Bull) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Murdock (née Sims), Victoria Anne Co. Down 25/11/20
McKitterick, Ronald (Ronnie) Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Savage, Mary Co. Down 25/11/20
Taylor , Barbara Co. Antrim 25/11/20
Bond, Geraldine Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/11/20
McBRIDE (née Devenney), Joanne Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
McIlroy, Jim Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
Stewart, Georgina May Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
WILLIAMSON (née Blackwood), Doris Izeta Co. Down 24/11/20
BUNKHAM (née Rocks), Angela Co. Armagh 24/11/20
McGUIGAN (née Duffy), Kathleen Co. Armagh 24/11/20
Linden, Robert William Co. Down 24/11/20
Hamilton, Samuel (Sam) Co. Armagh 24/11/20
CASSIDY (née Menary), Rose (Rosie) Co. Armagh 24/11/20
MORAN (née Lavery), Nuala Co. Armagh 24/11/20
Englishby, Anne Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
Mayes, Rev Canon John Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
McElhatton, Fr. Francis Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
Phillips, Margaret Sarah (Rita) Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
MADDEN (née Donaghy), Mary Jane Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
Corrigan (née Molloy), Margaret Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
O'HARA (née McCarron), Sarah (Sadie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
O'Neill, Conor Co. Antrim 24/11/20
O'Neill, Adrian Co. Armagh 24/11/20
1 Nelson, John Co. Antrim 24/11/20
McVeigh, Desmond Co. Down 24/11/20
McPhillips, Michael Co. Fermanagh 24/11/20
1 McCLENAGHAN (née McLaverty) , Margaret Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Kavanagh, Margaret (Madge) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
GALLAGHER (née O’Neill), Eleanor Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
FLEMING (nee McLeish), Rita Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Fegan, Geraldine Co. Down 24/11/20
DICKSON (née Breslin), Nora Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Conway, Charles (Charlie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
Connolly, Patrick Joseph (Pat) Co. Tyrone 24/11/20
Connor, Reginald (Reggie) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 24/11/20
1 Crothers, Jim Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Campbell, Henrietta (Hetty) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Cummings, Sharon Elizabeth Co. Antrim 24/11/20
DUNCAN (née McKee), Gladys Co. Down 24/11/20
CURRY (née Hopkins), Violet Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/11/20
Forsythe, Margaret Elizabeth Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Brandon, Anna Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Harbinson, Leslie William (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Harkness, Matilda Charlotte (Tilly) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Fulton, Martha (Meta) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Beggs, Elizabeth “Elsie” Co. Down 24/11/20
Hopkins Revd. Canon, Hugh Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Horner, Jean Co. Down 24/11/20
KENNEDY (née Singleton), Mary Co. Antrim 24/11/20
HAGAN (née McAnally), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Millar, William (Bill) James Co. Antrim 24/11/20
McIntyre, Robert John (Bob) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Minford, Jean Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Malone BSc MRCVS, Gerald Samuel Robert (Gerry) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Lockhart, Albert Co. Antrim 24/11/20
MORRISON (née Duckett), Ellen Mann Hewitt Co. Down 24/11/20
Pratt, Edgar = Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Reid, David Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Watton, Francis Hugh (Frank) 24/11/20
Smyth, William Henry Rodgers (Bill) Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Thompson, William John Co. Down 24/11/20
Wigston, John Co. Down 24/11/20
Shaw, Sharon Co. Antrim 24/11/20
Simpson, Mary Co. Armagh 24/11/20
McClay, Lesley (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 23/11/20
FERRAN (nee Brown), Betty Co. Antrim 23/11/20
McIlhatton (née Kirkpatrick), Lottie Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Nixon (née Bell), Phoebe Isabella Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Stewart (née McReynolds), Ivy Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
Belshaw (née Booth), Edna Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
McCarter (née Nimmons) , Adrianne Sara Patterson Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
Carr, Paul Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
TOAL (née Hughes), Bridie Co. Armagh 23/11/20
McAteer, Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 23/11/20
Smedley, Patricia (Patsy) Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Papenfus, Sebi Jane Co. Down 23/11/20
O'Kane, Francis Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
Moore, Kathleen Anne Co. Antrim 23/11/20
McKENNA (née Kelly), Sheila Co. Tyrone 23/11/20
KENNEDY (nee McCurdy), Nan Co. AntrimCo. Down 23/11/20
Kelly, John Joseph (Brendan) Co. Armagh 23/11/20
KEENAN (née O'Hare), Margaret Co. Down 23/11/20
Hancock, Bridie Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Hamilton, George Co. Antrim 23/11/20
DUFFY (née Brydon), Dorothy (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 23/11/20
DONNELLY (née Freel), Lydia Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Hughes (Nee O’Connor) , Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Murray (née McQuillan) , Eileen Co. Antrim 23/11/20
BYRNE (nee Young), Kathleen Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Buckle, Harry (Jr) Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Brady, Francis Co. Armagh 23/11/20
Earl, Noeleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
Mitchell, Robert Lynn Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Cameron, Ray Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Moore, Brian Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
Moore, Margaret Co. Down 23/11/20
Patterson, Joan Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Megarry, Samuel George (Sam) Co. Antrim 23/11/20
McKeown, Robert John (Bobby) Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Jenkins, David Mills Co. Antrim 23/11/20
McCann, Maureen Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Gray, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 23/11/20
Anderson, George Co. Down 23/11/20
Preece, Ernest Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/11/20
Withington, Dennis Co. Antrim 23/11/20
McKay, George Vincent Co. Antrim 22/11/20
Roche, Annie Co. Antrim 22/11/20
McLernon, Daniel Co. Antrim 22/11/20
Allison, Paul Gerald Co. Down 22/11/20
STEPHENSON (née Flynn), Hannah Robinson Co. Down 22/11/20
Heron, Willie Co. Tyrone 22/11/20
HICKINSON (née Watson), Margaret Co. Antrim 22/11/20
CHRISTIE (nee Givens), Mary Ellen Co. Antrim 22/11/20
Barr, Doreen Co. Antrim 22/11/20
Wilson, George Scott Orr Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Stanford (née Boyd), Martha Noelle Iris Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Lennox, David Wesley Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Maconaghie, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Begley, William (Willie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
EVANS (née Hamilton), Tillie Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Cassidy, Denis (Ding) Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
McDAID (née Dillon), Mary Clare Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Sweeney, Patrick Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/11/20
Boardman, Alwyn Alexander Co. Tyrone 22/11/20
Donnelly, Peter Co. Tyrone 22/11/20
McHugh, Harry Co. Tyrone 21/11/20
Egan , Felim (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 21/11/20
Mulgrew, Michael Co. Tyrone 21/11/20
Kirkland, Noel William George Co. ArmaghCo. Tyrone 21/11/20
Corrigan, Kathleen Co. Tyrone 21/11/20
McGowan, George Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/11/20
Dyer, William (Billy) Co. Down 21/11/20
Tierney, Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/11/20
Reid, Charles Co. Antrim 21/11/20
O'NEILL (née Fitzpatrick), Rose Co. Down 21/11/20
McGivern, Gabriel Co. Armagh 21/11/20
McCrudden, John Joseph Co. Antrim 21/11/20
McAleese, Michael Co. Antrim 21/11/20
MAGEE (née Breen), Teresa Co. Down 21/11/20
LEONARD (née Murphy), Rose (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 21/11/20
Kennedy, William John Co. Antrim 21/11/20
GIBSON (née Gargan), Margaret (Madge) Co. Antrim 21/11/20
Boyle, Jim Co. Armagh 21/11/20
SIMPSON (née Gilmore), Helen Co. Antrim 21/11/20
Noblett, Harold Richard (Harry) Co. Antrim 21/11/20
Murphy, Francis Iris Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/11/20
Stinson, Margaret Holland Co. Down 21/11/20
HICKINSON (née Watson), Margaret 21/11/20
Hall, Sandra Emily Co. Down 21/11/20
Ferris, Letta Co. Antrim 21/11/20
Greer, William (Will) Co. Down 21/11/20
Caldecourt, David Neville Co. Antrim 21/11/20
HARPUR (née Breen), Dorothy Ann Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
McAvinue, John Tom Co. Fermanagh 20/11/20
Stewart, William Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
Sally, Martin Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
Moore, Robert Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
McCANNY (née Meehan), Mary Co. Derry/LondonderryCo. Tyrone 20/11/20
Marshall (née Martin), Kathleen (Dot) Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
King, William Alexander Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
Spence, Philip Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
McCULLAGH (MYLES) (née McDermott), Susanna Co. Tyrone 20/11/20
SAVAGE (nee McFall) , Mary Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Toner, John Joseph (John Joe) Co. Down 20/11/20
Quinn, Fred Co. Antrim 20/11/20
O'NEILL (nee McCarthy) , Teresa Co. Antrim 20/11/20
O'NEILL (née Bartley), Mary Co. Down 20/11/20
O'Callaghan, Michael Joseph (Mick) Co. Antrim 20/11/20
NEILL (née Foley), Valerie (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 20/11/20
McBRIDE (nee Cochrane), Carmel Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Lavery, John Co. Armagh 20/11/20
KEEGAN (nee Shevlin), Mary Elizabeth Co. Armagh 20/11/20
GUINEY (nee Lavery), Anne Co. Antrim 20/11/20
McAULEY (née McCord), Helen Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Hillen , Margaret Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Killops, Evelyn (Eva) Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Gooding, David Stanley Mulhern Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Gould, John Patrick Co. Down 20/11/20
Davidson, Audrey Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Harris, Eileen Co. Antrim 20/11/20
BOYD (née Freeman), Ella Co. Down 20/11/20
Neill, Thomas Steven Co. Armagh 20/11/20
McQuade, John David Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Taylor, Roseann (Rose) Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Sewell, Mary (Rita) Co. Antrim 20/11/20
NEWELL (née McDowell), Florrie Co. Down 20/11/20
Wallace M.B.E, John Craig Co. Down 20/11/20
Tynan (née Kieran), Margaret (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 20/11/20
Keenan, Daniel (Dan) Co. Fermanagh 20/11/20
Quinn (née McArdle), Rita (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 20/11/20
Hunt, Mary Helana Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Brown, Jason Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Heaslip, Thomas Beattie Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
LEONARD (née Breen), Annie Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
McClure, Joyce Jane Elizabeth (Joy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
McBain, Carla (Clare) Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
McConville, Maeve Co. Armagh 19/11/20
Weir, James Norman Co. Tyrone 19/11/20
King, Brian Co. Tyrone 19/11/20
Martin, William James (Jim) Co. Tyrone 19/11/20
Paine (née Brown), Etta Co. Tyrone 19/11/20
Wilson (née Scott), Georgina Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Jordan, John Co. Tyrone 19/11/20
Foy (née Mulholland), Patricia Co. Armagh 19/11/20
GIBSON (nee McAree), Maureen Co. Antrim 19/11/20
1 Hamill, John Pat (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 19/11/20
Higgins, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Logue, Jim Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Maguire, Una Co. Antrim 19/11/20
McFaul, Patrick (Colm) Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Mulgrew, Eileen Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Duffy, Thomas Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Byrne, Pascal Co. Down 19/11/20
Hammond, William Robert (Bob) Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Duff, Rachel Martin (Robinson) Co. Down 19/11/20
Connolly, Georgina (Georgie) Co. Down 19/11/20
DALTON (née Wilson), Mary Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Bell, Isobel Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Barlow, Jacqueline Elizabeth (Jackie) Co. Down 19/11/20
Allen, Rhoda Co. Down 19/11/20
Houston, Ruth Co. Down 19/11/20
Jamison, James Oliver Co. Down 19/11/20
Robinson (née Gibson), Salome Rosalind (Lomie) Co. Down 19/11/20
Richardson, Robert Kenneth Co. Down 19/11/20
Salters, John Moore (Jack) Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Pollock, William (Billy) Francis Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Norris, Gordon Calvin Co. Down 19/11/20
McCormick, James Wilson (Jim) Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Jenkins, Samuel Noel Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/11/20
Steele, Yvonne Co. Antrim 19/11/20
Woods, James (Jim) Co. Down 19/11/20
O’Neill, Seamus Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/11/20
Glasgow, Albert Henry Co. Tyrone 18/11/20
CURRIE (née Ferguson), Margaret (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 18/11/20
Johnston, William James Co. Tyrone 18/11/20
Davis (née Tighe) , Ethna Ann Co. Tyrone 18/11/20
Morgan, Gus Co. Tyrone 18/11/20
CUNNINGHAM (née Millar), Imelda Co. Down 18/11/20
Cush, Tony Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Dorris, Kevin Co. Antrim 18/11/20
GILMORE (née Denvir), Maureen Co. Down 18/11/20
Lowery, Michael (Mickey) Co. Down 18/11/20
MALLON (née McCrory), Elizabeth Co. Armagh 18/11/20
McAteer (née McGrath), Mary Patricia Co. Down 18/11/20
McTeague, Imelda Co. Antrim 18/11/20
MURPHY (née McCartan), Claire Co. Down 18/11/20
Scott (née Carey), Linda Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Sloan, Margaret Mary Bernadette Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Traynor, Paul Co. Down 18/11/20
Wright, James (Jamesy) Co. Antrim 18/11/20
CHRISTIE (née Taggart), Christina Co. Antrim 18/11/20
BOYD (née Connolly), Mary Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Hayes, Phoebe Co. Antrim 18/11/20
HILL (née Crothers), Susan Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Houston, Anna Eileen Co. Down 18/11/20
Keating, Linsey Co. Down 18/11/20
Johnston, William John Ross (Jack) Co. Down 18/11/20
Lamb, Thelma Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Herron, James Victor (Jim) Co. Down 18/11/20
Gordon, James Co. Down 18/11/20
Pattison, James Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Wallace, David Bruce Co. Down 18/11/20
Parsons, John Geoffrey (Geoff) Co. Antrim 18/11/20
White, Irene Co. Down 18/11/20
McSpadden, George Dermot Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Ogle, Edith Co. Down 18/11/20
McClune, Joan (Sham) Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Long, Arthur Co. Down 18/11/20
Coombs, John Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Edwards, John Sinclair Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Donaldson, Margaret Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Eames, William Joseph (Bill) BEM (Raf) Co. AntrimCo. Fermanagh 18/11/20
Cree, Samuel (Sam) Co. Antrim 18/11/20
Black, Sarah Elizabeth (Liz) Co. Down 18/11/20
Murphy, Peter (Pete) Co. Armagh 17/11/20
Patterson, Cecil Stanley Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
SCOTT (née McKnight), Dorothy (Dot) Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Ballantine, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Crowe, Ann Catherine Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Mulligan, Tom Co. Fermanagh 17/11/20
McDaid (née Flood), Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/11/20
Molyneux (née Orchard), Ann Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Phillips, Tony Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Condren, Noel Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/11/20
Spence, Tommy Co. Antrim 17/11/20
McHale, Eamonn Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Dillon, Edward (Eddie) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 17/11/20
