Memorial Pages

A Memorial page, is a lasting remembrance of a family’s loved one.

The Memorial page can be updated each year on the Anniversary.

Name Location Date added
McNALLY, Rosie Co. Tyrone 20/05/2022
1 MOORE, Alan Co. Down 19/04/2022
Kelly, Fr Patrick (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 06/04/2022
McNALLY (née McKernan), Rosaleen Co. Tyrone 03/04/2022
2 COYLE, Francis (Frank) Co. Tyrone 01/04/2022
1 REID, Edward James (Ted) Co. Tyrone 31/03/2022
1 McKEOWN, Molly Co. Down 28/03/2022
1 LAVERY (nee Doyle), Sara Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/03/2022
1 DEVLIN, Brian Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/03/2022
1 O'CONNOR, Jim Co. Down 27/03/2022
McIEVER (née Mulgrew), Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 27/03/2022
1 McVEY (nee Conlan), Mary Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 26/03/2022
DERGES, Angela Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/03/2022
1 CRAVEN, Laurence Thomas Co. Down 25/03/2022
1 KELLY, Kevin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/2022
1 O'CONNOR (née O'Donnell), Elizabeth (Lily) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/03/2022
MAYBERRY (nee O’Connor), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/03/2022
McCARTNEY, Benjamin (Ben) Co. Down 23/03/2022
1 DOBBIN, Sean Paul Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/03/2022
1 MARSHALL, Martina Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/03/2022
1 O'CONNOR, Peter (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 22/03/2022
1 DALY (née Comac), Angela Co. Tyrone 22/03/2022
RUTHERFORD, Robert (Robbie) Co. Tyrone 22/03/2022
1 McLAUGHLIN, Seamus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/03/2022
1 McKERNAN (nee Meenagh), May Co. Tyrone 19/03/2022
2 CAMPBELL (née Mulholland), Patricia Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/2022
McMULLAN, Hugh Co. Down 16/03/2022
1 SMITH, Mary Co. Down 15/03/2022
CURRIE, Connor Co. Tyrone 15/03/2022
1 DORAN, John Co. Tyrone 15/03/2022
1 BOYLE (née Diamond), Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 14/03/2022
HEGARTY, Pauline Co. Tyrone 13/03/2022
DEVLIN, Laurence Co. Tyrone 13/03/2022
JOHNSTON, Simon (Died outside NI)Co. Down 12/03/2022
HIGGINS , Mary Co. Down 12/03/2022
QUINN (nee Larkin), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/03/2022
1 McMULLAN (née Mullan), Helen Co. Antrim 10/03/2022
1 BENNETT, John Joseph Co. Armagh 10/03/2022
O'HARE (née McDonald), Isobel Co. Tyrone 10/03/2022
1 KIERAN, Donal Co. ArmaghCo. Down 09/03/2022
COMAC (née Quinn), Bridget Co. Tyrone 09/03/2022
4 McHUGH, Conor Co. Tyrone 09/03/2022
1 COLLINS (née Crozier), Angela Co. AntrimCo. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/2022
2 McALISTER (nee Gillespie), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/03/2022
1 GILGUNN, Paul (wee Gilgy) Co. Down 08/03/2022
1 MALLAGHAN, Gerard Co. Tyrone 07/03/2022
3 Pat, McCULLAGH Co. Tyrone 07/03/2022
CURRIE (née Mitchell), Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/03/2022
1 McATAMNEY (nee Sharkey), Caroline Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/03/2022
1 O'LOUGHLIN, Arthur Co. Down 06/03/2022
1 KEARNEY (née Sutcliffe), Cyrena Co. Down 06/03/2022
DONAGHEY (née Scullion), Mary Co. AntrimCo. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/2022
1 O'ROURKE (nee McMath), Rosie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/03/2022
SHEPPARD, Ann Co. Antrim 04/03/2022
BOND (née McWilliams), Mary Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/03/2022
1 El WATHIG (nee Regan) , Patricia Josephine Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Down 04/03/2022
LINGENFELTER, James (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/03/2022
1 FERGUSON (née Brown), Sandra Co. Down 03/03/2022
