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Name Location Date added
PATTERSON, Martha Ethel Co. Antrim 06/09/2021
LAGAN (née Gallagher), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/09/2021
3 O'Neill, John Co. Tyrone 01/09/2021
HEANEY, James Co. Tyrone 31/08/2021
BELL, Albert Co. Tyrone 30/08/2021
McGUCKIN (née McGuigan), Anna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/08/2021
McARDLE, Frances Co. Armagh 30/08/2021
ANDERSON (née Mullan), Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/08/2021
POWER, Pat Co. Down 27/08/2021
McKEOWN, Patrick Co. Down 27/08/2021
ROBINSON, Davy Co. Tyrone 27/08/2021
2 CURRAN, John Co. Tyrone 27/08/2021
SMYTH, Edna Co. Down 26/08/2021
LAWN, William James (Jim) Co. Tyrone 24/08/2021
BARRAS (née Saunders), Eileen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/08/2021
McBRIDE, Alexander Co. Tyrone 24/08/2021
FARSON, Pat Co. Down 24/08/2021
MOLLOY (née McCann), Orla Co. AntrimCo. Derry/ Londonderry 23/08/2021
2 McAleer, Michael Co. Tyrone 23/08/2021
McCREA, Samuel James Co. Tyrone 23/08/2021
LOGUE, Damien Gerald (Dessie) Co. Tyrone 22/08/2021
O'BOYLE (née Henry), Marie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/08/2021
DOOLIN, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/08/2021
2 Corr (neé Rafferty), Ita Co. Tyrone 19/08/2021
O'BRIEN, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/08/2021
ANDERSON (née McLaughlin), Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/08/2021
CONWAY, Francis Co. Tyrone 09/07/2021
MULHOLLAND (née Goodman), Josephine(Josie) Co. Tyrone 08/07/2021
McGrath, Thomas Co. Tyrone 23/06/2021
CUDDY (née Gilkinson), Maria Co. Tyrone 20/06/2021
3 Ward, Pat Co. Tyrone 16/06/2021
9 St. George, John (Paddy) Co. Tyrone 13/06/2021
1 McCARNEY, Anne Co. Tyrone 24/05/2021
20 Quinn, Gerard Co. Tyrone 24/05/2021
1 GALLAGHER, Frances Co. Tyrone 18/05/2021
6 Quinn, Margaret Co. Tyrone 18/04/2021
Quinn, Frank Co. Tyrone 07/04/2021
1 Quinn, John Joe Co. Tyrone 24/03/2021
McCann, Fergal Co. Tyrone 09/03/2021
Donaghy, Vincent Co. Tyrone 08/03/2021
4 Allen, Aimèe Co. Tyrone 02/03/2021
7 McCullagh, Francie Co. Tyrone 27/02/2021
8 Girvan, Kevin Co. Tyrone 27/02/2021
4 Quinn, Niall Co. Tyrone 19/02/2021
20 Devlin, Mickey Co. Tyrone 18/02/2021
7 Donaghy, Peter Co. Tyrone 18/01/2021
Morris, Mickie (Michael) Co. Tyrone 06/01/2021
6 McGurk, Joe Co. Tyrone 27/12/2020
3 Hayden, John Co. Tyrone 26/12/2020
2 McNally, Mary Co. Tyrone 15/10/2020
1 Rafferty, Orla Co. Tyrone 09/08/2020
Bannon, Michael Co. Tyrone 07/08/2020
5 Quinn, Edmond Co. Tyrone 06/06/2020

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