Timoney, Michael Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/11/20
TIMMONS (nee Donaghy), Trudy Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Robinson, Siobain Co. Down 17/11/20
O'HARE (née Mills), June Co. Antrim 17/11/20
GUNNING (née McKeefry), Mary Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/11/20
Ginley, George Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Gillan (née McAlister), Bernie Co. Antrim 17/11/20
GALLAGHER (née Donaghy), Ellen Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/11/20
Coyle, George (Died outside NI)Co. AntrimCo. Derry/Londonderry 17/11/20
Heaney, William Edward Munro (Died outside NI)Co. DownCo. Tyrone 17/11/20
Howard, Peter John Co. Armagh 17/11/20
JACKSON (née Cobain), Annie Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Marshall, William Co. Down 17/11/20
Fisher, Eleanor (Ellie) Co. Down 17/11/20
Gibson, John Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Hall, James Cathcart (Jim) Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Freeman, Janet (Jean) Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Gray, Winnie Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Hastings, Alexander Peden Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Crooks, Brian Seaton Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Deery, Francis Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Campbell, Ronald Samuel (Ronnie) Co. Armagh 17/11/20
Arnold, Norman James Co. Antrim 17/11/20
Hall, George Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Molloy, Sean Co. Tyrone 17/11/20
Ward, Owen Co. Tyrone 16/11/20
Ward (née White), Bredge Co. Tyrone 16/11/20
Ervine (née Canavan), Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 16/11/20
Kirkland, Norman Co. Tyrone 16/11/20
Taylor, Reginald (Bob) Co. Down 16/11/20
Smalls, Bernadette (Bernie) Co. Armagh 16/11/20
O'Neill, Kevin Co. Armagh 16/11/20
O'CONNOR (née Gillen), Marie Co. Antrim 16/11/20
1 McKee, Paddy (Padraig) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 16/11/20
McKEOWN (née Devine), Eileen Co. Antrim 16/11/20
McInteggart, Michael Co. Armagh 16/11/20
McConville (née Casey), Anne Co. Armagh 16/11/20
McCormick, Joseph Co. Antrim 16/11/20
1 McCartan, Dermot Gerard Co. Antrim 16/11/20
McAuley, Alice Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Lyness, Elizabeth Anne Co. Antrim 16/11/20
KNOCKER (née Dickson), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Groves, Danny Co. Antrim 16/11/20
FLANAGAN (nee McBride), Bernadette (Bernie) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Toner, John Co. Armagh 16/11/20
Farrell, Kevin Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Donnelly, Peter Co. Armagh 16/11/20
Campbell, Hugh John (Jackie) Co. Down 16/11/20
Brooks (née Barber), Ann Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Doherty, Conchúr Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/11/20
Wade, Maureen Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/11/20
Bankhead, Sam Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/11/20
Bateson, Charles John (Charlie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/11/20
GOUK (née McWilliam), Mary Elizabeth Co. Down 16/11/20
England, Rebecca (Annie) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Burns, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Annan, William Charles (Charlie) Co. Down 16/11/20
BRADLEY (née McMorris), Muriel Iris Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/11/20
Allen, Jacqueline Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Irvine, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Herron, Robert (Robin) Co. Down 16/11/20
HILL (née Kelso), Mary Blackwood June Co. Antrim 16/11/20
McIlroy , Moira Co. Down 16/11/20
Sherr (Formerly Lyttle) (Née Long), Frances Co. Down 16/11/20
Patterson (née King), Dorothy Co. Antrim 16/11/20
SMITH (LAC R.A.F. W.W.II Veteran), Alexander Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Stewart, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Taylor, Iris Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Verner, Lilian Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Wilkinson, Martha Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 16/11/20
Glover, Mervyn Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/11/20
Lennox, Fred Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/11/20
Bullimore, Brian Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
Blackburn, Kenneth (Kenny) Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
Quinn (née Bradley), Margaret Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
Tener, Cecil David Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
McMenamy (née Rea), Yvonne Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
Henry, James Fleetwood (Jim) Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
McGarvey, Neil Co. Tyrone 15/11/20
Smyth, Paul (Smick) Co. Antrim 14/11/20
SHERRY (née McCann), Edna Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Nelson, Mary Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/11/20
Mulholland, Vincent Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Mulholland, Seamus Co. Antrim 14/11/20
McCARTAN (née O'Sullivan), Mary Co. Down 14/11/20
Loughran, Seamie Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Keenan, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Grattan, Christopher Co. Down 14/11/20
Flood, Brian Joseph Co. Antrim 14/11/20
DOYLE (née Russell), Mary Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Blaney, Letitia (Tess) Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Fenning (née Roberts), Dolores Co. ArmaghCo. Tyrone 14/11/20
Glover, Mervyn Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/11/20
Kennedy, James Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Kelly, Henry Harper (Harry) Co. Antrim 14/11/20
1 Johnston, Thomas George (Tommy) Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Graham, Elizabeth (Lila) Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Morrison (née Smyth), Beryl Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Sims, James (Jim) Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/11/20
Coulter, Edith Jacqueline Co. Down 14/11/20
Clarke, Violet Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Christie (née Johnston), Christine Co. Down 14/11/20
Boston, Malcolm Wyley (Died outside NI)Co. Down 14/11/20
Campbell, David Samuel Co. Antrim 14/11/20
Bailie, Rev David Glover Co. Down 14/11/20
McGarrigle, Anthony Co. Fermanagh 13/11/20
Bennett, Fr Terence Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
Stewart, Mary Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
Wauchob, Margaret Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
Darragh, Joyce Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
Lewis, John Orr Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
Casey (née Christy), Marie Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
Malecki, Zbigniew Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
McGann, Ann Co. Antrim 13/11/20
McFARLANE (née McKeown), Patricia Co. Tyrone 13/11/20
McAreavey, Patrick (Noel) Co. Armagh 13/11/20
Mallon, Terry Co. Down 13/11/20
LAGAN (nee McCleave), Mary Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Grant (née Maginn), Bridie Co. Down 13/11/20
Gibson , Samuel Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Doherty, Anthony (Tony) Co. Down 13/11/20
Cormican, Hugh Phelim Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Conway, Laurence (Larry) Co. Armagh 13/11/20
Boyle, Gerald Co. Armagh 13/11/20
FORTE (née Totten), Margaret Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Honneyman, David Co. Armagh 13/11/20
Hutchinson, Robert (Ronnie) Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Maxwell (née Maxwell), Dorothy Co. Antrim 13/11/20
McKenna, William John Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Millar, Christine (Tina) Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Millar, George Andrew Co. Armagh 13/11/20
Patterson, John Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Shane, David Hood Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Smith, Mary Jane Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Duncan, Betty Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Cunningham , Mary Alice Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Sinclair, Sarah Elizabeth (May) Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Vance, Arthur Victor Co. Antrim 13/11/20
Hagan, Evangeline (Eva) Co. Tyrone 12/11/20
1 Kearney, Fr Stephen Co. Tyrone 12/11/20
Toal, Francis (Frank) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
POWER (née Donnelly), Veronica Patricia Co. Antrim 12/11/20
McKERNAN (née Boden), Barbara Co. Antrim 12/11/20
MAWHINNEY (née Laverty), Elizabeth Rose (Liz) Co. Down 12/11/20
Magennis,  George (Geordie) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
KAVANAGH (née Boyle), Elizabeth (Beth) Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/11/20
Gribben, Edward (Teddy) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
GORMAN (née McParland), Elizabeth (Liz) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Coulter, William (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Clendenning, Malachy Co. Down 12/11/20
Clarke, Brendan Co. Down 12/11/20
ARTHURS (née Buechler), Eleonore Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Nixon, Jim Co. Down 12/11/20
McNeill (née Hanna) , Margaret (Agnes) Co. AntrimCo. Down 12/11/20
Winters, Ernest (Ernie) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Wylie (née Kelly), Roisin Co. Down 12/11/20
Lyle, Robert Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
McCullough, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Hill, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Edgar CBE, Francis Albert (Frank) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Ferris, Brian Steven Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Conville, Timothy James (Tim) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Campbell, Annie Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Butcher, Arthur Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Allen, Patsy Co. Antrim 12/11/20
Mulligan, Vincent Co. Armagh 12/11/20
Parkinson, George Henry Co. Fermanagh 11/11/20
Dunnion, Brendan (Brandy) Co. Tyrone 11/11/20
McKeown, Geraldine (Gella) (née Culhane) Co. Tyrone 11/11/20
McCanny, Dan Co. Tyrone 11/11/20
Conway, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Tyrone 11/11/20
Johnston, Joe Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Garland (née McElhatton), Maria Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Duffy, Mary Co. Armagh 11/11/20
DOWNEY (née Davidson), Eleanor Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Donnelly, Henry Co. Armagh 11/11/20
McAlister, Jim Co. Antrim 11/11/20
McIlwaine, Tom Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Rooney, Mary Co. Antrim 11/11/20
WILSON (nee Lynch), Marie Elaine Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Carlile, Melanie (Mel) Co. Down 11/11/20
Cooke, Michael Richard Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Campbell (née Hamilton), Lady Moyra Kathleen Co. Antrim 11/11/20
Nelson, Dermott Co. Tyrone 10/11/20
Patton, William John Co. Tyrone 10/11/20
Hegarty , Patsy Co. Tyrone 10/11/20
Murphy Q.B.E, Peter (Pete) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 10/11/20
Walmsley, William (Billy) (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 10/11/20
Stewart, Lawrence Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Robb OBE FRCN, Mary Kathleen Co. Down 10/11/20
Perry, Joseph Howard (Joe) Co. Down 10/11/20
McMillan, Hazel Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Lynas, James Irwin (Jim) Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Doyle, Edward Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Bittles, Johanna (Joanne) Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Monaghan, James (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 10/11/20
O'NEILL (née Walsh), Roseann (Rosie) Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Smyth, Bridget (Bridie) Co. Antrim 10/11/20
McNamee, James Co. Down 10/11/20
McDOWELL (née McNeill), Anne Co. Down 10/11/20
Goodman, John Patrick Co. Down 10/11/20
FERGUSON (née Rowlands), Ann Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Fegan, Rev Fr James (Died outside NI)Co. Down 10/11/20
Devlin, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Tyrone 10/11/20
Cameron, Mary (Marie) Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Andrews (née McIntyre), Mary Co. Antrim 10/11/20
Lewis (née Ryan), Monica Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Armstrong, Susan Co. Tyrone 09/11/20
Toner, Peter Co. Tyrone 09/11/20
Folliard, Ezekiel (Ike) Co. Tyrone 09/11/20
Carlisle, Deborah Co. Antrim 09/11/20
NESS (née Gormley), Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 09/11/20
Briggs, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Farmer, Norma Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Gibson, David Samuel Andrew Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Beattie, Aaron John Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Camlin, Demi Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 09/11/20
Allen, Norah Craig Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Andrews, Violet Elizabeth Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Steele, William Francis (Frankie) Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Jones, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Down 09/11/20
CURRAN (née Whoriskey), Mary (May) Co. Derry/Londonderry 09/11/20
Thompson, Annie (Una) Co. Armagh 09/11/20
Dickson, Gerald Co. Antrim 09/11/20
O'Neill, Yvonne Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Cooper (née Fink), Dorothea Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 09/11/20
Plackitt, Alan Co. Down 09/11/20
BURKE (née DUFFY), Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 09/11/20
Hamilton, Roy Co. Down 09/11/20
Smith, William Clifford Co. Antrim 09/11/20
CAIRNS (née Gilliland), Margaret Co. Antrim 09/11/20
O'Neill 0.B.E., Patrick (Pat) Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Stitt, Maureen Co. Down 09/11/20
Doy, Bertha Matilda Co. Tyrone 09/11/20
Owens, Mary Co. Antrim 09/11/20
DICKSON (née Devine), Jean (Joan) Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Tracey (née Heaney), Margaret Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Fitzpatrick, Brian (Bernard) Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Corr (nee Burns), Maria Co. Antrim 09/11/20
Callaghan, Michael Luke Co. Antrim 09/11/20
McCarney, Tristan Co. Fermanagh 09/11/20
Cunningham, Seamus Co. Armagh 08/11/20
Faughey, Peter Co. Armagh 08/11/20
Gallagher, Felix (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 08/11/20
Simpson, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 08/11/20
GREEN (née Joyce), Dawn Co. Armagh 08/11/20
McQuillan, Thomas Co. Antrim 08/11/20
Beeks, Liam Co. Down 08/11/20
Thompson , David George Co. Down 08/11/20
HUGHES (née Hanratty), Frances Co. Armagh 08/11/20
Freeman, Leslie William Noel Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
O'Boyle, James Co. Antrim 08/11/20
Miniss, Adam Co. Down 08/11/20
Deehan, Desmond Joseph Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
Leathem, James Ivor (Jim) Co. Armagh 08/11/20
Green, Cecil Co. Antrim 08/11/20
Nixon, George Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
Mitchell (née McLaughlin ), Paula Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
McCullough, David Melville Co. Antrim 08/11/20
Grant, Hugh (Bertie) Co. Down 08/11/20
O'Connell (née McLaughlin), May Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
Rogers, Ernest (Ernie) Co. Antrim 08/11/20
Mount, Jeannie Co. Armagh 08/11/20
McElhinney, Paul (Scotch Paul) Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
Matthews (née Leonard), Clare Co. Down 08/11/20
Clarke, Michael Co. Down 08/11/20
Walsh, John Co. Antrim 08/11/20
1 Coll, Brian Co. Tyrone 08/11/20
LYNCH (née Mulligan), Emmie Co. Fermanagh 08/11/20
Heagney, Paul Martin Co. Tyrone 08/11/20
WILLIAMSON (née Spence), Isabel Doreen Co. Tyrone 08/11/20
Shiels, Desmond James (Dessie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
Bradley, Josephine Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
Smyth (née Simpson), Kathleen May Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
SLEVIN (née Kelly), Eleanora (Nelly) Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/11/20
McCauley, Michael (Mack) Co. Tyrone 08/11/20
McCarroll, Dermot (Dee) Co. Fermanagh 07/11/20
HUGHES (née Rafferty), Dympna Co. Down 07/11/20
Halliday, Elizabeth Jane Co. Down 07/11/20
CURRIE (née Baxter), Agnes Co. Antrim 07/11/20
McCANN (née McHugh), Maura Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Magee, Tommy Co. Antrim 07/11/20
KNOX (née Magowan), Eileen Co. Antrim 07/11/20
O'Hagan (née Barr), Marian Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