1 FLEMING, Molly (Ann) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/03/2022
CRAWFORD, Paul Co. Tyrone 03/03/2022
1 CURRAN, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/03/2022
1 MARKS, James Moffett (Jim) Co. Down 02/03/2022
1 HENRY , James (Peachy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/03/2022
McGUIGAN, Joseph (Joe) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/03/2022
1 McSORLEY (née Baxter), Mary Co. Tyrone 02/03/2022
5 Sean, STEWART Co. Tyrone 01/03/2022
2 McEVOY, Sean (John) Co. Armagh 27/02/2022
1 QUIGG, Tony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/02/2022
1 FEENEY, Johnnie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/02/2022
1 DORAN (née Curran), Margaret Co. Down 26/02/2022
1 MEHARG, Christopher Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/02/2022
GELSTON, Brendan (Boondy) Co. Down 24/02/2022
BLACK, James Co. Antrim 23/02/2022
1 MATTHEWSON, Paul Robert Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/02/2022
1 DONAGHY, Theresa Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/02/2022
9 NUGENT, Mary Co. Tyrone 23/02/2022
1 DEVLIN (née Kielty) , Mary (Maura) Co. Tyrone 21/02/2022
1 O'NEILL, John (Sean) Co. Down 19/02/2022
1 DEVLIN, Francie Co. Tyrone 18/02/2022
1 SAYERS (née LAIRD), Elizabeth (Jean) Co. Tyrone 18/02/2022
ROGAN, Tommy Co. Down 17/02/2022
MULLIN (née McQuaid), Catherine Co. Tyrone 17/02/2022
1 HEANEY, Bernie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/02/2022
1 O'DONNELL, Annie Co. Tyrone 16/02/2022
1 PATTERSON, Robert Joseph (Joepat) Co. Tyrone 16/02/2022
1 DONNELLY, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Antrim 14/02/2022
1 MULLAN, Eileen Co. Down 12/02/2022
1 LAMONT (née Brown), Winifred June (Winnie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/02/2022
1 McAREE, Brendan Co. Down 10/02/2022
1 GRIBBEN, Patrick Joseph Co. Down 10/02/2022
COSTELLO, Francis Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/02/2022
1 KINGSTON, Eric Rev. Canon Co. Down 08/02/2022
1 LAVERTY (née McQuade), Bridie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/02/2022
1 YOUNG (née Martin), Evelyn Co. Tyrone 08/02/2022
McGEARY, Mary Co. Tyrone 07/02/2022
1 HASLEY, John Co. Down 06/02/2022
1 MEEHAN (nee Cushenan), Kathleen Co. Down 06/02/2022
1 McDONNELL (nee Mc Cann), Marie Co. Down 06/02/2022
1 O'CONNOR (née Gormley), Bernadette (Bernie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/02/2022
McCONNELL (née McLaughlin), Annie Co. Tyrone 04/02/2022
1 ROWLANDS, Brian (Johnny) Co. Down 04/02/2022
1 MALLON (née Quinn), Margaret Co. Tyrone 04/02/2022
1 MURRAY (nee Swail), Angela Co. Down 03/02/2022
1 MONTEITH, Florence Kathleen (Florrie) Co. Tyrone 01/02/2022
1 CATTERSON (née Porter), Rebecca (Margaret) Co. Tyrone 01/02/2022
1 MACKLE, Sarah Mary (Sadie) Co. Down 01/02/2022
1 FORBES, Thomas David Stuart (Tom) Co. Tyrone 31/01/2022
1 PEAK, John Co. Down 31/01/2022
1 McILVAR (née Doherty), Nancy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/2022
1 DOWNEY (née O’Kane), Janet Co. Antrim 31/01/2022
1 McGUIGAN (née O’Hare), Maureen Co. Armagh 30/01/2022
1 McLAUGHLIN, Martin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/01/2022
OWENS (née Herron), Janet Co. Tyrone 29/01/2022
McPARLAND, Maureen Co. Armagh 29/01/2022
McWILLIAMS, Paschal Co. Antrim 28/01/2022
1 CASSIDY, Michael Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/01/2022
1 FEARON (née Mallon), May Co. Armagh 28/01/2022
1 McELROY , Sean Co. Down 28/01/2022
2 McCLOSKEY, Tish Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/01/2022
1 CASSIDY, Barney Co. Tyrone 26/01/2022
1 HOLLAND, Rosena (Rosie) Co. Down 26/01/2022
1 BOTSFORD, Jim Co. Down 25/01/2022
3 RYAN, Thomas William (Liam) Co. Tyrone 24/01/2022
1 QUINN (nee Bridges), Hilda Co. Down 24/01/2022
1 PARKINSON, Henry (Harry) Co. Down 24/01/2022
