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WJ O’Donnell and Sons Funeral Director's was established in 1987 and we cater for all sections of the community in Co. Antrim and South Derry.

We have Funeral Homes strategically located in both Ballymena which caters for the needs of our Co Antrim clients and the surrounding area and in Clady, Portglenone which caters for the needs of our South Derry clients and the surrounding area whereby any local parish is no more than 15 minutes travel time away.

We specialise is providing the most cost effective funeral packages available anywhere in Northern Ireland which are tailored to suit all individual requirements.

We are proud to say that we serve all sections of the community irrespective of religious or political belief, race or colour. Our aim is to minimise stress from grieving families at the time of a death and ultimately leave them with a beautiful lasting memory of their dearly departed loved one when the funeral is over.

We take care of all relevant paperwork associated with executing a funeral or cremation as well as offer advice on how best to secure financial assistance to help pay for a funeral if applicable.

We carry a large selection of floral tributes and offer an extensive range of granite memorials with a full beginning to end erection service available in all areas.

For further details on all the services we offer please view our website : https://www.nifunerals.com

Name Location Date added
BUCK , David (Dave) Antrim 17/05/23
O'HARA , Michael Antrim 10/05/23
O'HARA , Jim Antrim 23/04/23
McFALL (nee Letters) , Kathleen Antrim 20/04/23
McGOVERN , Joshua Antrim 19/04/23
McCOY , Dr Kevin Antrim 19/04/23
MAGILL , Oliver Antrim 02/04/23
GRAHAM (nee O'Neill) , Vera Antrim 25/03/23
DOYLE (nee Griffin) , Sara Antrim 17/03/23
BROWN , William (Willie) Antrim 22/02/23
MADDEN , Paul Antrim 22/02/23
MULHOLLAND (nee Elliott) , Olga Antrim 14/02/23
WALSH , Aidan Antrim 14/02/23
O'NEILL , John James Derry/ LondonderryTyrone 14/02/23
MAGUIRE , John (Joe) Antrim 30/12/22
DONNELLY , Jordan Antrim 30/12/22
CAREY , Harry Antrim 30/12/22
DUFFIN , John Charles Antrim 23/11/22
LAW , Aaaron Antrim 01/11/22
HAYES , Willie Antrim 01/11/22
CROMIE , Elizabeth Antrim 01/11/22
McFERRAN , Gerard (Gerry) Antrim 24/10/22
SISK , John Antrim 20/09/22
REID (nee Dowd), Annie Derry/ Londonderry 14/09/22
McGROGAN , Frank Antrim 04/09/22
CAREY (nee Martin), Isobel Antrim 18/08/22
MARRON, Damian Derry/ Londonderry 15/08/22
WARD (née O'Kane), Isobella (Bella) Antrim 08/08/22
McILWAINE, Ciarán Antrim 27/07/22
McCORMICK (nee McGurk) , Anna Antrim 18/07/22
CAREY, Donald Antrim 18/07/22
FRAMPTON, John AntrimDerry/ Londonderry 14/07/22
MARRON , Nellie Antrim 05/07/22
ERWIN , William Antrim 05/07/22
RAMSEY , Thomas (Tam) Antrim 05/07/22
MARTIN (née Keenan) , Mary Antrim 05/07/22
MACKLE, Seamus (Seamy) Antrim 17/06/22
MAGILL, Danny Antrim 04/04/22
MARTIN (née Clarke), Annie Derry/ Londonderry 19/02/22
McCOY (née McErlean), Alice Antrim 14/02/22
PHILLIPS, Brian Antrim 06/02/22
CUTHBERT, John Antrim 05/02/22
McCORMICK (née McAleese), Maureen Antrim 03/02/22
McKEEVER (née McGarry) , Anna T. Antrim 17/01/22
DUFFY (née Mc Shane), Bernadette (Bernie) Derry/ Londonderry 17/01/22
McKEEVER, Susan (Sue) AntrimDerry/ Londonderry 06/01/22
McAULEY, Anthony (Tony) Antrim 04/01/22
O'NEILL (née McAlister), Brigid Antrim 03/01/22
MARRON, Connor Antrim 03/01/22
WALSH, Sean Antrim 31/12/21
BOYLE, Fr Hugh AntrimDied outside NI 31/12/21
GRAFFIN, Conrad Antrim 31/12/21
McNALLY, Margaret Antrim 16/12/21
KOVACIK, Miroslav Antrim 16/12/21
LAVERTY, George Antrim 09/12/21
QUINN (née Heaney), Rose Derry/ Londonderry 06/12/21
KIRRANE (née Dillon), Clare Derry/ LondonderryDied outside NI 05/12/21
CWEN, Janusz Antrim 04/12/21
McDAID (née McAlinden), Dorothea (Dolly) Antrim 23/11/21
O'KANE, James Antrim 04/11/21
JOHNSON (née O'Connell), Grace Derry/ LondonderryDied outside NI 03/11/21
DEVLIN (née Boyers), Rosemary Bernadette Derry/ Londonderry 29/10/21
McQUILLAN (née Walsh) , Marian Antrim 23/10/21
BOARDMAN, Raymond Antrim 23/10/21
MOORE, Brendan AntrimDied outside NI 28/09/21
CRAWFORD, Ciaran Antrim 26/09/21
McCORRY, Sarah Brigid (Sally) Derry/ Londonderry 17/09/21
WILLIAMSON , Nicola (Niki) Antrim 31/08/21
HESSION (née Kearney), Maureen Antrim 24/08/21
PASSMORE (née Friel), Christina Derry/ LondonderryTyrone 21/08/21
McERLEAN, Eoin Og Antrim 15/08/21
O'KANE (née Mc Reynolds), Geraldine Derry/ Londonderry 02/08/21
MAGEE O.C.V, Sr. Margaret (Maeve) Antrim 01/08/21
McGARRY (née Quinn), Kathleen Antrim 22/07/21
DICKSON (née Mc Auley), Mamie Antrim 20/07/21
RANKIN, Rose Derry/ Londonderry 18/07/21
SPEIRS, Karen Antrim 10/07/21
WEIR, Jarvis AntrimDerry/ Londonderry 06/07/21
McLARNON, John Antrim 20/06/21
KEENAN, Paul Antrim 08/06/21
MAGUIRE, Gerard Antrim 03/06/21
PHILLIPS, Thomas (Tommy) Antrim 18/05/21
McCANN, Catherine Derry/ Londonderry 11/05/21
MAGEE (née Johnston), Sonja Antrim 04/05/21
CHRISTIE, Conor Antrim 03/05/21
McMULLAN, Joseph (Joe) Antrim 01/05/21
DONNELLY (née O’Neill), Margaret Antrim 30/04/21
DORAN, Seamus Antrim 30/04/21
LYNN, Harry Antrim 21/04/21
BROWN (née Greer), Lowrie Antrim 11/04/21
GRAFFIN (née Gibson), Jean Antrim 08/04/21
McCANN, Baby Isla Denise Antrim 07/04/21
Scullion (née Collins), Nuala Derry/ Londonderry 24/02/21
Henry, Katrina Derry/ Londonderry 21/02/21
McKernan, Patrick (Paddy) Antrim 21/02/21
Martin (née Loughlin), Julia AntrimDerry/ Londonderry 15/02/21
Quinn, Edward (Ned) Antrim 06/02/21
Graham (née Magee), Mary Antrim 28/01/21
Petticrew, Francis (Frank) Antrim 25/01/21
Jenkins (nee Scullion - Jordan), Eileen AntrimDied outside NI 19/01/21

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