CROMIE (née Denney), Patricia Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Burns, Billy Co. Fermanagh 07/11/20
NEWELL (née Armour), Martina Co. Tyrone 07/11/20
Collington, Teresa Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Gilmore, Stephen Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Hemphill, Thomas Ronald Crockett (Ronnie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
Higgins, Isobel Co. Armagh 07/11/20
McAuley, Mary Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Campbell (née Bailey), Tanya Co. Armagh 07/11/20
Bell, John Lucas Martin Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Gardiner (née McCahon), Jeannie (Jean) Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
Dearden, Robin Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Watterson, Jean Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Duff, Kathleen Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Harvey, Leo Co. Armagh 07/11/20
McGrath (née McGreevy), Eilish Co. Down 07/11/20
McKeag, Irene Pearl Co. AntrimCo. ArmaghCo. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
CONN (née Hadden), Joanne Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
Patterson, Allen Co. Armagh 07/11/20
Scott, Alberta Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
Riley, Stella Margaret Elizabeth Co. Armagh 07/11/20
Rankin, Alan Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Irvine, Barbara Co. Armagh 07/11/20
Brownlee, Norman Co. Antrim 07/11/20
Graham, Eddie Co. Armagh 07/11/20
CHAMBERS (née Hawthorne), Maisie Co. Armagh 07/11/20
Guiney, Brian John Frederick Co. Down 07/11/20
Watson, David Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
Finnegan, Frank Co. Armagh 07/11/20
LAMBERTON (née O'Hagan), Joan Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
KELLY (née Box), Marie Louise (Mary-Lou) Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/11/20
Deery, Joe Co. Tyrone 07/11/20
Hawthorne, Thomas William Alexander (Tommy) Co. Fermanagh 07/11/20
Campbell, Helen Mae Co. Down 07/11/20
Watton, Robert Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Bell, James Allen (Jimmy) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McMullan, Janet Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Dobbin, John Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Barnes, Josephine (Vina) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
MONTGOMERY (née Sayers), Kathleen Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McDowell, Pam Co. Down 06/11/20
KELLY (née Steele), Anne Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
McCOURT (née Mooney), Susan Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Pitcaithley, Marie Kathleen (Rita) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Johnston, Patrick Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McCaughan, Eilís Co. Antrim 06/11/20
CATHCART (née Bryans), Shirley (Olive) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McCloskey, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
McDOWELL (née Bill), Margaret (Pearl) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
COYLE (née O’Neill), Maureen Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Scovell, Doris Alice Co. Down 06/11/20
Leckey, May Co. Down 06/11/20
1 Holmes, Mark Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Kelly, Robert Co. Down 06/11/20
Hogg, Edgar Alexander Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
DEVENNEY (née Woods), Sarah Jane (Sally) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Macauley (née Coffey), Sharon Co. Down 06/11/20
Hilman, Eric Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Kerr, Maurice Andrew Co. Down 06/11/20
McIntyre, Phyllis Co. Down 06/11/20
Holness, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
O'Driscoll, Colman Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
McKeever, Paul Co. Armagh 06/11/20
Anderson, Marion Eileen Co. Fermanagh 06/11/20
Martin, Christopher Co. Fermanagh 06/11/20
Owens (née Cunningham), Mary Ann Co. Tyrone 06/11/20
Glennon, David (Davy) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Bell, Margaret Emma Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Mallon, Patrick (Pat) Co. Tyrone 06/11/20
Leeson (née Burnett), Margaret Co. Down 06/11/20
Forbes, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McKee, Matthew (Matt) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Junk, Wiliam Leslie Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Anderson, Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McElhone, Dorothy Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Patterson, Rev Professor Joseph Robinson (Robin ) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Lewis, Thomas Joseph (Teddy) Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McMurray, Desmond Co. Down 06/11/20
Harbinson, Geoffrey Alexander Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Rutherford, Violet Isobel Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Burke, Gregory Co. Armagh 06/11/20
McKelvey, Sheila Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Sales, Stephen Co. Down 06/11/20
ELLIOTT (née Lennon), Maureen Co. Down 06/11/20
Lynch, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
SHIELDS (née SYKES), Margaret Isabella Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Dawson, Muriel Mae Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Westfield, Hugh Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Godfrey, Andrew Thomas Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McFadden, Graham Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Ellis, Gordon Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McHaffey, Jean Co. Antrim 06/11/20
McCaul, Michael (Mickey) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/11/20
Hamill, Sean Co. Armagh 06/11/20
McKinney, Maureen Co. Down 06/11/20
Orr, Annie Co. Antrim 06/11/20
O'Sullivan (née Mc Veigh), Mary Co. Down 06/11/20
Abernethy, David Co. Antrim 06/11/20
Kingston, Kenneth John Co. Fermanagh 06/11/20
PORTER (née Keenan), Mary Co. Antrim 05/11/20
McCABE (née McAleese), Mairead Co. Antrim 05/11/20
McGEOWN (née Coyle), Catherine Co. Antrim 05/11/20
McShane, Seamus Co. Antrim 05/11/20
Gallen, Martin Co. Tyrone 05/11/20
Morris, Kathleen Co. Fermanagh 05/11/20
1 Lafferty, Sonia Amanda Co. Fermanagh 05/11/20
Dooher, Charlie Co. Tyrone 05/11/20
Shiels, Raymond Co. Tyrone 05/11/20
McCormick, Darren Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/11/20
Nelson, Gary Co. Antrim 05/11/20
Lynas, Adam Raymond Co. Down 05/11/20
Blair, Audrey Co. Antrim 05/11/20
McLaughlin, Francis Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/11/20
MOORE (née Aiken), Eileen Isobel Co. Tyrone 05/11/20
McClean, Mary Susan Co. Tyrone 05/11/20
Conway, Thomas (Tom) Co. Tyrone 05/11/20
Hughes, John (Johnny) Co. Armagh 05/11/20
Whiteford, Gillian Co. Antrim 05/11/20
Kinney (née Mallon), Theresa Co. Armagh 05/11/20
Lyon, Gerard Anthony (Anton) Co. Down 05/11/20
Martin, James Co. Antrim 05/11/20
Allen, Ann Co. Antrim 05/11/20
McKittrick, John Co. Antrim 05/11/20
Halliday (née Cranston), Davina Co. Down 05/11/20
McNaney, Stephen Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/11/20
Erne, James (Jim) Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/11/20
Kerr (née Mahood), Jeanette Co. Antrim 05/11/20
O'Connor, Brige Co. Armagh 05/11/20
McDonnell, Sarah (Sally) Co. Antrim 05/11/20
Connolly, Tommy Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Hughes, Ita Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Vennard, William Cyril Co. Armagh 04/11/20
Reid, Mary Kate Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
Rankin, Robert James (Joe) Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
WOODS (née Bradshaw), Kathleen Mary Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Pearson, John McMaster Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Martin, Mona Co. Armagh 04/11/20
Devlin, Tommy Co. Armagh 04/11/20
McAllister, Suzanne Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
COYLE (née Longwill), Rose Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
McGovern, Charles Co. Down 04/11/20
Torrans, Dianne Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Morrow, May Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Malcomson, Victor Beatty Co. Armagh 04/11/20
McCoy (née Laverty), Charlotte Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
Brown, John Logan (Ian) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
KANE (née McDonnell), Geraldine Co. Antrim 04/11/20
MILLIGAN (née Workman), Elizabeth (Beth) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Catney, Brigid Co. Down 04/11/20
Goodchild, Richard John Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Dallas, Dermot Co. Antrim 04/11/20
O'KANE (née McGuinness), Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
TORLEY (née McMillan), Mary Co. Down 04/11/20
Kyle, David Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Neeson, Bernard Malachy Co. Tyrone 04/11/20
Hemphill, Robert Charles Co. Tyrone 04/11/20
Cunningham BEM, Elizabeth Maud Co. Fermanagh 04/11/20
McAleer, Michael Finbarr Co. Tyrone 04/11/20
Graham, Brian Co. Antrim 04/11/20
McCready, Clifford Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Williams, Katrina Elizabeth Alice Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Brolly, Gemma Co. ArmaghCo. Down 04/11/20
Cassidy, Kevin Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Brownlee, Nathaniel (Nat) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Cassidy (née Devine), Mary Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
Lockhart, Thomas Maurice Co. Antrim 04/11/20
CURRAN (née Henning), Elizabeth Knox (Betty) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
McCready, Ernest (Ernie) Co. Down 04/11/20
Inch, Kathleen (Eileen) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Sterrit, Elizabeth Margaret (Betty Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
KEAVENEY (née Dunn), Gillian Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
Fisher, Alexander (Alan) Co. Down 04/11/20
HUTCHINSON (née Vaughan), Rebecca Helen Co. Tyrone 04/11/20
McLean, Gordon Andrew Co. Down 04/11/20
McConville, Dr. Aaron Eamon Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 04/11/20
Donnelly, Cecilia Elizabeth Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Corr, Seamus Co. Fermanagh 04/11/20
Quinn, Mary Co. Tyrone 04/11/20
O'Dowd, Justin Co. Antrim 04/11/20
McQuillan, Joe Co. Antrim 04/11/20
McLaughlin, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
McKevitt, James Co. Down 04/11/20
Boyd, Albert Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Gibbons, Kevin Co. Armagh 04/11/20
Harrison (née Ferguson), Rosemary Agnes Co. Down 04/11/20
Gooding, Malcolm (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Murray, Deborah Co. Antrim 04/11/20
McKenna, Gerry (Gerald Martin) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Livingston, Thomas Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Holland, Catherine Margaret Agnes Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Sharwood, Charles William Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Faloon, Brian John Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Taylor, Christine (Chris) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Vayro, Peter Henry Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Walmsley, John (Jack) Co. Antrim 04/11/20
BARNES (née Lee), Caroline Muriel Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Cahoon (née Stinson), Violet Elizabeth Co. Antrim 04/11/20
Clarke, Patrick (Pat) Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
KEYS (née McCullough), Patricia (Pat) Co. Fermanagh 04/11/20
Wilson, Henry (Harry) Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/11/20
McCallion, David Co. Antrim 03/11/20
McDonald, Patricia Co. Armagh 03/11/20
Graham, Sir John M Co. Down 03/11/20
KILLEN (née Fitzpatrick), Kathleen (Vonnie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/11/20
Sheridan, Ida Ann Margaret Co. Fermanagh 03/11/20
MAGEE (née Griffin), Bridie Co. Armagh 03/11/20
Fisher, Tony Co. Down 03/11/20
DICKSON (née Parker), Sarah McClure (Sylvia) Co. Antrim 03/11/20
BOYD (née Kelly), Eileen Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Davis (Milliken), Roy Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Brittain (née Bailie), Anne Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/11/20
MURRAY (née Moore), Catherine Mary Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Whyte, George Co. Tyrone 03/11/20
Johnston, William James Co. Fermanagh 03/11/20
HUEY (née McFarland), Violet Co. Antrim 03/11/20
McVeigh (née Hamill), Dympna Co. Tyrone 03/11/20
McDermott, Peter Co. Tyrone 03/11/20
McKeever (née Morrow), Carmel Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Moore, Evelyn Co. Antrim 03/11/20
ORR (née Gilmore), Jeannie (Jean) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/11/20
Hagan, Maurice Co. Antrim 03/11/20
McKay, Francis (Frank) Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Wilson, Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 03/11/20
Devine, James (Jim) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/11/20
McGearty, Mary Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Deeds, Stephen Co. Antrim 03/11/20
McKay, Thomas Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Owens, Francie Co. Fermanagh 03/11/20
Ferguson, Florence Elizabeth Co. Antrim 03/11/20
McGrath (Kilrea), Charlie Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/11/20
Hughes, Dominic Co. Fermanagh 03/11/20
O'Hagan, Stephen Co. Antrim 03/11/20
1 McNally, Patrick Co. Antrim 03/11/20
McKEOWN (née Holmes), Patricia Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Collins, Danny Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Burke, Eileen Co. Down 03/11/20
Dean, John Co. Antrim 03/11/20
ADAMSON (née Hertrich), Rosel (Rosa) Co. Down 03/11/20
Pratt, Robert Ivan Co. Tyrone 03/11/20
O'Connor, John (Jackie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/11/20
Annett, Joseph (Bertie) Annett Co. Antrim 03/11/20
Mallon, Gerard Co. Tyrone 03/11/20
Moore, Rhoda Iris Co. Down 02/11/20
Connor, Margaret (Maggie) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Brown, Edwin Allan Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McIntyre, Isobel Sarah Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Kyle, Robert Alexander Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
McMurray, Mabel Winifred Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Neill, Enda Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Kerlin, Michael Joseph (Mickey) Co. Derry/LondonderryCo. Tyrone 02/11/20
MURRAY (née Kearns), Sheila Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Bradley, Ellen Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
Canham, Philomena (Catherine) Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
Burns, Robert McBroom (Mac) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McIlroy, Robert Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McCutcheon, Norman Co. Tyrone 02/11/20
GUNN (née Rogan), Frances Co. Fermanagh 02/11/20
McCutcheon, Lou-Cinda F. Co. Down 02/11/20
Burns, Francis (Francie) Co. Armagh 02/11/20
HOLMES (née Hunter), Ruby Catherine Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McAllister, Angela Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Rea, Karen Alexandra Co. Down 02/11/20
Kyle, Thomas George (Tommy) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Downey, John Thomas Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McKeever (née Gormley), Kate Co. AntrimCo. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
GRANT (née McIvor), Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
Hogg, John Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Zebedee, Harriett Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Armstrong, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Milligan, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Nesbitt, Richard (Dickie) William Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Thompson, Eileen Grace Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McWilliams, James (Jimbo) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Smyth, Michael Donnell Co. AntrimCo. Down 02/11/20
Kerr, William Robert (Bert) Co. Armagh 02/11/20
Quee, Brian Co. Down 02/11/20
CASKEY (née Heaveron), Eileen Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
Chambers, Kathleen (Kate) Stringer Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Acheson, Janet May Co. Antrim 02/11/20
MARTIN (née Graham), Jean Co. Antrim 02/11/20
CAMPBELL (née Kearney), Teresa Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Foulis, Irene Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Williams, Mary (May) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Connery, Elizabeth Eleanor (Lily) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McVicker, John Irwin Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McConnell, Margaret Co. Tyrone 02/11/20