2 McCLOSKEY, Liz Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/01/2022
1 McELHINNEY, Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/01/2022
MULLAN, Gerard (Gerry) Co. Tyrone 22/01/2022
1 CROWE, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Antrim 22/01/2022
6 O'NEILL, Dinny Co. Tyrone 21/01/2022
McCALLISTER, (née Irwin), Nora Co. Down 19/01/2022
1 LAIRD, James (Jimmy) Co. Down 19/01/2022
1 MAGINN (née Tumilty), Mary Co. Down 19/01/2022
1 McKENNA, Denis Co. Tyrone 19/01/2022
RUSH, Tony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/01/2022
1 BRODERICK, Laurence (Larry) (Died outside NI)Co. Tyrone 19/01/2022
1 O'HAGAN (née Murphy), Margaret Co. Armagh 17/01/2022
1 HEALY, Stella Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/2022
McVEIGH (née Gilmore), Pauline Co. Antrim 17/01/2022
WOODS (née Smyth), Therese Co. Down 15/01/2022
McCANN (née Fegan), Philomena Co. Down 15/01/2022
O'NEILL, Francie Co. Tyrone 15/01/2022
1 McWILLIAMS (nee McGonnell), Mary Co. Tyrone 13/01/2022
DOHERTY (née Curran), Marian Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/01/2022
McCAIN (née Keys) , Margaret Elizabeth (Pearl) Co. Tyrone 12/01/2022
TAYLOR (née Smith), Vera Co. Down 12/01/2022
SCOTT, David Co. Antrim 12/01/2022
McCONVEY (née Kent), Margaret Ita (Ida) Co. Down 11/01/2022
LIVELY, Evelyn Co. Armagh 09/01/2022
LEE, Davy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/01/2022
1 YOUNG, William Andrew Co. Tyrone 09/01/2022
DEVLIN (née O'Hagan), Ann Co. Tyrone 09/01/2022
CONDY, Archibald (Archie) Co. Tyrone 08/01/2022
2 O'KANE, Sean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/01/2022
1 O'KEEFE (née Short), Marian Co. Armagh 07/01/2022
CASEMENT, (née Fee), Eileen Co. Down 07/01/2022
O'LOAN, Ciarán Co. Antrim 06/01/2022
McQUAID (née Gallagher), Anne Co. Tyrone 06/01/2022
DOYLE, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Down 04/01/2022
8 McAleer, Patrick Co. Tyrone 04/01/2022
KILLEN, John Co. Down 04/01/2022
1 CUNNINGHAM, Rodney Co. Tyrone 03/01/2022
CASSIDY (née Murray), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/01/2022
FEGAN (née Mulholland), Betty Co. Down 02/01/2022
FRAZER, William Thomas Co. Down 02/01/2022
RODGERS, Tony Co. Down 01/01/2022
SLEVIN, Matt Co. Tyrone 31/12/2021
SHIELDS, Owen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/12/2021
McMahon, Hughie Co. Tyrone 31/12/2021
MONTGOMERY, Eva Co. Down 31/12/2021
KELLY, Michael (Mickey) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/12/2021
KELLY, Colm Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/12/2021
SLEVIN (née Brady), Rose Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/12/2021
CUNNINGHAM , PJ (Musky) Co. Down 28/12/2021
WRIGHT, William Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/12/2021
MARTIN, Liam Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/12/2021
RAFFERTY , Michael Co. Tyrone 27/12/2021
1 COYLE (nee Conroy), Bernie Co. Tyrone 26/12/2021
5 O'Neill, Christina Co. Tyrone 26/12/2021
QUINN, Niall Co. Antrim 26/12/2021
McFERRAN (née Doherty), Mary Co. Antrim 26/12/2021
CORR, Barry Co. Tyrone 26/12/2021
Allison, George Co. Tyrone 25/12/2021
2 Keenan, Tommy Co. Tyrone 23/12/2021
McCUTCHEON, William James (Billy) Co. Armagh 22/12/2021
BURKE, Bernice Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/12/2021
HYNDS, Kieran Co. Down 21/12/2021
CAHERTY (née Feehan), Margaret Co. Armagh 16/12/2021
2 CLARKE (née McCullagh) , Mary Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 15/12/2021
McMULLAN (nee McGreevy), Elizabeth (Lillian) Co. Down 14/12/2021
2 O'KANE, Noeleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 14/12/2021
2 HAUGHEY (née McCallan), Kathleen Co. Tyrone 14/12/2021
WILKINSON (née Hopper), Margaret Ann (Maggie) Co. Tyrone 13/12/2021
2 DONAGHY, Mary Co. Tyrone 12/12/2021