THOMPSON M.B.E. (née Armstrong), Annie Elizabeth (Anne) Co. Down 02/11/20
Wallace, Henry Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Yeates, Cecil Co. Down 02/11/20
McIlwaine, William George (Billy) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Lyness, Berry Co. Down 02/11/20
Kelly, Vivienne (Viv) Co. Down 02/11/20
Logan, Anna Leathem Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Spence, David James (Jim) Co. Armagh 02/11/20
COOPER (née Topping), Isabella Jane Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Roney, Robert (Roy) Co. Armagh 02/11/20
Bentley, David William Frederick (Davy) Co. Armagh 02/11/20
Anderson, Boyce Co. Down 02/11/20
Anderson, Doreen Co. Down 02/11/20
BRADFORD (née Proctor), Gertrude Isabel Co. Down 02/11/20
Bell (née McNeill), Irene Co. Down 02/11/20
Brown, John Albert Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McGonigle, Cornelius (Corney) Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
Deehan, John (Jackie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
Gaston, William John (Jack) Co. Antrim 02/11/20
Jarvis, Romaine Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/11/20
O'Grady (née Goudy), Sandra Co. Antrim 02/11/20
McGuigan (née McKeown), Maria Co. Down 02/11/20
Gray, Beatrice Co. Antrim 02/11/20
THOMPSON (née Diamond), Kathleen Co. Antrim 02/11/20
1 Johnston, Eric Co. Armagh 02/11/20
McAuley, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
McKinley, Jim Co. Down 01/11/20
McCORRY (née Brazier), Vivienne Cecelia Co. Antrim 01/11/20
McKernan, Paddy Co. Antrim 01/11/20
MAIRS (née Montgomery), Agnes Doreen Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Broderick, John Patrick (Sean) Co. Down 01/11/20
Irons, Sydney (Syd) Co. AntrimCo. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
HANNA (née McGowan), Gretta Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Moran, Mary Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Lewis, Thomas James (Tom) Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Milford, Robert Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Graham , James Brown Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
COLES (née Clarke), Annie Thompson Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Monk, Kevin Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
Lee, Alice Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Salters, Matthew Co. Antrim 01/11/20
EDWARDS (née Broderick), Brigid Co. Armagh 01/11/20
Donaghy, John Brendan Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
McNeill, Gloria Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
Robinson, David Edward Co. Armagh 01/11/20
Sharvin, Paddy Co. Down 01/11/20
McGlinchey, Joe Co. Tyrone 01/11/20
ROWLAND (née Kee), Shirley Geraldine Elizabeth Co. Fermanagh 01/11/20
GILLESPIE (née Clingen), Charlotte Matilda (Lottie) Co. Fermanagh 01/11/20
Hadden, Margaret Co. Tyrone 01/11/20
Bianco, Francesco (Franco) Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Doherty, Owen Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Doherty, Angela Co. Antrim 01/11/20
McKane, Jean Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Gillen, Eanes Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Clarke, Patricia Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
Doyle (née Campbell), Susan Co. Armagh 01/11/20
Eskins, Robert Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Hawthorne (née Smith), Myrtle Co. Armagh 01/11/20
Gordon, Desmond Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
O'Hara (née McGill), Nan Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
Johnston, Maria Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Bratton, Margaret Rose Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
McLeod, Barbara Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Brown, Elizabeth (Sadie) Co. Fermanagh 01/11/20
Gyle, Frances Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Findon (née Blaney), Betty Co. Armagh 01/11/20
McKinney, Robert Brown (Bob) Co. Down 01/11/20
Millar, Hugh Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Gray, Mary Avril Co. Antrim 01/11/20
O'Neill, Sydney Robert (Syd) Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Campbell, James (Jim) Co. Down 01/11/20
Simpson, Samuel Kenneth (Ken) Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/11/20
Rogan, Colin Ian Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Larkin, William John (Billy) Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Crothers, Samuel (Sam) Marshall Co. Antrim 01/11/20
Kirkwood, Alva Co. Armagh 01/11/20
Devine (née Mc Intosh), Helen Co. Tyrone 31/10/20
Carson, Lorna Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 31/10/20
2 Connor, Melony Roberta Co. Antrim 31/10/20
McAllister, William Co. Antrim 31/10/20
McCappin, Ivan Co. Derry/Londonderry 31/10/20
Gribben, Kelley Co. Antrim 31/10/20
Nesbitt, Elizabeth Gibson Co. Antrim 31/10/20
McCaughan, Brigid Co. Antrim 31/10/20
McCauley, James Co. Tyrone 31/10/20
O'Neill (nee Kane), Lena Co. Antrim 31/10/20
O'Hare, Gerard Luke Co. Antrim 31/10/20
Monan (nee Torney), Sara-Ellen (Sally) Co. Down 31/10/20
McVarnock, Mary Co. Antrim 31/10/20
McKernan (Jnr), Patrick Co. Antrim 31/10/20
Ferguson (nee Scott), Rosina Co. Antrim 31/10/20
Dunlop, Bridget (Bridie) Co. Antrim 31/10/20
McCabe, Nick Co. Fermanagh 31/10/20
Maguire, Stephen Co. Tyrone 31/10/20
Herron, Eric James Co. Armagh 30/10/20
TAYLOR (née Jennings), Barbara Jean Co. Armagh 30/10/20
DOHERTY (née Bradley), Helen Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
Thompson, Archie Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Alexander, David Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Faulkner, Bertie Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
McCloskey, Dan Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
Lappin, James (Jim) Co. Armagh 30/10/20
Waring, Michael Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
Edgar, Norman Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
Coulter, Emma Alice Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Mullan (née McDonnell ), Rosaleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
Larkham, Stephen Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Currie, Alister Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Shirlow, William (Henry) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Morgan, David Co. Antrim 30/10/20
KIDD (née Hill), Doris Margaret Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Knox, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
McCloskey, Seamus Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
Green, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
ORR (née White), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Hughes, Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Roarty, Jim Co. Tyrone 30/10/20
Ferguson, Hugh (Hugo) Co. Fermanagh 30/10/20
Mills, Peter Daniel John Co. Fermanagh 30/10/20
THOMPSON (née Thornton), Florence Isabel (Dolly) Co. Fermanagh 30/10/20
Devlin, Jean Co. Tyrone 30/10/20
Rafter, Richard Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Mason, Anthony Gerard Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Gallagher, James Co. Tyrone 30/10/20
Curran, Peter Co. Tyrone 30/10/20
Hodges, Lyllah (Irene Florence) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Rankin, Norman Geoffrey Co. Antrim 30/10/20
WHEWAY (née McKinney), Dolores Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/10/20
McLaughlin, Sean Co. Antrim 30/10/20
West (née Tuff), Zandra Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Hamilton, Elsie Co. Down 30/10/20
1 McElroy, Pat Co. Tyrone 30/10/20
O'RIAIN (née Rosser), Roberta (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 30/10/20
Keenan, John (Sean) (Died outside NI)Co. Down 30/10/20
Henry, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Conn, Kathleen Rosemary Co. Armagh 30/10/20
Eldon, James Henry (Harry) Co. Armagh 30/10/20
McConnell, Samuel (Sam) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Wright, Edward (Eddie) Co. Down 30/10/20
McMillan, William James (Jim) Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Crimble, Thomas Hill Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Montgomery, Maureen Co. Antrim 30/10/20
Hanna, Evelyn Co. Antrim 30/10/20
McGarrigle, John (Bull) Co. Tyrone 30/10/20
Moss, Sr Helena Co. Fermanagh 29/10/20
Doherty, Alan (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 29/10/20
McDowell, Robert Henry Co. Down 29/10/20
Trainor, Paul Co. Down 29/10/20
McPeake, James Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
PARKE (née Campbell), Mary Elizabeth (Lil Co. Down 29/10/20
McFLYNN (née Bradley), Josie Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
McKay, Terence Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
McKenna, Patrick Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
DONNELLY (née McLernon), Maureen Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
Friel, Bobby Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
O'Farrell, Sr Malachy Co. Down 29/10/20
McDonald, Pauline Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Savage, Samuel Noel Co. Down 29/10/20
WEST (née Tuff), Zandra Co. Antrim 29/10/20
McQuaid, Frank (Frankie) Co. Antrim 29/10/20
O'Neill, Joe Co. Armagh 29/10/20
Watson, William Samuel (Billy) Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Graham, Carol Co. Armagh 29/10/20
O'Boyle, Margaret (Lena) 29/10/20
Morgan, Peter Co. Antrim 29/10/20
McCall, Charlie Co. Tyrone 29/10/20
Artt, Peter Co. Antrim 29/10/20
McCloskey, Breda Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Hamilton, Tom Co. Tyrone 29/10/20
KAVANAGH (née Lyle), Eileen Co. Derry/LondonderryCo. Tyrone 29/10/20
O'Hare, Cyril Co. Fermanagh 29/10/20
Gormley, Colin Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
HERON (née Glenn), Mary Elizabeth (May) Co. Down 29/10/20
Watt, Kathleen Edith Co. Tyrone 29/10/20
McClelland, Kathleen Co. Antrim 29/10/20
McKimm, William James (Billy) Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Bunting, Wilson Co. Armagh 29/10/20
McQuiston, Isabella Co. Antrim 29/10/20
WILSON (née Glenn), Catherine Isobel Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Bryans, Emily Bell Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Digney, Mary Co. Down 29/10/20
Duffy, Patrick (Pat) Co. Tyrone 29/10/20
Russell, Leonard (Len) Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Rohou (née Mc Devitt), Evelyn Co. Tyrone 29/10/20
Hegarty, Daniel Gerald Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/10/20
Bamber, Ronald Ian (Ronnie) Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Gordon, Audrey Co. Down 29/10/20
Hall, Martha Co. Down 29/10/20
Finlay, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Antrim 29/10/20
Horne, Harold Hendrie (Harry) Co. Down 29/10/20
DOWNEY (née McGinley), Noreen Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Daly, Philomena Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Donaghey, Mary Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
King, Annie Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Crossey, Jerome Co. Armagh 28/10/20
MOORE (Alfred McKeown) , Alfie Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Nesbitt, Isabella (Isa) Co. Armagh 28/10/20
Irons, Martha Patricia (Patsy) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Long, Frederick George (Freddie) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Magorrian, Dessie Co. Down 28/10/20
McARDLE (née Logue), Rosemary Co. Antrim 28/10/20
McFadden, Noel Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Boyles, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Hunt, Michael Raymond Co. Down 28/10/20
Carnwath, William (Mervyn) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Mulholland, Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
O'Neill, Ronan Co. Armagh 28/10/20
Nugent, Owen Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Burgess, James Ivan Co. Down 28/10/20
CULLEN (née O’Connor), Josephine (Jo) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Grant (née Duffield), Betty Co. Down 28/10/20
Mawhinney, Andrew (Andy) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
1 Bell, William Austin Co. Down 28/10/20
Thompson, Raymond Derek (Ray) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Duffy, Aileen Co. Tyrone 28/10/20
Anderson, Harold Co. Down 28/10/20
Caskey, Norman (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
Kelly (née Mc Allister), Teresa Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
Calderwood, David Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Thompson, Agnes Co. Down 28/10/20
McCaul, Neil Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
Doherty, Aaron Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
Rea, Andrew Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Lavery, Kathleen Co. Armagh 28/10/20
Wilson, James (Jim) Co. Armagh 28/10/20
Armstrong, Robert Alwyn Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
McGarrity, Kitty Co. Tyrone 28/10/20
Adair, Richard Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
Crozier, Jacqueline Mildred Co. Armagh 28/10/20
Spence, James Co. Down 28/10/20
McTaggart, John (Jackie) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
McCormick, Michael (Mickey) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
BRESLIN (nee Heaney), Marie (Nannie B) Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Doherty, John Co. Tyrone 28/10/20
Brown, Anne Co. Antrim 28/10/20
Lecky, Maureen Co. Antrim 28/10/20
3 Livingstone, Thomas Co. Derry/Londonderry 28/10/20
Davis, Sarah Martha Mary (May) Co. Tyrone 28/10/20
Hall, Herbert Co. Antrim 27/10/20
McDowell, Jeanette (Jean) Co. Down 27/10/20
Burns, Raymond Co. Down 27/10/20
Forbes, Gregory Co. Derry/Londonderry 27/10/20
McClements, John Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Russell, Derek Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Dennison, Jacqueline Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Mort, June Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Reay, Frank Co. Down 27/10/20
McVEIGH (née Gibson), Clare (Rose Mary) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
McDermott, Raymond (Ray) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Jones, Martha (Mattie) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
JACKSON (née Sterne), Constance Co. Down 27/10/20
1 DUNCAN B.D. M.Th., The Reverend William Norman Co. Down 27/10/20
Laverty, Martin Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Hall, Gerard Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Valley, Kathleen Co. Antrim 27/10/20
McGlinchey (née Doherty), Peggy Co. Tyrone 27/10/20
McCONAGHY (née McKelvey), Hilda Co. Antrim 27/10/20
DOHERTY (née McMenamin), Carmel Co. Derry/Londonderry 27/10/20
Beggs, Michael Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Kerr, John Joseph Co. Antrim 27/10/20
EWING (née Davidson), Shelagh Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Rooney, Edward (Ned) Co. Down 27/10/20
Maguire, Ken Co. Fermanagh 27/10/20
, LindyDufferin, The Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava of Clandeboye Co. Down 27/10/20
1 Boyd, James (Jim) Co. Down 27/10/20
Travers, Christine Co. Down 27/10/20
Campbell, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
McCullough, Irene Co. Armagh 27/10/20
Strutt, John Jones Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Davidson, Agnes McMurray Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Wright, Stanley Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Gurney, Douglas (Dougie) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Armstrong, Eleanor (Lelia) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Greer, Emily Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Smyth, Eugene Patrick Co. Down 27/10/20
Graham, George Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
CROMWELL (née Singleton), Adrienne Co. Armagh 27/10/20
Moore, William Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Forbes, Gregory Co. Tyrone 27/10/20
GARDINER (née Lland), Sarah Pauline (Sadie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 27/10/20
Taylor, David “Raymond” Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Coey, Muriel Co. Down 27/10/20
Gaston, John E. Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Curran, Walter Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Smyth , Patrick Oliver Co. Down 27/10/20
Gray, Agnes Co. Antrim 27/10/20
COYLE (née McCafferty), Eileen (Died outside NI)Co. AntrimCo. Derry/Londonderry 27/10/20
FROST (née Foster), Isabella Co. Down 27/10/20
Doyle, Henry (Harry) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
McMurray, Aileen Margaret Co. Armagh 27/10/20
O'Reilly, Tom Co. Armagh 27/10/20
Newell, Samuel (George) Co. Antrim 27/10/20
Robinson, Albert (Bertie) Co. Armagh 27/10/20
Patton (née Flanagan), May Co. Down 27/10/20
McKane (née Hagan), Marie Co. Tyrone 26/10/20
Gibson, Michael Co. Armagh 26/10/20
Lockard, Susan Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Ellis, Sarah Una Co. Fermanagh 26/10/20
Forster, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
McLaughlin , Conn Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Bonnar, Gerry Co. Antrim 26/10/20
McClean, Anne Co. Down 26/10/20
Foster, Margaret (Madge) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
McCorkell, William Gilmour Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
Duignan, Joseph Patrick (Joe) Co. Down 26/10/20
Feeney, Kathleen Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Innes - Cummins (née McRoberts), Margaret Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Harris, Lynda Co. Antrim 26/10/20
1 Hooke (née McDowell), Eileen Co. Antrim 26/10/20
McKee, Robert (Roy) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Cox, Annie Frances (Nancy) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Day, Gordon Christopher Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
Logue, Peter Dermot Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
Semple, Andrew James (Drew) Co. Down 26/10/20
English, Anne Emma (Nan) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Dripps, Margaret Emma Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Jordan, Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Traynor, Robert (Robbie) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Henry, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Boyd, Robert (Bobby) Co. Down 26/10/20
Clarke, James (Jimbo) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Stevenson, Mary Jane Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
1 Scott, Glenda Pearl Co. Down 26/10/20
Milliken, Christopher (Hartley) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Martin (née Clarke), Margaret Georgina (Peggy) Co. Down 26/10/20
McGrath, John Co. Armagh 26/10/20
TOAL (née McGuckin), Yvonne (Bon) Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
McKelvey, Aline Co. Down 26/10/20
Lavery, Peter Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Moore, Thomas Victor Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Murphy, Joseph (Joe) Co. Fermanagh 26/10/20
Glendinning, Joy Co. Tyrone 26/10/20
Ayres, Michael Co. Down 26/10/20
McComb MBE, John Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Burch, Dermot Co. Down 26/10/20
Kelso, Valerie (Sally) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Uprichard, William Edward Co. Armagh 26/10/20
Pomeroy, Alicia (Allie) Co. Down 26/10/20
Davison, Albert Edward Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Rafferty, Mary (nee McDonnell) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 26/10/20
MURPHY (nee McCaffery), Maureen Co. Down 26/10/20
MURPHY (née Sawey), Etta Co. Down 26/10/20
McConville, Felix Co. Down 26/10/20
McGUIGAN (née O'Hare), Anne Co. Tyrone 26/10/20
McCann, Christopher Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
CUNNINGHAM (nee Donnelly), Catherine (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 26/10/20
Coleman, Ronald (Ronnie) Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Canning, Charlie Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
Armstrong, Brendan Co. Antrim 26/10/20
Moran, John James Co. Fermanagh 26/10/20
Mulholland, Thomas Co. Derry/Londonderry 26/10/20
White, Alan Jeffrey Co. Armagh 26/10/20
Dallas, John Allan Maurice Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/10/20
Webb, Kevin Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/10/20
Coulter, Thomas John (Big John) Co. Tyrone 25/10/20
Irwin, Norah Co. Armagh 25/10/20
Evans, William Alexander (Will) Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/10/20
Cartin (née McLaughlin), Betty Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/10/20
Kiernan, Michael Co. Armagh 25/10/20
Jamison, Seana Co. Antrim 25/10/20
Conlon (née O'Neill), Sally Co. Armagh 25/10/20
McFARLAND (née Colgan), Olive Co. Antrim 25/10/20
McNeill, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 25/10/20
Davies, Jean Co. Tyrone 25/10/20
MOORE (née Redfern), Rosemary Co. Down 25/10/20
LUNDY (née Donaghy), Mary Co. Antrim 25/10/20
Greer, John Oliver Co. Down 25/10/20
McDonald, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 25/10/20
Bradley, Joseph Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/10/20
O'Hare, Jim Co. Down 25/10/20
McCaughey, Elizabeth Kay (Betty) Co. Down 25/10/20
Bell, Nancy (Nan) Co. Down 25/10/20
McKee, Margaret Sarah Co. Antrim 25/10/20
1 McCabe, Gerard Co. Down 25/10/20
WARMINGTON (née Whitten), Marion Co. Armagh 25/10/20
McKay, Samuel James Coulter (Sam) Co. Antrim 25/10/20
Howard, William (Bill) Co. Derry/Londonderry 25/10/20
McKinney (née Patton), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 25/10/20
Conway (née Woodman), Deirdre Co. Tyrone 25/10/20
McGrath, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Down 24/10/20
Diggins, Edward (Eddie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
McGuigan (née Anderson), Virginia Co. Tyrone 24/10/20
Glenn, Liam Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
Reid (née McCourt), Sharon Co. Antrim 24/10/20
Grugan, Charles Co. Tyrone 24/10/20
Hughes, Jimmy Co. Armagh 24/10/20
Mills, William (Horace) Co. Antrim 24/10/20
Warnock, Robert John Co. Armagh 24/10/20
Cregan (née Keenan), Detta 24/10/20
McAllister (née Markey), Rita Co. Down 24/10/20
Kenny (née Livingstone), Mary Stewart Co. Down 24/10/20
McDade, Ronald (Ronnie) Co. Down 24/10/20
Keenan, Adrian Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
WHORISKEY (née Bamford), Vera Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
DOHERTY (née McGee), Marion Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
Coleman, Leo Co. Armagh 24/10/20
Patterson, William James Co. Down 24/10/20
Morris, William Thomas Co. Down 24/10/20
Neely, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
DEENEY (née McGaughey), Eileen Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
LINDSAY (née Campbell), Eleanor Margaret (Ella) Co. Derry/Londonderry 24/10/20
SIMMS (née Skelton), Ellen Co. Antrim 24/10/20
Devlin, Henry Co. Fermanagh 24/10/20
Irwin (née Harpur), Myrte Co. Tyrone 24/10/20
McCAVANAGH (née McCorry), Patricia (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 24/10/20
Maguire, James Co. Antrim 24/10/20
McCooney, Agnes Co. Antrim 24/10/20
Conway, Michael (Mickey) Co. Tyrone 24/10/20
O'Brien, Claire (Sr Virgilius) Co. Antrim 23/10/20
CAMPBELL (née McNeice), Rose Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Gamble, Ethel Co. Down 23/10/20
McAvoy (née Larkin), Mary Co. Down 23/10/20
Harley, Eddie Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/10/20
McCormick, Alma Co. Antrim 23/10/20
WILSON (née Gilmore), Janet Elizabeth Co. Armagh 23/10/20
Devlin, Michael Joseph Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
O'Neill, Owen Roe Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Fletcher, Arthur Crossley Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Toye, Seamus Co. Armagh 23/10/20
BRATTIN (née Coyle), Michelle Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/10/20
Allen, Patricia (Patsy) Co. Down 23/10/20
McCORRY (née Flynn), Mary Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Gilmore, Colm Co. Armagh 23/10/20
Gorman, Kathleen Co. Antrim 23/10/20
McELHONE (née Ruddy), Philomena Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Mitchell, Frederick Mervyn (Freddie) Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Gormley (née Kelly), Bridget Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
O'Connor, Terence Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Wilson, Fredrick (Fred) Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Stewart, Sarah (Cis) Co. Down 23/10/20
Adrain, Wendy Martha Co. Antrim 23/10/20
McBRIDE (née Bell), Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/10/20
Busteed, Trevor Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/10/20
McFarland, Isabella Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Kirkpatrick, Wilbert Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Millar, Phyllis Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Williamson, Juanita (Nita) Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Hutchinson, David Co. Down 23/10/20
Townsley, Andrew (Andy) Co. Antrim 23/10/20
CLARKE (née Cherry), Violet Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Harding, Gerry Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Wilson, Damian Martin Co. Down 23/10/20
George, Jemima Co. Down 23/10/20
Kernohan, Linda Patricia (Tricia) Co. Antrim 23/10/20
McConnell, Alan Co. Antrim 23/10/20
THOMPSON (née McVerry), Carmel Co. Armagh 23/10/20
McKEEVER (née Palmer), Maura (Mary) Co. Armagh 23/10/20
McIlroy, Freddy Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Doherty, Mark Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Hamilton, Molly Co. Antrim 23/10/20
CLOSE (née Kennedy), Theresa Co. Antrim 23/10/20
McClurg, Grace Co. Antrim 23/10/20
Dobbins, Michael Co. Derry/Londonderry 23/10/20
Lavery, Winnie Co. Down 23/10/20
Bell (née Neeson), Margaret Co. AntrimCo. Derry/LondonderryCo. Tyrone 23/10/20
Armstrong, Mary Co. Tyrone 23/10/20
Kelly (née McCloskey), Christina (Chrissie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
White, John (Jack) 22/10/20
Hussey, Breda Co. Armagh 22/10/20
Smith, Iris Hyacinth Co. Armagh 22/10/20
Cochrane, Alma Joan Co. Down 22/10/20
MORGAN (née Hagan), Noreen Co. Tyrone 22/10/20
Walker, Johnnie Co. Antrim 22/10/20
McSTAY (née McCrory), Marian Co. Armagh 22/10/20
McCann, Fergus Co. Armagh 22/10/20
Gilmour, Raymond Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Laffin, Samuel Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 22/10/20
Loane, Stanley Co. Armagh 22/10/20
Gorman, Francis (Frank) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Hamilton (née Campbell), Iris Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Gormley (née Martin), Margaret (Rita) Co. FermanaghCo. Tyrone 22/10/20
Ardis, Thomas Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Craig, George Cowan Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Bell, John Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Moore, Hugh Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
PORTER (née Cochrane), Grace Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
GREGSON (née Armstrong), Sarah (Sadie) Agnes Isobel Co. Armagh 22/10/20
Conn, Nicholas Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
O'Hare, Daniel Co. Antrim 22/10/20
McRobb, Harry Co. Down 22/10/20
McKnight, Noreen Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Getty, Edward Co. Down 22/10/20
McCloskey, Cathie Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Andrews, Edward (Big Eddie) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Beattie, Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Abram, Pamela Kathleen Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Turkington, William John (Billy) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
MURRAY (née Clarke), Irene Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Kelso, Thomas Hugh (Hugo) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
WILSON (née McCabe), Eleanor Co. Antrim 22/10/20
BARR (née Anderson), Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Duncan, Dessie Co. Down 22/10/20
Mackay, Mary Co. Antrim 22/10/20
O'HAGAN (née McGurk), Patsy Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Wilkin, Jack Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Turkington, Sarah Harriet Winifred (Winnie) Co. Armagh 22/10/20
Corbett, Che Darren (Che Che) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Bell, Ann Co. Antrim 22/10/20
PURVIS (née Knipe), Violet Co. Tyrone 22/10/20
McCARTNEY (née Ahearne), Alice Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Tolan, Francesco Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Lennon, Dennis Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Purdy, Linda Meta Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Sproule, Ethel Mary Co. Tyrone 22/10/20
Cairns, Valerie Co. Down 22/10/20
HOUSTON (née Blair), Brenda Co. Down 22/10/20
McGivern, Jim Co. Antrim 22/10/20
Shirley, William H. B. (Billy) Co. Antrim 22/10/20
HALLIDAY (née Niblock), Evelyn Co. Down 22/10/20
McClelland, Norman Calvin Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Willis, Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 22/10/20
Hanna (née Smyth), Ann Co. Down 22/10/20
McGregor, Duncan Co. Down 22/10/20
Kane, Michael Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
Robinson, Stewart Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Boyle, Patsy Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
WORTHINGTON (née Smith), Mary (Maureen) Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Harte, Pat (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
CARTY (née O'Boyle), Carmel (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Murphy MBE, Colin William (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McKeaveney, James Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McIlwee, Chantelle Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Sparey (née McEvoy), May (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 21/10/20
TODD BEM (née McCullagh), Maureen Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Quinn, Aiden Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Jones, Erne Theresa Co. Fermanagh 21/10/20
McGilloway (née Cleary), Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Herron, Martin (Herbie) Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
CROWE (née Miller), Margaret Co. Armagh 21/10/20
Dandy, John Keith Co. Antrim 21/10/20
SLOANE (née Brown), Carole Elizabeth Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Pearson, Robert (Robbie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Taylor, Rea Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Campbell, Eamonn Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McGARRY (née McCormack), Maresa Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Magee, Anne Denise Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Campbell, John Co. Armagh 21/10/20
McEneaney, Josie Co. Armagh 21/10/20
Millar, Hilary Co. Down 21/10/20
Mulligan, Thomas Henry (Harry) Co. Down 21/10/20
Gregg, Norman Co. Down 21/10/20
McGuigan, Anna Catherine Co. ArmaghCo. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
CURRAN (née McKenna), Mary Co. Armagh 21/10/20
MAGOWAN (née Creighton), Anna Patricia Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Johnston, William Co. Antrim 21/10/20
HOY (née Flanagan), Roberta Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McBride, Netta Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Elliott, Caroline Yvonne Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McCarron, Patrick Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
RUSSELL (née Hannon), Philomena (Phyllis) 21/10/20
Totton, Marion Co. Armagh 21/10/20
O'Donnell, Paddy Joe (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
Millar, David Co. Antrim 21/10/20
COLEMAN (née McConville), Margaret (Rita) Co. Armagh 21/10/20
Ardill, Colin John Co. Down 21/10/20
Hale, Shirley Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Gamble, Maureen Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McGlaughlin, Gordon Walker Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Riordan, John (Eric) Co. Antrim 21/10/20
COYLE (née Lynch), Clare Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Robinson, Hugo Co. Down 21/10/20
McGowan, Tommy Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Verner, Samuel McBurney Co. Down 21/10/20
Loughran, Arthur Co. Armagh 21/10/20
Russell, Frank Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
POWER (née Crossan), Mary Ellen Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
Trowlen, Elizabeth Bridget (Bridie) Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Ferguson, John Gerald Beatty Co. Down 21/10/20
Allen, Brian Scott Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Heaney, David Co. Derry/Londonderry 21/10/20
McCrea, Catherine (Kathleen) Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Rush, Anna Co. Antrim 21/10/20
McGIVERN (née McArdle), Patricia (Pat) Co. Antrim 21/10/20
Kane, Patricia Co. Down 21/10/20
Nethery, Archie Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
Winters (née Burchell), Jennifer Co. Tyrone 21/10/20
Doyle, PJ Co. Armagh 20/10/20
McKee, Sharon Co. Down 20/10/20
Walker, Norma Co. Down 20/10/20
Kerr, Margaret (Rita) Co. Down 20/10/20
Killough (née McGarry), Margaret Co. Antrim 20/10/20
McDermott, Hugh Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Newell, Alexander Co. Down 20/10/20
O'HARA (née McGlinchey), Rose Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
Beattie, Albert Joseph Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
McKee, William Co. Antrim 20/10/20
McRobb, Harry Co. Down 20/10/20
Beattie (née McBirney), Eileen Co. Armagh 20/10/20
Carrigan, Leslie Alexander Co. Antrim 20/10/20