LEYDEN, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/12/2021
2 Rafferty, Agnes Co. Tyrone 08/12/2021
MURPHY, Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 07/12/2021
2 McELDUFF, Elizabeth (Lil) Co. Tyrone 07/12/2021
HEPBURN, Daniel Co. Tyrone 07/12/2021
ARMSTRONG (née Elliott), Emily Geraldine Co. Tyrone 07/12/2021
1 McCRYSTALL (nee Keenan), Anne Geraldine Co. Tyrone 06/12/2021
10 McNALLY, Rose Co. Tyrone 06/12/2021
KIRRANE (née Dillon), Clare (Died outside NI)Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/12/2021
3 DONNELLY , Michael Co. Tyrone 04/12/2021
2 DORAN, Bernie Co. Tyrone 04/12/2021
McALEAVY, Belinda Anne Co. Antrim 03/12/2021
6 DONNELLY, Sean Co. Tyrone 02/12/2021
BOYLAN, Damian Co. Tyrone 01/12/2021
JAYE, Lola Co. Down 29/11/2021
BARNES, David George Co. Tyrone 28/11/2021
LOGUE (née Young), Ann Camillus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/11/2021
4 DONAGHY, Peter Co. Tyrone 27/11/2021
McLAUGHLIN, Francie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/11/2021
McELHONE, David John Co. Antrim 22/11/2021
HEGARTY, Michael Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/11/2021
KEARNEY, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/11/2021
McCLAREY, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/11/2021
GOODE, Arthur (Junior) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 20/11/2021
MALCOMSON, Brian Co. Down 19/11/2021
TOTTEN (née Kane) , Anne Marie Bernadette Co. Tyrone 18/11/2021
JEFFERY (née Browne), Caroline Ann Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/11/2021
McNICHOLL, Michael Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/11/2021
McGUCKIN (née Quigg), Moira Rose Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/11/2021
McNAMEE, Martina Co. Tyrone 15/11/2021
MAHON (née Henvey), Annie Co. Down 14/11/2021
TELFORD, Ronald David (Ronnie) Co. Tyrone 14/11/2021
MULLAN, Michael (Mickey) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 13/11/2021
HOGG, John Co. Down 13/11/2021
McKANE, Paddy Joe Co. Tyrone 13/11/2021
MADINE (née Brennan), Veronica (Vera) Co. Down 12/11/2021
RAFFERTY, Brendan (Died outside NI)Co. Armagh 12/11/2021
WILSON, Jamesy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/11/2021
1 HOSEY (née Mc Crory), Gemma Co. Tyrone 11/11/2021
McCLOSKEY (née Walker), June Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/11/2021
LYNCH, John Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/11/2021
O'NEILL (née McKeever), Rita Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/11/2021
CROZIER, Owen Co. Tyrone 11/11/2021
1 McWILLIAMS, Kathleen Co. Tyrone 10/11/2021
McALINDEN (née Doran), Nuala Co. Armagh 10/11/2021
McIVOR (née McPeake), Bernie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/11/2021
HASSAN, Matthew (Matha) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/11/2021
10 O'NEILL, Martha Co. Tyrone 09/11/2021
McIVOR, Francie Joe Co. Tyrone 09/11/2021
CARVILLE, Eithne Co. Down 08/11/2021
McCALLION (née Clark), Ann Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/11/2021
1 McMANUS, Brendan Co. Down 08/11/2021
WILSON, Ivan Co. Tyrone 07/11/2021
McCORMACK, Jacqueline (Jackie) Co. Tyrone 07/11/2021
1 O'ROURKE, Ethine Co. AntrimCo. Down 07/11/2021
1 McGUIGAN, Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/11/2021
1 KEENAN (née Doherty), Mary Josephine (Joy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/11/2021
1 TODD, Stewart Co. Armagh 05/11/2021
BERRY, Tommy Co. Armagh 05/11/2021
BELL, Evan Co. Tyrone 05/11/2021
WILKINSON, Malachy Co. Tyrone 05/11/2021
ORR (née Pepper), Marlene Co. Armagh 05/11/2021
ARMSTRONG (née Johnston), Sally Co. Tyrone 04/11/2021
KELLY (née Grimes), Helen Co. Tyrone 04/11/2021
O'KANE, James Co. Antrim 04/11/2021
RICE, Patrick (Paddy) Co. Armagh 04/11/2021
DOHERTY (née Douglas), Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/11/2021