1 DOEY (née Laverty), Rose Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
DONEGAN (née Cox), Maureen Co. Fermanagh 20/10/20
CASEY (née GRAHAM), Rosemary Co. Tyrone 20/10/20
McNEILLY (née Buchanan), Mary Agnes (Marie) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Dalzell, Alfred (Alfie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
McAtamney, Michael Co. Down 20/10/20
Whinton, Ronald Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Johnson, Edmund (Ed) Co. Armagh 20/10/20
Moore, Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
Curran, Conor Co. Down 20/10/20
Sheridan, Kathleen Co. Antrim 20/10/20
McCord, James Alexander (Jim) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
McGovern, Brendan Co. Fermanagh 20/10/20
KELLS (née Johnston), Dorothy Co. Antrim 20/10/20
McDermott (née Duddy), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
Caughers, Mary Co. Down 20/10/20
Larmour (née McGuffin), Jane (Jean) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
2 Kelly, Mary Co. Tyrone 20/10/20
Brennan, Anthony (Tony) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Smyth, Herbert Leslie Co. Down 20/10/20
Newell, Alec Co. Down 20/10/20
Mitchell, Ian (Sparky) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Robinson, Brian Co. Down 20/10/20
Cannaway, Phoebe Mary Jane Co. Down 20/10/20
Murphy, Francis (Frank) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Hendron, Desmond Co. Armagh 20/10/20
Adams, John Co. Antrim 20/10/20
McCartney, Logan James Co. Antrim 20/10/20
Morton, Patricia (Pat) Co. Down 20/10/20
Anderson, Henrietta Godden (Hetty Co. Antrim 20/10/20
CONNOLLY (née Steadman), Elaine Co. Derry/Londonderry 20/10/20
McClenaghan, Robert James (Jim) Co. Down 20/10/20
Anderson, Ivy Angela (Anne) Co. Antrim 20/10/20
SAVAGE (née Duffy), Frances Co. Down 20/10/20
Devine, Katie Co. Tyrone 20/10/20
Pinkerton, Robert Andrew (Bobbie) Co. Tyrone 20/10/20
Stewart (née Rafferty), Mary (Moira) Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/10/20
Lowry, John Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Black, Maria Fiorentino Co. Antrim 19/10/20
FULTON (née Norris), Muriel Kathleen Co. Down 19/10/20
Kelly (née McCarron), Teresa (Tessie) Co. Tyrone 19/10/20
Cole (née O'Neill), Kathleen Co. Antrim 19/10/20
O'Dornan, Donagh Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Latimer, Susanna Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Johnston, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Gray, Mary Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Taggart, Irene Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Morton (née Weir), Violet Catherine Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Glass, Thomas Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Taylor, Donald (Don) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Allen, Alvin Randal Edmond Co. Antrim 19/10/20
McGookin, Arthur John (John) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
McClean, Denis Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Magee (née Leeson), Marie Co. Down 19/10/20
Lee, Desmond (Desi) Co. Down 19/10/20
Fletcher, Joshua Alexander (Josh) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Jess, Yvonne Co. Down 19/10/20
Berisha, Fatime Co. Armagh 19/10/20
Evans (née Lennox), Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/10/20
Ferguson, Robert Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Maguire, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 19/10/20
Curran, Johnny Co. Tyrone 19/10/20
McClay, Jean Co. Antrim 19/10/20
SCULLION (nee O'Donnell), Pat (Patricia) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
2 Maguire, Robert Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Kane (née Burns), Brigid (Nanny) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Henderson, Liam Co. Armagh 19/10/20
Fitzsimons, Hugh Patrick Co. Antrim 19/10/20
BURKE (née Campbell), Marjorie Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/10/20
SINGH KULAR, Harjinder Kaur Co. Derry/Londonderry 19/10/20
McCollum, Jean Co. Down 19/10/20
Spiers, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Johnson, Michael (Mike) Co. Down 19/10/20
McCrea, Mary Co. Tyrone 19/10/20
Doyle, Robert Co. Antrim 19/10/20
COLLIGAN (nee Jackson) , Bernadette Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Welsh, Thomas James (Tom) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Clarke, Enid Co. Down 19/10/20
Osbourne (née Convery), Aveen Co. Down 19/10/20
Megarry, Eleanor Co. Antrim 19/10/20
McNeill, Norman Andrew Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Rodgers, Mary (Molly) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Nelson, Robert (Bobby) Co. Down 19/10/20
Wrightson, Martha Janette Co. Down 19/10/20
Mitchell, Alfred Co. Down 19/10/20
Thompson, Wilhelmina (Winnie) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Armstrong, Jane Co. Antrim 19/10/20
2 Watts, Danny Co. Down 19/10/20
Whiteford M.R.I.C.S., Robert Stanley (Bobby) Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Doherty, Kevin Co. Antrim 19/10/20
McKeown, Pauline Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Henderson, David Co. Antrim 19/10/20
DAVEY (née McLaughlin), Bernadette Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Hutton, Mabel Co. Antrim 19/10/20
Finnis (née Gilvary), Pat Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/10/20
McCann (née McBride), Elizabeth Philomena (Lily) Co. Antrim 18/10/20
Burns, Hugh Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 18/10/20
Camac, Roy N.D. Co. Antrim 18/10/20
Logan, David Co. Antrim 18/10/20
King, Agnes Veronica Co. Antrim 18/10/20
Tomlinson, Owen Co. Antrim 18/10/20
Hagan, Louise Co. Antrim 18/10/20
Mullan, Ken Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/10/20
DOHERTY (née Rice), Veronica (Vera) Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/10/20
Kivelehan, James Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/10/20
Hutchinson J.P., B.E.M., Albert John Dawson (Davy) Co. Down 18/10/20
Martin, Florence Adelene May Co. Down 18/10/20
Manning, Michael Co. Antrim 18/10/20
GRUMLEY (née Nelis), Anna Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/10/20
Chung, Quang Vinh Co. Derry/Londonderry 18/10/20
Kerr, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 18/10/20
Rea, Brian Co. Down 18/10/20
MULVANEY (née O’Connor), Mary Co. Down 18/10/20
Watters (née Maguire), Marie Co. Tyrone 18/10/20
McGaw, Samuel Norman (Sammy) Co. Tyrone 18/10/20
McNamee, Joseph (Joe) Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/10/20
SHEEHAN (née Lenihan), Maureen Co. Armagh 17/10/20
JOHNSTON (née Leonard), Rosaleen (Rosie) Co. Fermanagh 17/10/20
KENNEDY (née Barton), Isabella Jane (Jenny) Co. Fermanagh 17/10/20
Browne, Monica Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/10/20
McIntyre, Ellen Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Rocks, Brendan Joseph Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Graham, Gordon Co. Down 17/10/20
Conroy (née Graham), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 17/10/20
Irwin, Richard(Dickie) Co. Tyrone 17/10/20
Meenan (née Moran), Mary Bridget (Bridie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/10/20
McKeown, David Thomas Co. Down 17/10/20
Kennedy, Robert Co. Antrim 17/10/20
McShane (née Magennis), Anne Co. Down 17/10/20
Killen, Margaret Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Elwood, Maurice Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Gawn, Martha Co. Antrim 17/10/20
SCULLION (née McCartan), Kathleen Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 17/10/20
Quayle, George Co. Down 17/10/20
Manning, Gregor Bryan Co. Down 17/10/20
Butler, James Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Watters, Annie Co. Antrim 17/10/20
McConnell, John (Jack) Co. Antrim 17/10/20
McMullan, Kevin Co. Down 17/10/20
McKenna, Séamus Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Whittley, James Higgins Co. Antrim 17/10/20
Condren, Patrick (Pat) Co. Derry/Londonderry 17/10/20
1 McCrystal, John Co. Tyrone 17/10/20
Hagan, Betty Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Bonner, Sean Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Pearson, Ian Co. Tyrone 16/10/20
Devine (née McGinley), Margaret (Margo) 16/10/20
Ruddy, John Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Ross, Janet Humphrey Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Pollock, Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Clyde, Mary Goodlet Co. Down 16/10/20
Millar, William Dunn (Wildun) Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/10/20
Adrain, Mervyn Co. Antrim 16/10/20
McGirr, Brendan Co. Tyrone 16/10/20
Mateer, Edith Co. Down 16/10/20
Deacon, Audrey J E Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Moore, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/10/20
1 Beattie, Alison Co. Antrim 16/10/20
MAZE (née Sharpe), Dorothy Amelia Co. Antrim 16/10/20
2 Patterson, Norman Adam Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Bleeks, Robert James Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Graham, Rebecca Cunningham Co. Down 16/10/20
Conn, Noel Co. Armagh 16/10/20
Pryce, Kenneth John (Ken) Co. Down 16/10/20
Kelly, Thomas Co. Armagh 16/10/20
Bell, Charles Pollock Co. Down 16/10/20
Maguire, Packie Co. Fermanagh 16/10/20
Cooper, Edith (May) Co. Tyrone 16/10/20
Nesbitt, Robert Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Cassidy, Raymond Co. Derry/Londonderry 16/10/20
Wilson-O'Riordan, Jolene Co. Antrim 16/10/20
McMahon, Conor Co. Antrim 16/10/20
McCormack, Susan (Sue) Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Kearns, Eoghan Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Johnston, Seamus Co. Antrim 16/10/20
GORDON (née Connolly), Margaret (Rita) Co. Antrim 16/10/20
Cunningham, Harry Co. Antrim 16/10/20
BUTLER (nee Collins), Margaret (Peggy) Co. Down 16/10/20
Hasson, Michael Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/10/20
Hamilton, Maureen Co. Antrim 15/10/20
McCAHON (née Gurney), Matilda (Tillie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/10/20
McCAY (née O'Donnell), Frances Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/10/20
Jackson, Gordon Co. Down 15/10/20
HANLEY (née McKee), Ivy Noreen Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Hawe, Annie Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Nutt, Gerald James Co. Antrim 15/10/20
DEAN (née Perrott), Beryl Frances Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Girvin, John Co. Antrim 15/10/20
McCormack, Susan (Sue) Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Harpur, Robert Roy Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
Goodman, Carol Co. Down 15/10/20
Taggart, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 15/10/20
McKeown, Ronald Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Moore, Edward (Eddie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/10/20
DEAN (née Spratt), Dorothy Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Gaw (née Scott), Rosemary Co. Antrim 15/10/20
GREGG (née Lewis), Sheila Emily Co. Down 15/10/20
Coard, Thomas (Tom) Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Orr, Lewis (Orsy) Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Richmond, Kathleen May Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Campbell, James Henry (Harry) Co. Down 15/10/20
Holley, Margaret Co. Antrim 15/10/20
SHORT (née Lappin), Maureen (Moya) Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Duggan, Gary William Co. Antrim 15/10/20
RAFFERTY (née Colgan), Minnie Co. Derry/Londonderry 15/10/20
McGEOWN (née Crossey), Pauline Co. Armagh 15/10/20
CULLEN (née McGuigan), Susanna Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
Bennett, Lee Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Orr, Mary Evelyn (May) Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Hopper, William Herbert (Willie) Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
McNickle, William George (Geordie) Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
Duffy, Peter Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
2 McNally, Mary Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
Baker, David Robert Co. Fermanagh 15/10/20
DEVLIN (née Doherty), Christine Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
STERLING (née Neilly), Mollie Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 15/10/20
Booth, Brian Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Dickson (née McGrugan), Ellen Jane Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Shillabeer (B.E.M.), Harvey Keith Co. Antrim 15/10/20
ROCKE (née Burns), Margaret Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Roberts, James Winston Co. Antrim 15/10/20
Gray, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
McGinty, James (Petey) Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
Armstrong (née McCullagh), Mary Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
MAGUIRE (née Kelly), Mary Co. Armagh 15/10/20
McFarlane (née Rollins), Helen (Died outside NI)Co. Down 15/10/20
1 Curran (née Feeney), Mary Co. Down 15/10/20
Reid, Noel Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
Fleming, Anna (Anne) Co. Armagh 15/10/20
Malcomson, Samuel Co. Down 15/10/20
O'Lone, Barry Patrick Co. Tyrone 15/10/20
McILHONE (née Walls), Eileen Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Connolly (née McGrath), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 14/10/20
Miskelly, Robert Co. Down 14/10/20
McCALLION (née Hegarty), Celine Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/10/20
Lyttle, Mary Elizabeth (Lil) Co. Down 14/10/20
Marsden, William Egerton (Billy) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Agnew, Jean Co. Down 14/10/20
Norwood, Margaret Edna (Reta) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Robinson, Rosemary Joan Co. Armagh 14/10/20
Morrow, Albert Graham Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/10/20
PARKHILL (née McLaughlin), Josephine – Josie Co. Antrim 14/10/20
STRANGE (née McILveen), Lavina (Ina) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Askin, Thomas John (Tommy) Co. Armagh 14/10/20
Doherty, Elsie Co. Antrim 14/10/20
McCullagh (née McKinney), Patricia (Mini Glen) Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/10/20
Gault, William James Co. Fermanagh 14/10/20
Beggan, Joseph Co. Fermanagh 14/10/20
Hagan, Lee Co. Tyrone 14/10/20
QUINN (née O'Hanlon), Mary Co. Tyrone 14/10/20
1 Rea, Thomas Noel Co. Tyrone 14/10/20
McKibbin, James Arnold Co. Down 14/10/20
GORDON (née McCarthy), Anne Co. Down 14/10/20
PATTERSON (née Macauley), Elizabeth Valerie (Valerie) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Faulkner, John Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Cromie, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Patterson, Hamilton (Hammy) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Jordan, John Floyd Co. Down 14/10/20
Jackson (née Fearon), Mairead Co. Down 14/10/20
PATTERSON (née McAlinden), Catherine Ellen Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Reid, Alan Co. Antrim 14/10/20
McIlwrath, Winston Co. Down 14/10/20
Hopkins, Imelda Meta Co. Down 14/10/20
Lavery, Mary Co. Down 14/10/20
Downey, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 14/10/20
Keilty, Paul Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Doonan, Mary (Lily) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
McGarry, Eamonn Edward Co. Antrim 14/10/20
BRANNEY (née McGarrigle), Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 14/10/20
Mullan, Francis Joseph Co. Derry/Londonderry 14/10/20
DAVISON (née Mills), Annie Co. Antrim 14/10/20
CREIGHTON (née Charles), Phyllis Caroline Co. Tyrone 14/10/20
Larmour, Jeni Victoria Co. Armagh 13/10/20
McCausland, Anne (Annie) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Slijboom, Johannes (Hans) Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 13/10/20
Spiers, Sharon Douglas Co. Antrim 13/10/20
LYNCH (née Crossan), Teresa Co. Derry/Londonderry 13/10/20
McClure, May Co. Antrim 13/10/20
HERRON (née Cromie), Sarah Margaret (Madge) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
McFarland, William Robert (Bobbie) Co. Tyrone 13/10/20
Butterfield, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 13/10/20
HALFPENNY (née Canning), Jacqueline Co. Armagh 13/10/20
KANE (née Maybin), Matilda (Hilda) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
KANE (née Rodgers), Margaret Elizabeth (Peggy) Co. Down 13/10/20
McNamara, Henry (Harry) Co. Down 13/10/20
Boyd, William (Billy) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Simpson, Carol Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Pickering, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Moore, John Derek Co. Antrim 13/10/20
McCullough, Thomas Co. Antrim 13/10/20
REILLY (née Smith), Vera Co. Fermanagh 13/10/20
CUNNINGHAM (née McClelland), Edith Co. Armagh 13/10/20
Deane (née Breen), Myrtle Co. Down 13/10/20
Trew, Francis Edward (Frank) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Andrews, John Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Corrigan (née O'Rourke), Maura Co. Armagh 13/10/20
Johnston, Thomas Leslie Co. Down 13/10/20
McNeill, Meta Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Finn, David Co. Antrim 13/10/20
McAuliffe, Michael (Jock) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
McKeown, John Co. Tyrone 13/10/20
O'Loan, Kathleen Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Harvey, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 13/10/20
MacCartney, Agnes Irene Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Deering, Paddie Co. Down 13/10/20
McDonagh, John Co. Fermanagh 13/10/20
Butler, Mary Patricia (PAT) Co. Antrim 13/10/20
Kumor, Selwek Co. Fermanagh 13/10/20
Clegg, John (Jackie) Co. Down 13/10/20
Petrie-Armstrong, William Co. Down 13/10/20
Kane, Cecil Co. Antrim 13/10/20
McCrabbe, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 13/10/20
Hamill, Enda Co. Tyrone 13/10/20
MORRISON (née Regan), Doreen Elizabeth Co. Fermanagh 12/10/20
McAleer (née Gallagher), Maureen Co. Tyrone 12/10/20
Drewett (née Harley), Mae Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/10/20
Donnelly, Oliver Co. Tyrone 12/10/20
Rainey, Hugh Wilson Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Kennedy, Michael Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Bateson, Margaret Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Bracken, Thomas (Tommy) Co. Armagh 12/10/20
Boyle, John Joseph Co. Down 12/10/20
Kirk, Ernest Co. Down 12/10/20
Managh, George David Co. Tyrone 12/10/20
WILLIAMSON (née O’Neill), Deirdre Co. Down 12/10/20
BLACK (née Torrens), Toye Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/10/20
MORRIS (née McGill), Margaret (Dolly) Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/10/20
Cousley M.B.E., Cecil James Co. Antrim 12/10/20
MAGOWAN (née Neill), Gertrude (Gertie) Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 12/10/20
Thompson, Frances Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Morrow, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Morrow, Lorraine Co. Down 12/10/20
CAVE (née McKew), Jean Crawford Co. Down 12/10/20
ALLEN (née Ross), Margaret 12/10/20
Barr, Eileen Helena (Helen) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Crean, Philip Co. Down 12/10/20
Johnston, Lorraine Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Barkley, Elma Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Wilson, Robert Mervyn Co. Armagh 12/10/20
Glass, John Desmond (Des) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
McFerran, James Co. Down 12/10/20
Craig, Sarah (Sally) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Johnston, Jean Elizabeth Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Hardy, Lee (Charlie) Co. Armagh 12/10/20
Harland, Dorothy Joan Co. Armagh 12/10/20
Beckett, James Matthew (Jim) Co. Down 12/10/20
Crawford, William Thomas Co. Down 12/10/20
Carlin, Vincent Co. Tyrone 12/10/20
McIlreavy, Norma Co. Antrim 12/10/20
McQuoid, Noel Caruth Co. Down 12/10/20
Cadden, Edward (Eddie) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Jess, Hilary Ann Co. Down 12/10/20
FERGUSON OBE (née Benson), Elisabeth Co. Down 12/10/20
WILLIAMS (née Pierce), Helen Margaret Co. Down 12/10/20
Bennett, Pauline Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Burns, Philomena Co. Down 12/10/20
Maxwell, William John (Bill) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 12/10/20
McCarroll, Albert Edward Co. Antrim 12/10/20
McDonald, Caroline Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Wilson, Lillian Ray Co. Antrim 12/10/20
WILSON (née Hamilton), Iris Co. Armagh 12/10/20
McGeough, Mary Co. Fermanagh 12/10/20
Foreman, William Thomas (Billy) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Weir, Alfred Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Greenfield, David Samuel Joseph Co. Antrim 12/10/20
McDOWELL, Terrence Gerald (Terry) Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/10/20
Darragh, Adrian Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Blair, Agnes Wilhelmina (Mina) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Turkington, Kieran (Turk) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Morgan, Kieran Co. Down 12/10/20
Magee, Patrick (Pat) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Hughes, Terence (Terry) Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Duggan, Patrick (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 12/10/20
BOOMER (nee Lillis), Alice Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Boyle, Betty Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/10/20
McManus, Dominic Co. Antrim 12/10/20
Ringland, Samuel David Alan Co. Down 12/10/20
Cassidy, Michael Patrick (Patsy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 12/10/20
McCarter, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
Lamont, Samuel Robert (Uel) Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
Hewitt, Jim (Dixie) Co. Armagh 11/10/20
Mooney, Marina Co. Down 11/10/20
Cooper, Damian Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Starrs, Brendan Co. Antrim 11/10/20
McGovern, Noel Co. Down 11/10/20
McMonagle, Dean Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
Hilley (née Harper), Nolie Co. Tyrone 11/10/20
Doherty, Manus Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
AITCHESON (née Gordon), Moira Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Doherty, Billy Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
McDowell, Henry (Harry) Co. Down 11/10/20
McConnell, Christopher Co. Tyrone 11/10/20
Coyle, Frances Co. Antrim 11/10/20
McKinney, Thomas Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Caskey, Ann Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Branney, Margaret (Peggy) Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Doherty, George Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Neill, Patrick Terence (Paddy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
Hyndman, Wilson 11/10/20
Marshall, Robert Edward Co. Antrim 11/10/20
SHERLOCK (née Hanna), Mary Jane Co. Down 11/10/20
Bell, Alan Campbell Co. Down 11/10/20
1 Dalton, Elizabeth Anne (Liz) Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Dunn, Hazel Rebecca Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
Gailey, Bob Co. Tyrone 11/10/20
Kilpatrick, William James Lucas (Jim) Co. Antrim 11/10/20
McAlonan (née Hegarty), Mary Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Caskey, William John (Billy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
McVeigh, Kathleen Co. Down 11/10/20
LIVINGSTON (née MacGregor), Mary Audrey Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Erskine, William Robert Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Smyth, John Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
RUTLEDGE (née Donnell), Marie Ann Co. Tyrone 11/10/20
Armstrong, William Charles Ivan Co. Fermanagh 11/10/20
O'Driscoll, Sean Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
WRIGHT (née Conway), Sarah Elizabeth (Sadie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
TOTTEN (née Diamond), Mary Co. Antrim 11/10/20
Diamond (née McHenry), Brigid Co. Derry/Londonderry 11/10/20
Wilson, Annie Co. Antrim 11/10/20
O'Hare (née Marnell), Josephine Co. Down 11/10/20
Haughey (née Haughian), Anne (Nina) Co. Armagh 11/10/20
McGlone, Gerald Co. Tyrone 11/10/20
McKILLION (nee Lowry), Nuala Co. Antrim 10/10/20
McFerran, Etta Co. Antrim 10/10/20
McCann, Danny Co. Antrim 10/10/20
MELDRUM (née McIlreavy), Gillian Olive Co. Derry/Londonderry 10/10/20
KEANEY (née Megoran), Annie Co. Antrim 10/10/20
Breen, Michael Co. Armagh 10/10/20
Quigley, David Joseph Co. Derry/Londonderry 10/10/20
O'Neill, Brian Co. Armagh 10/10/20
Berry, Dennis Co. Armagh 10/10/20
Neville, John Joseph (Joe) Co. Derry/Londonderry 10/10/20
Carleton, John Cole Co. Armagh 10/10/20
Clulow, William Victor Co. Armagh 10/10/20
Snelgrove, Melvyn Alfred Co. Antrim 10/10/20
Gilliland, Bob Co. Antrim 10/10/20
Johnston, Michael Co. Antrim 10/10/20
MARTIN (née Stilges), Bridie Co. Antrim 10/10/20
McParland, Deirdre (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 10/10/20
Rouse, Patsy Co. Tyrone 10/10/20
Kelly (née Corrigan), Bridgid Co. Fermanagh 09/10/20
Bell (née Prichard), Mary Co. Down 09/10/20
Gracey, Belle Co. Down 09/10/20
McGroggan, John Co. Antrim 09/10/20
McFerran (née Mc Intyre), Etta Co. Antrim 09/10/20
McAleer, Patsy Co. Tyrone 09/10/20
Hutton, Patricia (Trisha) (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/Londonderry 09/10/20
Pyper, Sheila Co. Down 09/10/20
Lavery, Kenneth Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Stafford, David Co. Down 09/10/20
Hair, Dorothea Co. Antrim 09/10/20
McCurdie, James (Jimmy) Co. Armagh 09/10/20
Pepper, Roy Co. Down 09/10/20
Rice, Luarena Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Baille, Isabella (Isobel) Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Cockcroft, Marion Elizabeth Co. Armagh 09/10/20
Brown, Joseph (Boko) Co. Down 09/10/20
Gilroy, Annie Co. Antrim 09/10/20
SHERRARD (née Fleck), Mary Elizabeth (Maryl) Co. Derry/Londonderry 09/10/20
Lyttle, James (Jim) Co. Armagh 09/10/20
Beattie, Ayleen Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Nicholl, Billy Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Fletcher, Robert (Rab) Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Collins, Margaret Co. Down 09/10/20
Hamill, Brian Co. Armagh 09/10/20
Fleming, Agnes Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Hamilton, Barry Co. Down 09/10/20
Daly (née McGlinchey), Mary Co. Tyrone 09/10/20
Merron, Thomas Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Elliman, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Blaney, Fred Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Hamilton, Andrew (Andy) Co. Tyrone 09/10/20
McCann, Pio Co. Tyrone 09/10/20
Lee, Sun Choi Co. Antrim 09/10/20
McKinley, John Francis (Nurse) Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Rooney, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down 09/10/20
McCleave, Francis Co. Antrim 09/10/20
Carney, Miriam Elizabeth (Minnie) Co. Down 09/10/20
Sloan, Cliff Co. Derry/Londonderry 09/10/20
Patterson, Robert (Bob) Co. Down 08/10/20
McAuley, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Hagan, Mary Co. Down 08/10/20
McKay, Henry (Harry) McKay Co. Down 08/10/20
McNEILLY (née Coulter), Marina Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Graham (née Espie), Ray Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/10/20
Redmond, Leslie Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Johnston, Mary (May) Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Havern (née McCabe), Mary Co. Armagh 08/10/20
Smyth, Maureen Co. Armagh 08/10/20
McClenaghan (née Glendinning), Sheila Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/10/20
Gillespie, Joan Elizabeth Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Finlay, Ann Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Duff, Margaret Elizabeth (Daisy) Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McCrea, Sarah Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/10/20
Hobson, Hazel Co. Armagh 08/10/20
Cromie, Fiona Elizabeth Co. Armagh 08/10/20
Govan, Doreen Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McBeth (née McMenamin), Mary Rose Co. Tyrone 08/10/20
Nethery, Margaret Letitia Co. Tyrone 08/10/20
DEAZLEY (née Crozier), Mabel Co. Tyrone 08/10/20
Bradshaw, Gordon Victor Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Barkley, John Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Brown, Samuel James Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Martin, Denis C. Co. Down 08/10/20
WOOD (née Hanna), Rosemary Co. Down 08/10/20
McCaughan, Capt. James Co. Down 08/10/20
Coleman, Thomas Herbert (Bertie) Co. Tyrone 08/10/20
Campbell, Charles (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 08/10/20
SHIELDS (née Stewart), Elizabeth (Betty) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Breslin, Danny (Daniel J.) (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/10/20
McCaffrey, Bernard Co. Down 08/10/20
Shaw, Rhoda Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McGUIGAN (nee Doran), Teresa Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McAteer, Anthony (Tony) Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Lundy, Frances Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Mathers, Harry Co. Down 08/10/20
McCracken , Marina Elizabeth Co. Antrim 08/10/20
CONNOLLY (née Mathews), Maura Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McConaghy, William Alexander (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Ward, Rosina Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McCoy, Marie Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Hughes, Edna Co. Antrim 08/10/20
Colton, Kathleen Co. Derry/LondonderryCo. Tyrone 08/10/20
Cooke, Peter Co. Derry/Londonderry 08/10/20
Sheerin, Francis (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 08/10/20
Smyth, Samuel (Sammy) Co. Antrim 08/10/20
McBurney, Wilhelmima (Mima) Co. Down 07/10/20
WHITE (née Matthews), Marie Elizabeth Co. Antrim 07/10/20
MOORE (née Gaston), Elizabeth Co. Antrim 07/10/20
GOURLEY (née Patterson), Josephine (Joan) Co. Antrim 07/10/20
Smyth, Cecil Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 07/10/20
Robinson, Evonne Co. Fermanagh 07/10/20
Greer, Regina Co. Armagh 07/10/20
Greene, Sean Co. Armagh 07/10/20
McFerran, Alfred Cecil Moore (Cecil) Co. Antrim 07/10/20
ROBBIN (née McAuley), Kathleen Co. Antrim 07/10/20
Rushe, Colette Co. Down 07/10/20
McKnight, Annie Co. Antrim 07/10/20
McKevitt, Michael Co. Armagh 07/10/20
Campbell, Doris Co. Down 07/10/20
Lemon, Keith Co. Down 07/10/20
Donaldson, Reginald Kyle (Reggie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/10/20
McDermott, Shaun Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/10/20
NEWBERRY (née Lindsay), Annie Co. Antrim 07/10/20
BANNON (née Ruddy), Eilish 07/10/20
SLEVIN (née Gildea), Vera Co. Fermanagh 07/10/20
Johnston, Matilda Ethel Co. Fermanagh 07/10/20
McElrea, Roy Co. Tyrone 07/10/20
FERGUSON (née Watters), Stella Sadie Co. Tyrone 07/10/20
McGrath, Jimmy Co. Fermanagh 07/10/20
Mullan, James (Jimmy) Co. Tyrone 07/10/20
Cavlin, Jim Co. Armagh 07/10/20
BOUHDOUD (nee McKenna), Marianne Co. Antrim 07/10/20
Shemmeld, Kenneth Co. Antrim 07/10/20
Lynn, Geoffrey Co. Antrim 07/10/20
WYLIE (née Sherrin), Jacqueline (Jackie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/10/20
Love, Denis Co. Down 07/10/20
Crozier, George Co. Down 07/10/20
Killen, Hugh Brendan Co. Down 07/10/20
STEWART (née McGovern), Catherine Jane (Cathy) Co. Antrim 07/10/20
FITZPATRICK (née McBurney), Margaret (Peggy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/10/20
Clarke, Caolán Co. Antrim 07/10/20
Winstanley, Tina Co. Derry/Londonderry 07/10/20
Quigley, Gerald Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
Brown (née Phelan), Fidelma Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
Donaldson, Howard Co. Down 06/10/20
ROBERTS (née Davidson), Margaret Elizabeth Co. Down 06/10/20
Donnelly, Mary Eileen (Ivy) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
Bradley, Geoffrey (Geoff) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
STEPHENSON (née McCauley), Catherine (Kay) Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
O'Brien , Brian James Co. Fermanagh 06/10/20
McCloskey (née Henry), Mary Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
Crabbe, Gordon Co. Down 06/10/20
Jagota, Jagindar-Pal Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
MEEHAN (née Condren), Marie Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
JOHNSTON (née Holland), Jacqueline (Jackie) Co. Down 06/10/20
Hagan, Patsy Co. Antrim 06/10/20
LAVERY (née Murnaghan), Elizabeth Rosemary Co. Antrim 06/10/20
Totten, Rodney Co. Antrim 06/10/20
GORDON (née McKane), Sarah (Sadie) 06/10/20
Jeffers, Jessie Co. Down 06/10/20
SCOTT, Michael (Scotty) Co. Antrim 06/10/20
Wright, Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Antrim 06/10/20
Ferguson, Margaret (Myrtle) Co. Down 06/10/20
Milliken, Margaret Lyttle Co. Down 06/10/20
McIvor, Linda Co. Armagh 06/10/20
Davidson, Samuel Co. Antrim 06/10/20
WATTS (née Stewart), Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 06/10/20
DEVINE (née Mc Closkey), Noreen Co. Tyrone 06/10/20
WILLIAMSON (née Lapsley), Margaret Susan Co. Antrim 06/10/20
BOYD (née McIlwaine), Maureen Co. Antrim 06/10/20
Gallagher, Kenneth Co. Down 06/10/20
Glenn, Ethel Elizabeth Co. Antrim 06/10/20
Quinn, William Co. Down 06/10/20
Johnston, Margaret Edna Co. Antrim 06/10/20
Molloy, Richard (Wee Richie) Co. Antrim 06/10/20
McAVOY (nee Mulligan), Agnes Teresa Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 06/10/20
McCoy (née Kettle), Angela Co. Antrim 06/10/20
TATE (née Semple), Rebecca Margaret (Ruby) Co. Down 06/10/20
Rocks, Dominic Co. Down 06/10/20
BOYCE (née Brown), Jane (Jean) Co. Down 06/10/20
Burns, Mary Elizabeth (Maureen) Co. Down 06/10/20