QUIGG (née Dempsey), Kathleen Co. Antrim 03/11/2021
SIMPSON, William David John (Jack) Co. Down 02/11/2021
1 McKAY (née McCartney), Margaret Co. Down 02/11/2021
SANDS (née Connell), Josephine (Josie) Co. Down 02/11/2021
BYRNE (née Ryan), Nancy Co. Down 01/11/2021
McDAID, Pat (Arkle) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/11/2021
BELL, Samuel James (Jim) Co. Down 31/10/2021
HARKNESS, (Dennis) Alexander Kerr Co. Tyrone 31/10/2021
MOORE (née McCloskey), Josephine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/10/2021
McGONIGLE, Pearse Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/10/2021
McHUGH, Patrick Joseph (Patsy) Co. Tyrone 28/10/2021
GRIEVE, James Hamilton Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/10/2021
McCANN, Phelim Co. Tyrone 27/10/2021
CAMPBELL, Shea Patrick Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/10/2021
McQUILLAN (née Walsh) , Marian Co. Antrim 23/10/2021
FERRIS, Raymond Co. Down 23/10/2021
O'KANE , William Hugh (Willie) Co. Antrim 21/10/2021
1 McKAY, Eamon Co. Antrim 20/10/2021
McLERNON, John Francis (Sean) Co. Antrim 20/10/2021
McMAHON (née Gallagher), Josephine (Josie) Co. Tyrone 20/10/2021
THOMPSON, Desmond (Dessie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 19/10/2021
FITZSIMONS, Ronan (Mannie) Co. Down 19/10/2021
CAMPBELL, Brian Co. Down 18/10/2021
CULLY, John Co. Armagh 18/10/2021
MILLIGAN, Joseph Robert (Roy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/10/2021
LOWEY, Robert (Robbie) Co. Down 17/10/2021
DOUGAN, Ciaran Co. Antrim 17/10/2021
DIAMOND (née O’Hagan), Patricia Co. Antrim 17/10/2021
LARMOUR (née Crilly), Patricia Co. Tyrone 17/10/2021
LYNCH (née Mullan), Frances Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/10/2021
BRADLEY, John Co. Armagh 14/10/2021
WHAN (née Hagen), Ellen Co. Down 13/10/2021
McMULLAN (née McNally), Freda Co. Antrim 12/10/2021
STOCKMAN (née Maslen), Peggy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/10/2021
O'HAGAN, John Charlie Co. Tyrone 11/10/2021
CONVERY, Francis Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/10/2021
RAFFERTY-FLOYD, Christopher Co. Tyrone 11/10/2021
DOYLE, Seamus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/10/2021
HOUSTON, Gerry Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/10/2021
McQUILLAN (née Raddie), Margaret Co. Antrim 10/10/2021
McNULTY, John Patrick (Pat) Co. Tyrone 09/10/2021
CAMPBELL (née Blair), Nora Co. Down 09/10/2021
BROWN, Damien Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/10/2021
LAVERTY, Mark Co. Down 09/10/2021
DEVLIN, Phelim Bernard Co. Tyrone 09/10/2021
KELLY (née Morgan), Ursula Co. Antrim 09/10/2021
McKERNAN, Sean Co. Tyrone 08/10/2021
O'DONNELL (née McDonagh), Debbie Co. Tyrone 08/10/2021
McLAUGHLIN, William Joseph Co. Antrim 08/10/2021
SMYTH, Kieron Co. Down 07/10/2021
HUGHES (née Woods), Bernadette Co. Armagh 07/10/2021
LUE, Patrick Co. Down 06/10/2021
CARTY, Phelim Anthony Co. Tyrone 06/10/2021
CULLEN, Annie Co. Armagh 05/10/2021
KENNEDY , Thomas Alexander (Tom) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/10/2021
LENNOX, Pearl Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/10/2021
ROBINSON (née Brown), Isobel Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 03/10/2021
McCALLEN, Pat Co. Tyrone 03/10/2021
DEERY (née McAllister), Susanne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
McFLYNN (née McDonald) , Briege Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
MOORE, Brigid Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
LENNOX, Eddie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
McIVOR, Seamus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
1 McARDLE, Tommy Co. Armagh 03/10/2021
McDONNELL, Gregory Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