Bonner, Martin Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
McGrory, Seamus (Jim) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 05/10/20
McTaggart (née McGinley), Kathleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
O'Neill, Michael Co. Antrim 05/10/20
McALLISTER (née Stewart), Ellen Sarah Vivian Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
Graham, James Co. Armagh 05/10/20
Campbell B.E.M. J.P., Eric Co. Armagh 05/10/20
Gracey, John Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Brady, Bernard (Barney) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Johnson, Baby Aoife Rose Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
McGeough, Aidan Co. Armagh 05/10/20
Hamilton, Nigel George Co. Armagh 05/10/20
Campbell, Ronald Co. Antrim 05/10/20
PORTER (née Houston), Annie Evangeline Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
Savage, Jemma Heather Co. Down 05/10/20
Ritchie, William Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Pollock, Ethel Marion Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
Young, Neil William George Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Booth, Elizabeth Violet Co. Antrim 05/10/20
McFee (née Smith), Cora Co. Down 05/10/20
Fitzsimmins, James (Jim) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
WILSON (née Kisby), Frances (Marina) Co. Down 05/10/20
Magee, Noel Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
O'Neill, Pat Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
Kildea, Eric Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Daly, Baby Isla Joanne Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Stafford, Philip Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Hughes, Jean Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Spence, Helen McClure Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Bryce, Arthur Edward Co. Down 05/10/20
Kerr, Samuel Co. Down 05/10/20
ROBINSON (née Madden), Audrey Eva Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
Wright, George Noel Co. Down 05/10/20
Harrison, William Reginald (Reg) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
CALDWELL (née Coleman), Helen Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Beattie, James Co. Down 05/10/20
Fee, Miriam (Mollie) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
McMillen, Jean Co. Down 05/10/20
Faloon (née Nee Kidd), Henrietta (Annie) Co. Down 05/10/20
McNeice, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Cochrane, June Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
Braden, David Adam Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
Murphy, Matilda (Tracy) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Rendell, Captain Reginald Howarth (Reg) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Atcheson, Thomsina (Dot) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Barr, Sean Co. Derry/Londonderry 05/10/20
McAuley, Maureen Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Foster, Percy Co. Down 05/10/20
Belford, Ann Patricia Co. Down 05/10/20
McDOWELL, George Co. Antrim 05/10/20
1 O'Neill (née McGinley), Margaret (Maggie) (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 05/10/20
Harty (née McSorley), Bridie (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
Carragher, Michael (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 05/10/20
Kavanagh, Lawrence Co. Antrim 05/10/20
DAVIDSON (née Wilson), Eileen Margaret Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Matier, William (Billy) Co. Down 05/10/20
Collins, Paul Henry Co. Antrim 05/10/20
Chambers, Robert Dennis Co. Down 05/10/20
Black, Helena Co. Antrim 05/10/20
HARPER (nee Todd), Mary Ann (Anna) Co. Down 05/10/20
Easton , Eamon (Big Easty) Co. Antrim 05/10/20
DENVIR (nee Dooey), Margaret (Peig) Co. Down 05/10/20
1 RUTLEDGE (née Smyth), Judith Co. Tyrone 05/10/20
Cassie CADDEN (née Mohan), Cassie Co. Fermanagh 04/10/20
McCOY (née Shivers), Mary Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/10/20
Adamson, William Sidney Co. Antrim 04/10/20
Mitchell, Barry Co. Antrim 04/10/20
HART (née Doherty), Josephine (Josie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/10/20
Hamilton, Herbert Joseph (Bertie) Co. Antrim 04/10/20
Sloan, John Co. Fermanagh 04/10/20
Mills (née Donnan), Deirdre Co. Down 04/10/20
LUDLOW (née Wilson), Mary Finlay (May) Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 04/10/20
ANDERSON (née Ward), Carmel (Bridget) Co. Down 04/10/20
Allen, Linden Co. Down 04/10/20
Gault, Reba Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/10/20
McKenna, Gerard Co. Antrim 04/10/20
Madden, Thomas Co. Antrim 04/10/20
McCluskey, Baby Nancy Rose Co. Antrim 04/10/20
McCall, Albert Ivan Co. Armagh 04/10/20
Crawford, Thomas Connor (Tom) Co. Antrim 04/10/20
Nesbitt, Alan John 04/10/20
Haughian, Patrick (Patsy) Co. Armagh 04/10/20
Shields, William Co. Down 04/10/20
Turley, Frank Co. Down 04/10/20
Hunter, Eileen Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/10/20
Bell, Maurice Andrew Co. Armagh 04/10/20
Poots, Samuel James Co. Antrim 04/10/20
HAZELTON (née Ming), Sarah Joan Co. Tyrone 04/10/20
Cafferkey (née McDonald), Claire Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/10/20
Challoner, Joe Co. Down 04/10/20
1 Hogg, Catherine Co. Down 04/10/20
Morton , Gregory Edward (Greg) Co. Tyrone 04/10/20
Morrow, Mary Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 04/10/20
O'Brien, Daniel Co. Fermanagh 04/10/20
Martin, Samuel (Sammy) Co. Down 04/10/20
Lynn, Alexander (Alex) Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Keegan (née Kelly), Rosie Co. Armagh 03/10/20
Duddy (née Shiels ), Elizabeth (Breda) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/10/20
Bevan, Rosemary Co. Antrim 03/10/20
McAvoy, William (Bill) Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Hanna, Andrew (Andy) 03/10/20
Smyth, Sarah (Sally) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/10/20
Morrow, Maud Co. Armagh 03/10/20
Hanna, Peter Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
Istenik, Eduard Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
Branion, Eva Co. Armagh 03/10/20
Dolan, Nuala Co. Fermanagh 03/10/20
Kelly, William (Willie) Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/10/20
Nutt, William John Adgey Co. Down 03/10/20
Lutton, Dorothy Co. Armagh 03/10/20
McLaughlin, Andrew Co. Derry/Londonderry 03/10/20
O'Kane, Patrick Joseph (Patsy) 03/10/20
McLaughlin, Sadie Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Boomer, René Wilson Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
McCammon, James Raymond Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
Donnelly, Patricia Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
CUNNINGHAM (nee Nugent), Ann Patricia (Pat) Co. Antrim 03/10/20
BRANNIGAN (nee McDermott), Theresa Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Rankin, Margaret Sanlon Co. Antrim 03/10/20
MONTGOMERY (née McNeill), Jane (Jean) Co. Antrim 03/10/20
O'Neill, Alexander (Alec) Co. Antrim 03/10/20
McDonnell, Elizabeth (Linda) Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Martin, Irene Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Mellon, Austin Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
Tracey, Jim Co. Tyrone 03/10/20
Meenan, Assumpta Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Matier, Francis Brendan Co. Antrim 03/10/20
Edwards, Thomas Co. Armagh 02/10/20
Patton (née Doherty), Dolores Co. Tyrone 02/10/20
McGLONE (née McCallion), Margaret (Peggy Co. Tyrone 02/10/20
Lennox, Jenna Louise Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
Johnson, Kevin Co. Antrim 02/10/20
BREEN (née Andrews), Catherine Co. Down 02/10/20
Cully, Wilf Co. Down 02/10/20
McElhinney, Bernard Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
DONAGHEY (née McGowan), Jane Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
Brown, Samuel (Sam) Co. Down 02/10/20
Patterson, Robert Co. Down 02/10/20
Savage, Laurence Co. Antrim 02/10/20
McKee, Vera Co. Armagh 02/10/20
Colhoun, Iris Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Armstrong, David Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Henderson, Rachel Primrose Co. Antrim 02/10/20
McAvinue (née Gleeson), Imelda Co. Fermanagh 02/10/20
McCaffrey, Edmond Co. Fermanagh 02/10/20
McVeigh, John Joe Co. Tyrone 02/10/20
Orr, Myrtle Mabel Co. Down 02/10/20
Tweed, Alan Campbell Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Hall, George Co. Antrim 02/10/20
McClenaghan, Marc Co. Down 02/10/20
Cairns (née McKelvey), Dinah Co. Down 02/10/20
Lynass, William Henry (Billy) Co. Armagh 02/10/20
Larkin, Bernard (Barney) Co. Armagh 02/10/20
Wilson, Patrick Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
Roockley, Edward Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
Ferris, David (Davy) Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Agnew, Rev Noel Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Timpany, H Richard Co. Down 02/10/20
McCULLAGH (née McCaffrey), Elizabeth (Lizzie) Co. Tyrone 02/10/20
O'NEILL (née Johnston), Catherine (Kathleen) Co. Antrim 02/10/20
McKeefry, Micky Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
Willman, Michael Christopher Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
BARR (née McGuinness), Ann Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
Corbett, Jim (Jay) Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Wallace, William Alexander (Bill) Co. Down 02/10/20
Smyth, Sean Co. Antrim 02/10/20
1 Ní Riain, Aoife Co. Antrim 02/10/20
FEGAN (nee Armstrong), Kathleen Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Cooney, Vincent Co. Antrim 02/10/20
SMITH (née McIntyre), Elizabeth Co. Derry/Londonderry 02/10/20
HENDERSON (née Savage), Hazel Co. Down 02/10/20
McVeigh, Seamus (Died outside NI)Co. Down 02/10/20
Fitzpatrick, Kieran (Speedy) (Died outside NI)Co. Antrim 02/10/20
Craig, Karen Co. Antrim 02/10/20
STEWART (née Keown), Mary Co. AntrimCo. Fermanagh 01/10/20
McFeely, Richard (Dick) Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/10/20
Lynn, Kerry Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Olenin, Kelvin Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Carlisle (née Lavery), Myrtle Co. Down 01/10/20
Nevin, Eveline Ann-Marie Co. Down 01/10/20
Porter, Margaret Co. Armagh 01/10/20
McKENNA (née Kelly), Bronach Co. Antrim 01/10/20
O'Kane, Thomas Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/10/20
Smyth, Dorothy Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/10/20
Hogg, Cara Co. Down 01/10/20
Mackin (née Brannigan), Christina (Tennie) Co. Down 01/10/20
Kane, Wilhelmina (Wilma) Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Henry, George Co. Antrim 01/10/20
McLaughlin (née McCloskey), Annie Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/10/20
Walker, John Alan Co. Down 01/10/20
Bibby, Tommy Co. Down 01/10/20
Henderson, Esther Co. Down 01/10/20
Cooper, William Robert (Bert) Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 01/10/20
GORMLEY/CROOKS, Philomena (Phil) Co. Derry/Londonderry 01/10/20
Lough, Sally Co. Down 01/10/20
Anderson, Philip Mark Co. Down 01/10/20
Neill, Joseph Henry (Joe) Co. Armagh 01/10/20
Attwell, Audrey Denise Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Parkhill, James Archibald (Jim) Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Greenlee, Sydney (Syd) Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Partridge, John Francis Co. Armagh 01/10/20
Graham, David Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Flynn, Josephine Co. Antrim 01/10/20
CARDWELL (née Taylor), Dorothy Co. Armagh 01/10/20
McDonnell, Elizabeth Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Ireland, Robert Charles Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Roxborough, Brian (Died outside NI)Co. Down 01/10/20
Gordon, Ann Patricia (Patsy) Co. Down 01/10/20
Davidson (née Lavery), Dymphna Co. Down 01/10/20
Griffith, Tony (Anthony Edward) Co. Down 01/10/20
Weir, Henry John (Jackie) 01/10/20
Duffy, Peter Co. Armagh 01/10/20
Houston, Kathleen Co. AntrimCo. Tyrone 01/10/20
Dolan, Madge Co. Tyrone 01/10/20
Moore, Roy Co. Down 01/10/20
Totten, Robert (Bobby) Co. Antrim 01/10/20
McCullough, Edmond Co. Down 01/10/20
McCauley, Alexander (Alex) Co. Down 01/10/20
Salters, Norman Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Campbell, Rose Co. AntrimCo. Down 01/10/20
WEIR (née Hegan), Irene (Rene) (Died outside NI)Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 01/10/20
Foster, Cynthia Co. Antrim 01/10/20
Bhandari, Ved Co. Tyrone 30/09/20
McNab (née Brown), Maureen (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 30/09/20
BROLLY (née Doherty), Margaret Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
Fay, Michael ( Mick) Co. Armagh 30/09/20
(Bellaghy) (née Quinn), Pauline Henry Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
McShane, Brian Co. Antrim 30/09/20
1 Bradley, Rory Co. Tyrone 30/09/20
Kyle, Daisy Co. Antrim 30/09/20
McGeady, James Columba (Jim) Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
Havlin, Raymond Co. Antrim 30/09/20
McCormick, Ina Co. Down 30/09/20
Ardill, Bryan Co. Down 30/09/20
O'Keeffe, Prof. Terry Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
KERR (née Bailie), Eileen Alexandra Co. Down 30/09/20
Heatley, Marshall Leslie Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
Martin, Patrick John Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Adams, Stephen James Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Dougan, Margaret Co. Antrim 30/09/20
McCracken, Sheila Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Gamble, Andrew (Andy) Co. Armagh 30/09/20
Turtle, Trevor Thompson Co. Antrim 30/09/20
TABBITT (née McQuaid), Michelle Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
Campbell, Alastair W.G. Co. Down 30/09/20
McConnell, Joseph (Joe) Co. Antrim 30/09/20
McNulty, Pat Co. Down 30/09/20
Hamilton, John Co. Tyrone 30/09/20
McKeown, James Co. Tyrone 30/09/20
McKeown, Gordon Thomas Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Nevin, Eveline Ann-Marie Co. Down 30/09/20
Long, June Marion Co. Down 30/09/20
Steen, Brian Co. Down 30/09/20
Moffett, Michael Alan Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Nendick, Thomas Stephen (Tom) Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Bothwell, Alan Co. Antrim 30/09/20
VANCE (née Moore), Frances Elizabeth Donnell Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
Scott, Edith Co. Armagh 30/09/20
Kee (née McNickle), Annie Co. Tyrone 30/09/20
Heaney, James Co. Down 30/09/20
1 Mawhinney, Robbie Co. Down 30/09/20
McCORMICK (née Shiels), Mary Co. Down 30/09/20
MacDougall, Patricia (Trish) Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Sullivan, Margaret Rose Co. Antrim 30/09/20
O'Hare, Winifred (Winnie) Co. Down 30/09/20
Sullivan (née Maguire), Mary (May) (Died outside NI)Co. Fermanagh 30/09/20
Smyth, David Co. Antrim 30/09/20
McCoy, George Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Fortune, Janet (Jean) Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Ross, Jean Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Madden, Anne Co. Antrim 30/09/20
Downey, Stephen Snr Co. Armagh 30/09/20
Robb, Dorothy Elizabeth (Dr) Co. Antrim 30/09/20
GALLAGHER (née Stewart), Phyllis Co. Derry/Londonderry 30/09/20
Doherty, Gerald Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/09/20
O'Brien, Niall Co. Antrim 29/09/20
DEVLIN (née McCann), Colette Co. Tyrone 29/09/20
Johnston, B.E.M., George Andrew Co. Armagh 29/09/20
Osborne, Zoe Katherine Co. Fermanagh 29/09/20
Boyce, John (Jack) Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/09/20
OSUERE (née Mallett), Rosaleen Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/09/20
MELDRUM (née McIlreavy), Gillian Co. Derry/Londonderry 29/09/20
Boggs, Martha Co. Antrim 29/09/20
Lyttle , Roy Co. Down 29/09/20
Portis, william Co. Antrim 29/09/20
McClure, Margaret Co. Antrim 29/09/20
Campbell, Eugene (The Sheikh) Co. Armagh 29/09/20
Atkinson, Raymond Samuel Co. Down 29/09/20
Murdock, Annie Alberta (Berta) Co. Antrim 29/09/20
Bishorek, Robert (Bob) Co. Antrim 29/09/20
Irvine, Pat Co. Down 29/09/20
McCorry, Michael (Mickey) Co. Armagh 29/09/20
McNulty, Marian Olive Co. Down 29/09/20
Hamilton, Hugh Co. Antrim 29/09/20
McDowell, John Alexander Co. Antrim 29/09/20
Forbes, Lynette Co. AntrimCo. Armagh 29/09/20
Haire, Agnes Co. Antrim 29/09/20
WRIGHT (née O'Hare), Teresa Co. Down 29/09/20
MULLIGAN (née Carney), Patricia (Patsy) Co. Fermanagh 29/09/20
Smyth, William Robert (Robin) Co. Antrim 29/09/20
McClaine, Brian Co. Tyrone 29/09/20
McConnell (née Duffy), Teresa Co. ArmaghCo. Tyrone 29/09/20
Jeffrey, David Co. Down 29/09/20
McCULLAGH (née Murphy ), Vera 29/09/20
HUNTER (née Nellins), Alice Mooney Co. Antrim 29/09/20
BLAINE (née Moore), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Down 29/09/20
McQuiston, Maureen Co. Antrim 29/09/20
O'Brien, Trevor Co. Down 29/09/20
ALEXANDER (née McIlheron), Rosemary Co. Down 29/09/20
Bryans, Margaret Hester (Pearlie) Co. Antrim 29/09/20