DILLON, Rachel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
KEARNEY , Raymond Co. Down 03/10/2021
McFALONE, Declan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 03/10/2021
McGUIGAN, Brian Co. Derry/ Londonderry 01/10/2021
McGIRR (née Curley), Rita Co. Tyrone 30/09/2021
RIORDAN, Diarmuid Co. Down 30/09/2021
SANDS, Rachael Co. Down 30/09/2021
7 BOYLE, Pat Co. Tyrone 30/09/2021
1 KING, MVB MRCVS, Maurice Co. Down 30/09/2021
RYAN (née McAteer), Olive Co. Down 29/09/2021
ARCHIBALD (née Heaney), Sarah Co. Derry/ Londonderry 29/09/2021
MEHARG, Tillie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/09/2021
RUDDY, Margaret Co. Armagh 28/09/2021
ARMOUR, Clarke Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/09/2021
McGUIGAN (née McElhone), Lucy Bernadette Co. Tyrone 27/09/2021
1 McPEAKE, Harry Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/09/2021
GORMAN, Samuel James (Sammy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/09/2021
McGILLIN (née McCullagh), Pauline (Polly) Co. Tyrone 27/09/2021
McCANN (née McMullan), Gretta Co. Derry/ Londonderry 26/09/2021
WATERWORTH, Audrey Co. Antrim 25/09/2021
McGRATH, Joseph (Joe) Co. Down 25/09/2021
1 COYLE, Michael Co. Tyrone 25/09/2021
REILLY, Noel Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/09/2021
HUGHES (née O’Boyle), Caroline Co. Antrim 25/09/2021
McILHERON, Sue Co. Down 24/09/2021
SMYTH, Zara Co. Down 24/09/2021
HOLLYWOOD (née Quinn), Marie Co. Down 24/09/2021
O'NEILL, Sean Co. Tyrone 24/09/2021
McLAUGHLIN (née McGill), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/09/2021
QUINN, Tony Co. Down 23/09/2021
STEWART (née Hegarty), Patsy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 23/09/2021
KELLY, Paddy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/09/2021
1 LOUGHRAN (née McGarrity), Margaret Mary (Maggie) Co. Tyrone 22/09/2021
11 McElduff, Donal Co. Tyrone 22/09/2021
LYNCH, Mary Elizabeth (Mamie) Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 22/09/2021
McKEEVER, Kevin (Crack) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/09/2021
McSHANE (née McCrudden), Mary Co. Down 21/09/2021
DEVLIN, Annie Co. Tyrone 19/09/2021
WRIGHT, Cecil Alexander Co. Down 19/09/2021
McAULEY (née Dunne), Monica Co. Armagh 19/09/2021
SLOAN, Joey Co. Down 19/09/2021
BOYLE, Carolyn (Carly) Co. Antrim 17/09/2021
McCORRY, Sarah Brigid (Sally) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/09/2021
STEWART, Jimmy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/09/2021
O'CONNOR (née O'Doherty), Bronagh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/09/2021
NEWELL, Mary Ellen (May) Co. Down 17/09/2021
McWILLIAMS (nee Gribbon) , Marcella Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/09/2021
BIGMORE (née Collins), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/09/2021
HARKIN (née Cullen), Kathleen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/09/2021
MULLIGAN, Sarah (Sadie) Co. Tyrone 15/09/2021
CAMPBELL (née Tinsley), Mary Co. Antrim 15/09/2021
BRAHAM, Paul Co. Down 15/09/2021
1 CAMPBELL (née McCrory), Mary Teresa Co. Tyrone 15/09/2021
O'NEILL (née Graham), Ita Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/09/2021
QUINN, Patsy Co. Tyrone 15/09/2021
McGAHAN (née Mullen), Brigid Co. Tyrone 15/09/2021
DUFFY (née McCrory), Bernadette Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 14/09/2021
McNALLY, Gary Patrick Co. Tyrone 14/09/2021
FLEET, David Co. Antrim 13/09/2021
ARMSTRONG, Brian Co. Down 13/09/2021
GRIBBEN, Dan Co. Antrim 13/09/2021
1 GERVIN (née McCann), Stella Co. Tyrone 12/09/2021
CAMPBELL (nee Campbell), Eileen Co. Tyrone 12/09/2021
CANAVAN, Darren Co. Tyrone 12/09/2021
BURKE, Raymond Co. Derry/ Londonderry 12/09/2021
LINTON, Thomas William (Billy) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 11/09/2021
SURGENOR, Stephen Co. Antrim 10/09/2021
HAGAN, Margaret Co. Tyrone 10/09/2021
MAGEE, George Co. Derry/ Londonderry 10/09/2021
STARRS, Christopher Co. Tyrone 10/09/2021
RICE, George Co. Down 09/09/2021
McALLISTER (née Dixon), Rhoda Co. Antrim 09/09/2021
LARKIN, Seamus Co. Derry/ Londonderry 09/09/2021
FEGAN, Hugh Co. Down 09/09/2021
COLEMAN, Tony Co. Derry/ LondonderryCo. Tyrone 08/09/2021
NICHOLAS, Tommy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/09/2021
LINTON, Wendy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/09/2021
KELLY (née Toner), Rose Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/09/2021
McLAUGHLIN (née McBride), Angela (Annie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/09/2021
McKEOWN, Alex (Stanley) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/09/2021
CAMPBELL (née Close), Colette Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/09/2021
DEVLIN, Henry (Dúbh) Co. Tyrone 07/09/2021
HAMPSEY (née Magee), Margaret (Peggy) Co. Tyrone 07/09/2021
PATTERSON, Martha Ethel Co. Antrim 06/09/2021
WILLIAMSON, Catherine Jean (Rena) Co. Antrim 06/09/2021
HARKIN, Denise Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/09/2021
CREIGHTON (née Craig), Violet Co. Tyrone 05/09/2021
BURKE, Sean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/09/2021
RUSH, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/09/2021
BOOTH (née Abernethy), Kathleen Elizabeth Co. Tyrone 05/09/2021
LAGAN (née Gallagher), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/09/2021
MULLAN, Brian Anthony Co. Derry/ Londonderry 04/09/2021
MACKLE (née Daly), Maureen Co. Tyrone 02/09/2021
MAYE, Kevin Co. Armagh 02/09/2021
NASH (née Boyle), Catherine (Lily) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/09/2021
DEVLIN (née McKernan), Helen Co. Tyrone 02/09/2021
3 O'Neill, John Co. Tyrone 01/09/2021
HEANEY, James Co. Tyrone 31/08/2021
CUSACK, Michael (Mickey) Co. Down 31/08/2021
Diamond (née Scullion) , Annie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/08/2021
YOUNG (née McKay), Rose Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/08/2021
BELL, Albert Co. Tyrone 30/08/2021
McGOWAN, Archie Co. Antrim 30/08/2021
McGUCKIN (née McGuigan), Anna Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/08/2021
SHERIDAN (née McLaverty), Jean Co. Down 30/08/2021
McARDLE, Frances Co. Armagh 30/08/2021
MULDOON, Tom Co. Tyrone 30/08/2021
McCLOSKEY (née McCrory), Josephine (Josie) Co. Tyrone 30/08/2021
CRAVEN (née Mc Manus), Marian Co. Down 29/08/2021
McCANN, Veronica Co. Armagh 29/08/2021
MAXWELL, Margaret Jane (Maisie) Co. Tyrone 28/08/2021
BELL (née Smyth) , Marie Co. Down 28/08/2021
McCOOK, Mary Co. Antrim 28/08/2021
ANDERSON (née Mullan), Anne Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/08/2021
O'NEILL, Harry Co. Antrim 28/08/2021
NEILL, Jessie Co. Antrim 27/08/2021
POWER, Pat Co. Down 27/08/2021
McKENNA, Peter Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/08/2021
McKEOWN, Patrick Co. Down 27/08/2021
ROBINSON, Davy Co. Tyrone 27/08/2021
McLAUGHLIN, Gerald (Gerry) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 27/08/2021
2 CURRAN, John Co. Tyrone 27/08/2021
SMYTH, Edna Co. Down 26/08/2021
LAWN, William James (Jim) Co. Tyrone 24/08/2021
BARRAS (née Saunders), Eileen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/08/2021
McBRIDE, Alexander Co. Tyrone 24/08/2021
FARSON, Pat Co. Down 24/08/2021
MOLLOY (née McCann), Orla Co. AntrimCo. Derry/ Londonderry 23/08/2021
2 McAleer, Michael Co. Tyrone 23/08/2021
McCREA, Samuel James Co. Tyrone 23/08/2021
LOGUE, Damien Gerald (Dessie) Co. Tyrone 22/08/2021
O'BOYLE (née Henry), Marie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/08/2021
DOOLIN, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 21/08/2021
2 Corr (neé Rafferty), Ita Co. Tyrone 19/08/2021
MOORE, Roy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/08/2021
O'BRIEN, James Co. Derry/ Londonderry 15/08/2021
KENNETH (Kenny), LYTTLE Co. Tyrone 14/08/2021
ANDERSON (née McLaughlin), Jean Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/08/2021
AULD (née Moody), Hannah Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/08/2021
HEWITT, Raymond Leslie Co. Tyrone 27/07/2021
CHEEVERS (née Cahoon) , Martha Isobel Co. Tyrone 22/07/2021
HARKNESS, Samuel Frederick (Fred) Co. Tyrone 21/07/2021
McCUTCHEON, Lionel Alexander Co. Tyrone 20/07/2021
SHEPHERD (née Davidson), Mina Co. Tyrone 14/07/2021
CONWAY, Francis Co. Tyrone 09/07/2021
MULHOLLAND (née Goodman), Josephine(Josie) Co. Tyrone 08/07/2021
REDFERN, Sammy Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/06/2021
LOWRY, Matilda (Tillie) Co. Tyrone 27/06/2021
McGrath, Thomas Co. Tyrone 23/06/2021
CUDDY (née Gilkinson), Maria Co. Tyrone 20/06/2021
3 Ward, Pat Co. Tyrone 16/06/2021
9 St. George, John (Paddy) Co. Tyrone 13/06/2021
FITZGERALD, Gerald Co. Down 31/05/2021
1 McCARNEY, Anne Co. Tyrone 24/05/2021
20 Quinn, Gerard Co. Tyrone 24/05/2021
1 GALLAGHER, Frances Co. Tyrone 18/05/2021
O'HAGAN, Michael Co. Tyrone 16/05/2021
1 CRAIG, Dylan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 22/04/2021
6 Quinn, Margaret Co. Tyrone 18/04/2021
1 BOYLE, Oliver Co. Down 15/04/2021
Quinn, Frank Co. Tyrone 07/04/2021
1 McGURK (née O’Kane), Margaret Rose (Rose) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 07/04/2021
1 McALLISTER, Jaxon Co. Armagh 25/03/2021
1 Quinn, John Joe Co. Tyrone 24/03/2021
DOWDS, Anthony Co. Antrim 21/03/2021
1 QUIGLEY, Kevin Co. Derry/ Londonderry 18/03/2021
McCANN, Fergal Co. Tyrone 09/03/2021
Donaghy, Vincent Co. Tyrone 08/03/2021
4 Allen, Aimèe Co. Tyrone 02/03/2021
McCLOSKEY (née McShane), Margaret Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/02/2021
7 McCullagh, Francie Co. Tyrone 27/02/2021
8 Girvan, Kevin Co. Tyrone 27/02/2021
Hassan (née O’Callaghan), Hannah Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/02/2021
4 Quinn, Niall Co. Tyrone 19/02/2021
20 Devlin, Mickey Co. Tyrone 18/02/2021
Brennan, Michael Co. Derry/ Londonderry 16/02/2021
McLoughlin, Patrick Noel Co. Down 14/02/2021
1 MULLALLY, Hugh Co. Derry/ Londonderry 02/02/2021
O'KANE, James (Jim) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 31/01/2021
7 Donaghy, Peter Co. Tyrone 18/01/2021
McDonnell (née Barnacle), Mary Co. Armagh 16/01/2021
Morris, Mickie (Michael) Co. Tyrone 06/01/2021
6 McGurk, Joe Co. Tyrone 27/12/2020
3 Hayden, John Co. Tyrone 26/12/2020
O'KANE, Henry Joseph Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/12/2020
QUINN (née Mulholland) , Philomena Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/12/2020
4 Nugent, Peter Co. Tyrone 13/12/2020
DOHERTY, James (Jed) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/12/2020
McMurray (née Rea), Jane (Jeannie) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 08/12/2020
Logue, Jonathan Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/11/2020
Moran, Jacqueline Co. Derry/ Londonderry 28/11/2020
McNALLY, Breandán Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/11/2020
BOND, Geraldine Co. Derry/ Londonderry 25/11/2020
Davis (née Tighe) , Ethna Ann Co. Tyrone 18/11/2020
GUNNING (née McKeefry), Mary Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/11/2020
Heagney, Paul Martin Co. Tyrone 08/11/2020
1 Holmes, Mark Co. Derry/ Londonderry 06/11/2020
McNANEY, Stephen Co. Derry/ Londonderry 05/11/2020
FAULKNER, Bertie Co. Derry/ Londonderry 30/10/2020
KEENAN, Adrian Co. Derry/ Londonderry 24/10/2020
McNAMEE, Joseph (Joe) Co. Derry/ Londonderry 17/10/2020
2 McNALLY, Mary Co. Tyrone 15/10/2020
1 Rafferty, Orla Co. Tyrone 09/08/2020
Bannon, Michael Co. Tyrone 07/08/2020
5 Quinn, Edmond Co. Tyrone 06/06/2020

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